Printable Sexy Sticky Notes

A Quick & Easy Love Message with Sexy Sticky Notes! 

Surprise your spouse with a sexy love note that is anything but ordinary! Inspired by our popular Printable Love Sticky Notes – we have a whole new collection of printable sexy sticky notes that are sassy, suggestive and most importantly – sexy! Each love note is designed to be printed right onto a standard 3″x 3″ sticky note, making your message quick and easy!

Choosing, printing and using your printable sexy sticky notes is simple! Check out this video from our Dating Divas You Tube Channel to show you how you can easily print these fun and sticky love notes!

Sexy Printable Sticky Notes

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The Sexy Sticky Note pack includes dozens of flirty messages designed by the talented Courtney from the site Paperelli. She did such an amazing job crafting each and every message into a beautiful design that will definitely catch your spouse’s eye! And with three levels of suggestive intensity – mild, MEDIUM and SPICY – finding the perfect sexy romantic love message for your spouse is easy!

Inside the Sexy Sticky Love Note Pack

Sexy Love Notes Printables

  • Sexy Sticky Notes Instructional Guide – Detailed instructions explaining how to print your sexy messages onto sticky notes, as well as tips and creative ideas for presenting the perfect message.
  • Mild Sexy Sticky Notes  Sticky love notes for your spouse that are flirtatiously sexy, but sensible. You don’t require much to send a strong message!
  • Medium Sexy Sticky Notes – Sticky love notes with a suggestive undertone that is strong . . . but not too overpowering! Your flirty suggestion will be clear enough to your spouse!
  • Spicy Sexy Sticky Notes – Sticky love notes with a strongly suggestive tone. With these erotic notes, your spouse will have no doubt of your invitation and intentions for the evening!

You can use our printable guide to print off various sexy messages right onto standard-sized sticky notes! Then, you can have the perfect love note for when the timing is right! Whether you choose a message that is mild, medium or spicy – your spouse will get the message loud and clear with these printable sticky notes.

Sexy Sticky Love Notes Instructional Guide 

Sexy Sticky Notes Template

Printing your sexy love notes directly onto sticky notes is simple. Our instructional guide will walk you through the process step-by-step. With our template printing will only take a matter of minutes and you can print as many as you want! We definitely suggest having a stash of these handy for when the moment calls!

Our instructional guide will also provide some tips and suggestions for making the most of your sexy sticky notes. This includes creative ways to use the sexy notes and suggestions to make your notes personal!

Sticky Note Love Message

With such sexy suggestive messages, you will want to be creative on where to place your love notes. The messages are likely to be for your spouse’s eyes ONLY and out of sight of the kiddos! The pack includes several suggestions on creative places to leave your love notes.

Personal Love Note

PLUS! Many of our sticky note designs have blanks just waiting for you to fill in your own personalized romantic and sexy messages. How fun is that?

Mild Sexy Sticky Notes 

Love Notes For Your Spouse On Sticky Notes

Don’t be fooled by the title of “Mild”! These messages, although simple and sweet, will send a strong flirtatious message to your spouse! I love Courtney’s designs for making these messages flirty and fun! These of these as more of a sexy suggestive sticky love note.

Medium Sexy Sticky Notes 

Sticky Note Love Notes

Forget being subtle as you leave a note for you sweetie that sends a clear message! PLUS these sexy love notes provide lots of opportunities to add your own voice and make the note personal to you and your spouse!

Spicy Sexy Sticky Notes 

Sexy Sticky Notes For Your Spouse

These sexy love notes are definitely designed for your spouse’s eyes only! The messages will certainly raise an eyebrow and get the heart racing! You better be prepared for an evening of fun in the bedroom when you leave an erotic note like this!

Now that you have seen the flirtatious and fun designs by Courtney at Paperelli – what are you waiting for? Love notes that are quick, easy and sexy are just a click away!

You can get all of these

Printable Sexy Sticky Notes 

for just $3.97!

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With your spouse seeing these sexy and suggestive sticky notes, you can anticipate several evenings of romance and lovin’! Get ready to set the mood – you will want to try some of our favorite Sexy Bedroom Games!


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