Dating Guide: How to Date your Spouse

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Date Your Spouse How-To Guide

We can all probably say that before we got married date night was a BIG deal! Whether you planned dinner at a nice restaurant, an adventurous outing or a romantic evening, preparing fun activities together was a top priority!  Things aren’t quite so easy anymore, we have kids, a house to take care of, jobs and other responsibilities. We get lazy, tired and complacent with our relationship, and sometimes one spouse (or both!) loses enthusiasm. But dating each other AFTER marriage is SO important, and SO fun! It offers a break from the kids & the stresses of real life, and someone else usually cooks dinner… win-win-WIN! Even if you don’t have a big budget for sitters and evenings out, we want to help you remember how to date your spouse successfully and get them on board with date night!

Date your spouse again with this easy to use how-do guide for couples! #TheDatingDivas #DateYourSpouse

Some couples are a bit hesitant to start trying Date Night, or maybe you don’t know how to date your spouse successfully. We put together this little pack to help get both of you on board, and make it possible! We gathered some ideas and tools to help you get a kick-start back into the dating game, and then turned them into a printable Date Night Guide – made adorable and eye-catching by our amazing designer Carisa from Messes to Memories!

The “How to Date Your Spouse Guide” includes:

  1. Date Night Basics Info – Discover the benefits of dating your husband or wife, and get some motivation for date night!
  2. Date Night Questionnaire – Get on the same page with your “date” expectations. It can be tricky to figure out how to date your spouse again… let us walk you through it with this questionnaire.
  3. Date Night Idea Surveys  – Figuring out what to do is half the battle! I’m sure that your idea of date night has changed over the years, so take some time to relearn what each others preferences are.
  4. Date Night Planning Guide– – This planner will help you prepare 2 weeks in advance and get everything ready for date night! Dating your husband or dating your wife is easy peasy when you’ve got everything mapped out in advance.
  5. Date Night Coupon IOUs – A little reward never hurt! Give your spouse a love coupon in exchange for them planning a great date night!
  6. Date Night Gift Tags – Cute tags to attach to a date night gift!

The Do’s & Don’ts for How To Date Your Spouse Again

How To Date Your Spouse Again Dating Basics

Date Your Spouse Questionnaire

What does a date night look like in your mind? How often would you like to go out together? These are questions you might have different answers to, so they will start a great conversation and get you both having similar expectations how to kickstart date night again!

Date Your Spouse Questionnaire

Date Your Spouse Surveys

Figuring out what to DO for date night is half the battle! And if you don’t have any ideas, the time can be wasted trying to come up with a plan. We have TONS of date night ideas in these surveys, and you can go through to pick and choose what sounds fun together! If you’re looking for a great date guide, this is it!

How To Date Your Wife

Date Your Spouse Planning Guide

Wondering how to date your wife? Ready to get on board with dating your husband again? Great! We’ll walk you through how to do it all, step-by-step! The planning guide will help you pull off an awesome date, and let you know when to make reservations, find a babysitter and more!

How to Date your Spouse Planning Guide

Dating Your Husband Date Night Checklist

How To Date Your Spouse Coupon IOUs

Maybe your sweetie isn’t super pumped about their turn to plan a date? Hesitant or stressed about the idea? Well, a little extra lovin’ never hurt! Let your spouse know that they will be rewarded for their efforts with something sweet or sexy – give them a Date Night IOU!

Date Night Coupons

Date Night IOU Love Coupons

Gift Tags To Help Date Your Spouse Again

It isn’t realistic to expect flowers and chocolates EVERY time you go out on a date, but at the beginning, little gifts can help to build the anticipation! Even using something your spouse already owns, like their cologne/perfume or a favorite shirt can help them know you’ve put extra thought into this night. Attach a sassy tag to your gift to start the night off right!

Date Night Gift TagsI know I would be touched if my husband picked out an outfit and left a note on it.

Dating Your Husband Date Night GiftsBefore I was married, I remember being so excited to surprise my man with a fun group date to a color festival and was thrilled when he surprised me with tickets to the ballet for my birthday. Now, a lot of our weekend nights are Netflix on the couch, which is definitely relaxing, but doesn’t leave much time to connect! There’s just not as much time and energy to focus on each other… which is hard! This printable dating guide for spouses with help you get back into the swing of dating and remember HOW to date your spouse! Once you start, you’ll be hooked and your marriage will thank you!

So give it a go-

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