Make The Best Valentine’s Day Plans

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Perfect Valentine’s Day Plan Checklist

Valentine’s Day plans can be daunting! We know you want to create your Spouse’s DREAM Valentine’s Day, but how?!

With hearts, chocolates, and the cutest stuffed animals in every aisle,  there is a lot of pressure to have the perfect Valentine’s Day.  When it comes to big-ticket holidays, communication in my family is super important.  I don’t always mean to put so much pressure on my husband, but what’s not to love about a holiday all about love?!  Plus, it’s pretty much our favorite time of the year here with the Divas. Celebrating love, and not stress, is what inspired this fail-proof Valentine’s night checklist! This Dating Divas Valentine’s to-do list will ensure that you have an AMAZINGLY ROMANTIC Valentine’s Night!

The perfect Valentine's Day plans are possible!

Courtney from Paperelli helped us out with this GORGEOUS Valentine’s To-Do List. It was designed to guarantee a change in your V-Day outlook. Stress no more about meeting your loved one’s Valentine’s Day expectations. Not only is it easy to use, but it will clear up your Valentine’s Day plans – no more wondering what to do for her on Valentine’s Day, or him!

Help each other stop guessing this Valentine's Day.

Prepping Your Valentine’s To-Do List

This is an easy Valentine’s to-do checklist that is flexible and allows for any type of couple to make perfect Valentine’s Day plans.  Whether you’re on the run or can fill this in together, this is a great resource for the upcoming holiday!

Firstly…print that baby out!  You can choose to fold it in half or leave it whole. The SECOND STEP is a sort of pick-your-own-adventure.  You can either fill it in together or complete your own (there’s one for each of you), then switch copies with your spouse to perfect those Valentine’s Day plans.

Make the perfect Valentine's Day plans with these romantic date ideas.

What’s on the Valentine’s To-Do List

The left-hand side is great for listing your perfect Valentine’s Day plans.  I checked off what sounded like a perfect evening for me and my husband.  Let’s be real, we have all missed out on something important that was said in passing.  This helps prevent miscommunication and easily lists out expectations…like remembering to bring home a copy of You’ve Got Mail and a box of chocolates. These hints helped my husband avoid wondering, “What do I do for her for Valentine’s Day?!” and result in me feeling appreciated and loved.

Her list of the perfect Valentine's Day plans.

There is even a NOTES section which is great for listing out more personalized details (i.e. I LOVE Stargazer Lilies and here is the number for a great florist).  With the success checklist in hand, my Valentine then knows what type of dinner I prefer, if we’re exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts, and what type of movie night would provide the perfect opportunity to snuggle. His Valentine’s Day plans are complete and we are set!

His perfect Valentine's Day is possible!

The right-hand side is then great for him because it is his personalized Valentine’s to-do list. He can check off all of the things that he has accomplished and still needs to get done.  This will hopefully relieve some stress from the holiday and instead focus your Valentine’s night on what it’s all about…LOVE! There are no better Valentine’s Day plans than to focus on the love!

Create helpful Valentine's day plans.

Now that you’ve got your Valentine’s night dreams and wishes all organized, check out these other FABULOUS ideas from The Dating Divas!  Make YOUR Valentine a valentine with 14 unique DIY Valentine’s Day cards.  The holiday isn’t complete without darling decorations and this Valentine’s Day decor round-up is perfect!  If you simply cannot wait for the holiday of love, you can keep up-to-date with these romantic countdown love notes.


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