The Doghouse

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DIY, Creative “I’m Sorry” Idea

Everyone (even us Divas :)) at some time in their relationship, makes a mistake and needs a way to apologize.  You might have even been put in “the doghouse” by making your mistake.  Some mistakes are bigger than others, and for those big mistakes, an extra cute way to apologize might just do the trick to get your significant other to forgive you. 🙂  This quick and easy idea is just what is needed to help you climb out of “the doghouse” and back into good standing with your spouse!

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Follow these FIVE simple steps:

  1. Start by writing an apology letter to your spouse.  Really let them know how sorry you really are for making such a huge mistake as you did.
  2. Put your letter in an envelope.  Address the letter as if you were to mail it to your spouse.  For the return address, write The Doghouse.
  3. Next, print off the adorable printable below that Leah Aldous made for us.  It reads, “I’m so sorry!  Can I come out of the doghouse now?”  Isn’t Leah just amazingly talented?!!!!  Thanks lady!
  4. Now, buy {or borrow from one of your kids} a plush stuffed puppy to give to your spouse.  A cute stuffed animal goes a LONG way to a significant other.  If you don’t have time to go to the store, I found the cutest puppy that you can have delivered right to your doorstep! {Another cute idea, if you have a pet dog, would be to attach the little note to your pet’s collar!}
  5. To finish, put the letter, stuffed animal, puppy, and printable card out for your spouse to see when they get home.  When they see this, their heart will melt and you will have definitely earned your way out of “the doghouse”.
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Doghouse Printable

Printables Designed by Leah @ Leah Aldous Designs Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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    1. Hi Jenny- I am SO glad you like this idea! I love any ideas that I can let my hubby know I am truly sorry. Thanks for blogging about it and linking back to us! Thanks for your comment too :)!

  1. My hubby did this one night (minus the cute printable) but an adorable stuffed puppy and a beautiful card… Worked like a charm, I can’t even remember what I was upset about!

    1. Katie! Wow, SO impressed that your GUY did this for you! He must really have known he was in the doghouse :). I LOVE that you don’t remember what you were mad about but you DO remember that he did something cute for you. That’s awesome!

    1. Hey Shannon! What happens when you click on them? They should be working. Go ahead & email us… maybe include a screenshot. We’ll forward it onto our tech gal to see if she can figure out what’s going on. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Kenzie! I agree. Who wouldn’t want something done like this. Guarantee you wouldn’t even remember what you were mad about!