The Ultimate Birthday Gift for a Husband: A Birthday Scavenger Hunt

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Free Printable Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Finding great birthday gifts for your husband is so hard! So instead, use these birthday scavenger hunt ideas to create a day full of fun and celebration! We guarantee that no other purchased gift will compare with this romantic scavenger hunt that is free, fun, and steamy!

Photo scavenger hunt for a boyfriend or husband on his birthday | The Dating Divas
Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Someone Special

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Who says scavenger hunts are just for kids? Not us! A birthday scavenger hunt for adults is the perfect way to make someone feel super special. It’s basically a gift in itself, and it also gives you fun activities besides the traditional cake and presents.

Get ready to roll because these birthday scavenger hunt ideas will have you out of the house for the day. Scroll to the bottom of this post to download the free romantic scavenger hunt clues and activities. And now we will give you a rundown of how to use everything!

Birthday scavenger hunt ideas out of the house to celebrate a birthday | The Dating Divas
Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas: Decorate the Car

HOw to Make a Birthday Scavenger Hunt

To start the birthday scavenger hunt, tape the heart printable on the driver-side window. It reads:

Today is your BIRTHDAY,

It’s time to have a blast!

Join me for an epic 


Where the memories will last!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Your Boyfriend or Husband on their Birthday | The Dating Divas
Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Decorate His Car

Once the note is secured, decorate the rest of the car with the printable hearts. They have sweet and silly sayings like, “I am so lucky you are mine”, “You’re on my list of things to do tonight”, and “I will always choose you!”

How to Make a Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Adults | The Dating Divas
Birthday Car Decorations

Prepare Your Supplies & Activities

There are four scavenger hunt clues with coordinating mini-dates that go along with them. We will go through where to put each clue and set up the birthday scavenger hunt activities in the following sections. But first, print and cut the printables, grab paper bags, a picnic blanket, picnic snacks, and you are all set to assemble the birthday scavenger hunt ideas!

Scavenger Hunt Activities that Go Along with Clues | The Dating Divas
Scavenger Hunt Activities & Gifts for Husband

Get the Conversation Starters Ready

As you drive from one clue location to another, use these adorable conversation cards we created to make the most of every moment of this birthday scavenger hunt. The conversation cards include:

  • If you could relive a year in your life, what age would you choose?
  • What is your favorite date of ours?
  • Which of your siblings are you most like?
  • What turns you on almost instantly? 
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do?
  • Have you ever had a dream about me?
  • Are you an optimist, pessimist, or a realist?
  • Which game show do you think you could win?
  • What’s your favorite foreplay?
  • What’s your favorite sexual memory of us?
  • Are you most creative on your own or working with a team?
  • Do you have a motto you like to live by?
  • Name a person you have a lot of respect for and why?
  • What would you like to create with your own hands?
  • Where do you like being touched the most? 
Conversation Starters During a Birthday Scavenger Hunt | The Dating Divas
Conversation Starter Cards

Start Your Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Everything is printed and prepped; now it’s time for the fun part! Lead your partner out to their car and watch the surprise on their face as they see that a brilliant birthday scavenger hunt is in their future! If they look closely over each car decoration, they will see the first clue among them!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clue #1

Tape clue #1 to the car window with the other car decorations so your partner can read it, and the party can begin! The first clue for this birthday scavenger hunt reads:

CLUE #1: 

This first clue kicks off the fun,

Which will last until we’re done.

To make sure that you’re not last,

Look where your foot presses to go fast!

Clues for a Birthday Scavenger Hunt | The Dating Divas
Clues for a Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Adults

From there, he will find the second clue on the gas pedal inside of the car.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clue #2

Now have your partner hop in the car. The second clue will be waiting on the gas pedal. It reads:

CLUE #2: 

Time to put the key in the ignition,

Because this next clue will be a great addition.

We have to hurry before it gets too dark,

We’re heading to our favorite local park!

Park Date Scavenger Hunt Ideas for a Birthday | The Dating Divas
Romantic Scavenger Hunt at a Park

When you pull up to the park, grab your picnic blanket and snacks and find a comfortable spot to spend some time together. Grab the action cards out of the bag and take turns doing the following listed tasks:

  • Lay down together and look at the clouds. Find your favorite one and tell your spouse why.
  • Tickle your spouse’s back for 2 minutes then switch!
  • Go down the slide while your spouse catches you at the bottom!
  • Hold hands while swinging.
  • Lay a big smooch on your sweetie!

Hopefully, your spouse has noticed that the third clue is taped to the bottom of the Park Lovin’ Bag by now!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clue #3

Clue #3 will be taped on the bottom of the park activities bag. So once the mini-park date is over, the birthday scavenger hunt will resume. This clue reads:

CLUE #3:  

We are just getting started, so I won’t let you cheat.

Head to the place where we get our favorite treats!

Photo Scavenger Hunt for a Birthday Party | The Dating Divas
Birthday Scavenger Hunt Printable Clues

Head to your favorite dessert spot and pull out the Truth or Dare: Dessert Edition bag for your next birthday scavenger hunt activity. As you eat your treats, take turns drawing out the following truth or dare prompts:

  • DARE: Feed your sweetie a bite of your dessert!
  • TRUTH: Where would you want to eat whipped cream off of me?
  • DARE: Take the sexiest bite without looking away from your sweetie.
  • TRUTH: Do you prefer sex in the kitchen or the shower?
  • DARE: Give your sweetie a messy dessert kiss!
  • TRUTH: If your spouse was a dessert, what would they be?
Dessert Date and Truth or Dare Ideas for a Birthday Party | The Dating Divas
Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Adults: Truth or Dare Game

On the bottom of the truth or dare bag, your sweetie will find the clue for the next activity. This involves a birthday gift for your husband!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clue #4

Once you have finished your dessert, check out the bottom of the Truth or Dare: Dessert Edition bag for the final clue. The last clue reads:

Now that you’re full, 

you might be satisfied. 

But wait, there’s more,

It’s time to drive to the store!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband | The Dating Divas
Good Birthday Gifts for Husbands

Head to the store to keep this romantic scavenger hunt going. Once you arrive at the store, give your husband or boyfriend the It’s Shop O’Clock activity bag. This fun birthday activity is the perfect way to find birthday gifts for your husband that he actually wants! Because he will be choosing them!

Gift for Husband That is Hard to Buy for | The Dating Divas
Birthday Gifts for Husband Who Has It All

Here’s how it works; inside the bag, he will find three cards which read:




You can put a spending limit on each of these items, or you can just set him loose to shop for whatever his heart desires!

Once he has chosen his three items, have him take a peek at the final clue on the bottom of the It’s Shop O’Clock bag.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clue #5

The last and final clue of this romantic scavenger hunt will lead you to the bedroom (wahoo!) It reads:

CLUE #5: 

Happy Birthday my dear!

I hope you have the best year!

Now one last place for us to head,

Let’s get home quick so I can get you in BED!

Finally, as only a birthday scavenger hunt for adults can end, it’s time for some alone time in the bedroom. So head home for a final birthday treat… You know what to do from there!

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