Ideas To Make Date Night Happen!

How to MAKE Date Night Happen!!

This post is all about making date night happen. There are a zillion excuses to keep couples from having a consistent date night. No matter what prevents you from date night, one thing is true: when you DO have date night, the benefits to your marriage are innumerable! Today we share with you some great ideas for making sure YOUR marriage has a consistent date night!

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We surveyed over 200 couples to ask them how often they have date night. Answers ranged from weekly, monthly to “Date night? What is that?”, but one thing that they all had in common was that the majority agreed that date night should be at least weekly! We agree!

So the big question is – what keeps us from going on dates with our spouse if we believe that it is important?


What can we do about it?

Here are 4 major challenges and some great ideas for making date night happen DESPITE the obstacles!

Challenge #1:

Finding the Time for Date Night

The number one reason those surveyed said they struggled to have a weekly date night with their spouse was that they didn’t have time. I completely understand busy schedules! I was not surprised at all that this was the #1 challenge! I would say that it is my personal challenge as well. If this is YOUR challenge, check out these tips and ideas and try them out! Hopefully one of these things will help you schedule in some quality time with your love!

ideas for finding time for date night

  1. Have a Set Date Night & Make Assignments – Of all couples that I have talked to, consistency seems to be the key to a successful date night! Choose a set day that is deemed date night and stick to it! Even better, decide in advance WHO will plan the date night so there is no question when that day comes who is in charge.
  2. Get it on the Calendar- Once your designated date is set, get it on your calendars. You can use Julie’s adorable Date Night Stickers or simply upload it to your mobile device calendar. My hubby and I have synced our calendars to make sure date night is in BOTH our schedules and alert reminders help a ton!
  3. Have a Stash of Quick and Easy Dates –For those surprise moments that arise, have a stash of super simple, quick ideas that can be pulled out and ready to go! Try making a Date Night In a Bag that has everything you need for your next date. As soon as you have a moment, grab your pre-prepared date bag and you have date night!  Done!
  4. Plan Out Dates Ahead of Time – One of the most brilliant ideas ever invented was the Year of Dates Binder. Seriously – this one binder has a date for every month of the year totally planned for you! It contains the instructions and all the printables you need. All you need to do is print! Then, spend one afternoon putting the binder together and you have all your dates for the rest of the year. Choose a set date for each month in advance (such as the first Friday of every month) and your whole year is planned for you! No thinking, planning or prepping from month to month.

Challenge #2

What to do With The Kids During Date Night?

Ahhh yes. The joys of finding a babysitter, picking up the sitter, providing a meal & entertainment for the kids while you are away, attempting to enjoy your evening while constantly worrying about what disaster might await you at home and then coming home to kids who are not in bed yet. This is indeed a challenge. While children will always take additional effort, here are a few ideas for making life just a little bit easier!

Ideas for kids during date night-Sarina

  1. Join a Babysitting Co-op – Every parent’s dream come true! If you don’t know what a babysitting co-op is and you have kids – stop everything right now and and go get our Babysitting Co-op Printables! It will change your life. Using a ticket system, a babysitting co-op gives you and a group of other date-desperate parents a fair and easy trade off of kids for date night. With our printable set, you have everything you need to start one and, believe me, you won’t regret it! OR you can always just do a simple babysitter swap. Join up with another couple for a babysitting swap. You take their kids one night for them to enjoy a date night and they take your’s the next! Fair AND free! Can’t beat that!
  2. Activities for the Kids – We know that leaving the kids for the evening can be rough, so we have a few ideas up our sleeves to keep the kiddos entertained while you are away. Leave a “Kid Date Night Envelope” full of special games that are ONLY to be opened once mom & dad have left, utilize this Babysitter in a Bag concept with activities and even kid-friendly videos for your children, or even leave behind  this printable Treasure Hunt! With so many ideas, your kids will be begging you to go on date night!
  3. After the Children are in Bed Date Night – Who says you have to get a babysitter for date night to happen? We have 10 Romantic At Home Date Nights that would be PERFECT for while the kiddos are sleeping.
  4. Family Date Night Ideas – Ever think of having date night WITH the kids? Might sound crazy, but every once and a while -why not? Have a FAMILY date night! First, you can introduce the idea with these adorable printables! Then, plan up a few family activities such as this Family Movie Night, a wacky dinner in Cupid’s Crazy Cafe, or a night at the Indoor Drive In.

