Valentine’s Day Cuddle Kit

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Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

We are just GIDDY over today’s post, you guys… if you are looking for the ULTIMATE, easy-peasy, relaxing, romantic, and THOUGHTFUL gift idea for your honey for Valentine’s Day then you’ve hit the jackpot! We’ve put together a beautiful, romantic Valentine’s Day gift basket and included tips for what to include in your cuddle kit, as well as tutorials for how to personalize each of these Valentine’s Day gifts! You and you’re spouse will love this Valentine’s Day cuddle kit!

Valentine's Day Cuddle Kit

Today’s post is in partnership with Shutterfly and we couldn’t be more excited!

We know everyone is SUPER busy, and we know you have every intention of making Valentine’s Day special but time just gets away from you! And if you’re anything like us, by the time the special day rolls around, you are tired and just want to cuddle up on the couch and eat chocolate. So this year, for Valentine’s Day, we want you to have the best of BOTH worlds. A relaxing night in but still special and OH-so romantic! With the help of Shutterfly and a little creativity, you can make this adorable cuddle kit to gift to YOUR spouse for Valentine’s Day!

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Cuddle Kit

Here are all the things you’ll need to make your OWN cuddle kit… and we even have a SUPER fun DIY project that is a breeze to make and adds that perfect personal touch to your gift!

Valentine's Day Cuddle Kit Ideas

1.) A gorgeous and SUPER soft personalized photo blanket that you two can cuddle up under and that’s complete with your favorite pictures of the two of you! 

Valentine's Gift Idea Personlized Pillow & Blanket

2.) And of COURSE a matching pillow to make you even more comfy and cozy!

3.) These FABULOUS personalized, etched glasses that you can customize however you want!

Personalized Etched Glass

4.) Your favorite picture of the two of you printed on Shutterfly’s luxurious cardstock and using one of their adorable Valentine’s Day themed card templates to make our personalized bottle label! **instructions on how to make this are below! Just scroll a little further down ;-)**

DIY Wine Bottle Label

5.) Some yummy chocolate, the perfect Valentine’s Day flick, and you can even throw in one our favorite intimate bedroom games like the Love is Sweet Board Game, some Bedroom Bowling, or our Sexy Spin The Bottle game {for two ;-)}!

6.) Then place it all in a cute little basket, tie a bow on and your Valentine’s Day cuddle kit is SET!

DIY Personalized Bottle Label

Now, let’s get to this lovely DIY bottle label, shall we?!

Personalized Bottle Label

We are SO excited about this, and it came out even cuter than we imagined! And truly, it takes about 30 minutes and you’re done. How awesome is that?!

Here’s the step by step of how to create your OWN version and the info on each picture is below:

DIY Personalized Wine Bottle Label

1.) Measure the “workable” flat area of your bottle. On this bottle, there was a slight ridge around the bottom that I knew my picture wouldn’t stick well to, so I measured from the top of that curved part to right below where the neck of the bottle starts. It was about 4.5″ for me.

2.) Cut your image down to the desired length.

3.) Check your work! Make sure the size is just how you want it.

4.) Using some mod-podge glue, spread a thin layer to the back of your picture, making sure you get all of the corners and every square inch!

5.) Spread another layer on the bottle. You can be generous here because we will wipe off the excess in a few steps.

6.) Center your picture right over where you want it and firmly press it down.

7.) Use your fingers to make sure the edges are all completely flat and saturated with the glue.

8.) The glue DOES dry clear, but brush strokes will show, so I made sure to use nice even strokes in a vertical fashion across the picture.

9.) Again, even though the glue dries clear, it doesn’t hurt to wipe up any excess glue before it dries.

10.) Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then it’s done! 

DIY Personalized Wine Label

How perfect is that? And doesn’t it just complete the whole kit? Set this on your bed or near your fireplace to surprise your sweetie! I mean, who wouldn’t look at that and think they were in store for one of the BEST Valentine’s Days ever??!

Valentine's Day Idea

Thank you SO much Shutterfly for partnering with us on this post! And we hope everyone has the cuddliest, coziest Valentine’s Day yet!



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