The Date Night Show: Couples Games

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A Hysterical Night of Group Games
Inspired by
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Get ready to laugh. All. Night. Long. Seriously, this game night is one you’re not going to want to miss out on. Invite a few of your most hilarious friends over for a game night that you’ll want to replay over and over. We’ve picked five of our favorite games from The Tonight Show and put our own “diva” twist on them to create: The Date Night Show, and the result is amazing, marriage-centered fun!

The Date Night Show Couples Games

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 We’ve done all the prep work and planning with Alexa to create these perfect printables to complete the night. This girl seriously knows how to work some design magic. I can’t say enough wonderful things about how she just reads my mind and then creates things that are even better than I could have imagined, go check out all her other adorable work at Alexa Z Design!


The Date Night Show Scorecard

 So, we’ve hooked you up with a VIP invite, snazzy scorecard and FIVE different games to keep the laughter going all night! Start by giving your friends their special invitation to the taping of The Date Night Show and set it to air at your place on date night. {I used a gold sharpie to write on the invitation!} Fill in the information with YOU as the host, your guests as the STARS and your address number as the sound stage number and your street as the location. {It might be a good idea to mention to your “stars” that they should prepare a love song duet to sing with their spouse!}

 The Date Night Show Printables 

Even though we’ve done most of the planning, you will need to get a little prep work done before date night rolls around. Make sure you’ve got these materials on hand:

1. Game signs and cards. Printed and cut out.

2. Life-sized pictures of each guest’s face. Print these on cardstock, cut out the mouth and glue them to a popsicle stick.

3. One set of headphones and any music device, like a cellphone or mp3 player.

4. A few squirt guns.

5. Download an app to measure your laughter, like this sound meter. {Optional}

 Now, you’re all ready to get started with The Date Night Show! When your party arrives, just choose a game and get started! We got a real kick out of watching a few of the clips from The Tonight Show games that inspired each of our Date Night Show games before we played each round. {We used our Chromecast to show it on TV – Apple TV is another great option for this!} If you want to see how the game is played and have a good laugh at the same time, we’ve included a few of our favorite clips for each game. Here’s what our diva twists look like:

The Date Night Show Game Signs

 Love Story of Lies inspired by Box of Lies

Now, normally we don’t promote lying in a relationship, but this one is tons of fun and you’ll immediately admit to your dishonesty, so we’re giving you a pass. Answer questions and tell stories along with your spouse. Feel free to tell the whole truth or a partial truth (also known as a lie). See if your friends can guess how honest you’re being!

Watch Jennifer Lawrence or Channing Tatum play Box of Lies.

Lip Flip Game

 Couples Lip Flip inspired by Lip Flip

Get ready to laugh as you see things from your spouse’s perspective. Answer questions as if you are your spouse and try to entertain your friends in the process. The team that gets the most laughs wins!

Watch Tina Fey or Billy Crystal play Lip Flip.

Whisper Sweet Nothings Game

Whisper Sweet Nothings Challenge inspired by The Whisper Challenge

Work with your sweetheart, whispering sweet nothings that they can’t actually hear! You’ll have to figure out what they’re saying by reading their lips!

Watch Blake Shelton play The Whisper Challenge.

Water Gun War Game

 Water Gun War inspired by Water War

Remember how fun the card game “War” always was as a kid? While it’s a bit more tame than Jimmy Fallon’s version, we’ve stepped up the original game of “War” just a notch by adding a squirt gun to the mix. Spray your opponents for every lucky win you get! Play with ice cold water for extra laughter!

Watch Chris Hemsworth or Hugh Jackman play Water War.

Lip Sync Battle Duet Instructions

Lip Sync Duet Battle inspired by Lip Sync Battle.

Who doesn’t love a good love song? Impress the other couples at game night with a true diva performance of any great duet. This game is the most fun if you’re willing to really put yourself out there and include a few great dance moves!

Watch Emma Stone or Paul Rudd play Lip Sync Battle.

 The Date Night Show Printable Signs and Scorecard

As you play, remember to keep score on the matching scorecard, even if you’re just playing for fun!! If you get through these games and still want a few more laughs, you can try some of the board games Jimmy Fallon has used on his show and start by watching clips of them as well.

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Date Night Show

Printables Designed by Alexa @ Alexa Z Design Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. Megan (or anyone else with suggestions), what is the best way to play these games with 4 couples (my husband and I are hosting and 3 other couples)? Some of the games have 2 couples playing at the same time, but do all of the couples play all of the games or just some of them? What would you suggest for this many people? I’m just trying to picture how the games will flow and who will play. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Rebecca! There’s a ton of flexibility with these games so it might be a good idea to keep in mind how much time you have and adjust as you see how the night goes. I would suggest that you give each couple a chance to play every game but that might mean you don’t get to all the games in one night, so if you don’t have time and want to put them all you could let each couple choose a different game to play,too. With 4 couples playing all the games, the only game you might need to think ahead for is the whisper challenge because you wouldn’t want to run out of cards before all the couples had a chance to play, so maybe just divvy out the cards to couples before any one couple starts. Other than that, they’re so much fun with a big group and can even be played more than once if your group has fun with one game in particular. Basically, for most games couples take turns and the other couples are audience members. I also really love watching the videos of celebrities play too so everyone has a good idea of how to play. Hope that helps and that you guys have so much fun!

  2. LOL! We LOVE Jimmy Fallon! I totally can’t wait to try this date night out!!! Such a FUN and darling idea!