Challenge #3

Planning What to Do on Date Night

“So . . . what do you want to do?” The infamous date night question! You have a night together but – now what? Netflix again? Dinner and a movie? He wants vs. she wants. Yep! All a challenge! Our survey says –  it is challenge #3. Finding something creative to do that is fun, bonding AND something BOTH spouses will enjoy can be tricky. It is so easy to get in a rut of doing the same thing. Well – ahem! You have somehow found The Dating Divas Website. We’ve got you covered! We take care of the date night ideas and even most of the planning. We have hundreds of ideas on our site and a few tips here as well. Check them out!

Date Night Ideas - Sarina

  1. Man Approved Date Nights – The survey definitely made it clear that one of the biggest struggles couples have is finding dates that the hubby would enjoy doing. Have no fear! We have 152 MAN Approved Date Nights. These are tried and true date nights that include sports dates, active dates and, of course, activities for the bedroom.
  2. Ideas – If you plain just need ideas for date night -you have come to the right place! We have Movie Date Nights, 50 Active Outdoor Date Nights, 101 Date Nights, 15 Date Nights that you can Prepare in 15 Minutes or Less ,  and so much more!
  3. Pinterest Boards First, check out The Dating Divas Date Night Pinterest Board . We have thousands of ideas! Then, get pinning! Make a board of the dates that you think sound like ones you and your hubby would most enjoy. Later, when you are at a loss for ideas for what to do, you will have all your ideas in one place. Then the tricky part is deciding which one to do!
  4. Group Dates Getting together with other couples not only mixes things up a bit, but it can spread out the planning! We recently unveiled our Monthly Couples Group Date Night that has everything you need to start your own group! Each couple gets assigned 1 or 2 months a year and on their assigned month plans an awesome date for the rest of the group. This is a GREAT way to get out of a rut and try new things AND lessens the planning you have to do!

Challenge #4 

The Costs of Date Night

inexpensive date night ideas and solutions-Sarina

Has anyone noticed how much something as simple as dinner and a movie can cost lately? Yikes! And add the cost of a babysitter on top of that? Forget it! Date night suddenly went to bottom of financial priorities. But wait! I promise this is an investment WAY worth it. And honestly – it doesn’t even have to cost a penny. Check out some of these ideas . . .

  1. Free Date Nights – It is totally possible! We recently rounded up 50 Completely Free Date Ideas! If you did one of these ideas each week, you would have almost an entire year of dates that didn’t cost you a thing! You don’t have to spend lots of cash for date night. Myth busted! The important thing is spending time together and bonding and that is, well . . . priceless!
  2. Budget in Date Night – Date night doesn’t have to cost a dime, but sometimes you may want to splurge! Add date night to your monthly budget! You could even make this adorable jar that has 10 dates for $20 with the money and date night idea already to go! Now you have the money budgeted AND you have a plan!
  3. Staycation – Want to get away with your love, but the costs of airline tickets alone make your head spin? Check out these 123 Amazing Ideas for Summer Staycations. These are vacations without even leaving your house or town! You might be surprised how much fun you can have close to home!
  4. Find Financial Relief –Our world does revolve around money and money can be a major issue in marriage and often is a leading cause of divorce. Don’t let this happen to your marriage! Diva Wendy not only shares some Budget-Friendly Tips and Tricks but she has some creative ways to make a date night out of planning your financial future!

And there you have it! Having a consistent date night can be tough, but it CAN be done and it SHOULD be done. No matter what -remember the most important thing that you can do for your marriage is nurture it. It doesn’t have to by fancy, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it does need time & effort. Making the effort to have a consistent date night in your marriage WILL bless your home!

If you’re really seriously about making date night a priority in your marriage. Stop what you’re doing right now and GO CHECK OUT OUR DATE NIGHT GUIDE!

Date Night Guide

The “How to Date Your Spouse Guide” seriously includes EVERYTHING you need to

get your spouse on board and make date night happen, including:

  • Date Night Basics Info – Discover the benefits and get some motivation for date night!
  • Date Night Questionnaire – Get on the same page with your “date” expectations.
  • Date Night Idea Surveys  – Figuring out what to do is half the battle!
  • Date Night Planning Guide– – This planner will help you prepare 2 weeks in advance and get everything ready for date night!
  • Date Night Coupon IOUs – A little reward never hurt! Give your spouse a love coupon in exchange for them planning a great date night!
  • Date Night Gift Tags – Cute tags to attach to a date night gift!


What things have worked for you to have a consistent date night?


What ideas are you most anxious to try?

About the Author: Sarina

I met my Prince Charming when I was 15 years old and 12 years later we created our own happily ever after. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a handsome baby boy. I love dancing, photography & chocolate!

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