25 Fun and Cute Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

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Your New Favorite VAlentine’s Day Decor

It’s always fun to pull out some special Valentine’s Day decor, but one of the best things about Valentine’s Day decorations is that some of them can be left up throughout the year!

Not only that, but seeing adorable red and pink Valentine decorations throughout our homes keeps our minds trained on what is most important–the marriage we are building with our spouse!

All this to say, we gathered up ALL of our favorite Valentine’s Day decor ideas and put them in one spot for YOU. Keep scrolling for the BEST list of Valentine’s Day decor ideas that are all Diva-approved!

Couples celebrating Valentine's Day with cute decor in kitchen | The Dating Divas
Couple in kitchen enjoying some Valentine’s Day decor.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Decorations

Find the perfect items to help you decorate for Valentine’s Day in each room of your house below! We have our favorite ideas for the sitting room, kitchen, and bathroom. We hope you enjoy scrolling through a Valentine’s Day shop curated just for you by The Dating Divas!

1 . P.S. I Love You Sign – This is the type of sweet Valentine’s Day decor that you could leave up all year long.

Keep your Valentine's Day decor up all year long with this cute P.S. I Love You sign. | The Dating Divas
Valentine’s Day decor to keep all year long.

2 . Heart Throw Pillow – Sweet watercolor hearts can help you decorate for Valentine’s in addition to adding love to your home year-round.

Decorate for Valentine's with this heart throw pillow. | The Dating Divas
Watercolor hearts on a pillow to help decorate for Valentine’s.

3 . You & Me Sign – How cute is this decor above the bed? It would be a great Valentine’s gift used as decoration all year long.

Hang this "You & Me" sign up for part of your Valentine decorations, then never take it down. | The Dating Divas
Valentine decorations don’t have to be red. A “You and Me” sign is the perfect neutral.

4 . Coffee Table Tic-Tac-Toe – Lean into the Xs and Os this year with a cute game of tic-tac-toe. Perfect for Valentine decorations and a quick challenge after dinner.

Make your Valentine's Day decorations a game with this coffee table tic-tac-toe . | The Dating Divas
Valentine’s Day decorations can be multipurpose like this tic-tac-toe game.

5 . XOXO Pillow Cover – Pillow covers are genius because they are easy to store, you don’t have to buy a new pillow, and you can easily switch them out for the holidays! We love that this one uses hearts for the Os.

Buy a pillow cover instead of a whole pillow for easy Valentine's Day decor. | The Dating Divas
An XOXO pillow cover is Valentine’s day decor that stores easily.

6 . Doormat – Replacing O with a heart is totally a thing, and it’s a thing we love! This doormat is an easy way to decorate for Valentine’s Day, and if you forget to put it away after the 14th, no one will be the wiser.

An adorable doormat is the perfect way to decorate for Valentine's. | The Dating Divas
Decorate for Valentine’s with a simple doormat.

7 . Valentine’s Placemats – These placemats give us a loving picnic vibe, perfect for a casual Valentine’s meal.

Valentine decorations can be as simple as a placemat. | The Dating Divas
The perfect placemat for your Valentine decorations

8 . Heart-Shaped Bowl – Sometimes, the little details make the biggest impact, just like this sweet, heart bowl.

Heart-shaped dishes are a great addition to Valentine's Day decorations. | The Dating Divas
Add a heart bowl to your Valentine’s Day decorations

9 . Dish Towels – Hang one on your stove handle, or use them in the bathroom as hand-towels for an unexpected, festive touch.

Hang some festive dish towels for this year's Valentine's Day decor. | The Dating Divas
Simple Valentine’s Day decor through dish towels

10 . Window Clings – Valentine’s Day decor couldn’t get easier than some simple window clings. Bonus: kids love to help put these up and play with them!

Decorate for Valentine's with simple and sweet window clings. | The Dating Divas
Window clings are an easy way to decorate for Valentine’s

11 . Heart Balloon – If you are doing balloons for Valentine’s Day decorations, do us a favor and use these ADORABLE heart-shaped balloons.

Heart-shaped balloons will add so much to your Valentine decorations. | The Dating Divas
Heart balloons are the Valentine decorations that everyone loves

12 . Garland – A holiday garland is an easy way to bring some extra love into the house without breaking the bank or losing time in your day. We love how sparkly this one is!

Your Valentine's Day decorations are ready to go with this Be Mine garland. | The Dating Divas
Be Mine Valentine’s Day decorations

13 . Valentine Gnomes – Gnomes are kind of having a moment, and we are here for it. These sweet little ones are perfect Valentine’s Day decor that will be easy to take out and put down.

Think outside of the box by adding gnomes to your Valentine's Day decor. | The Dating Divas
Gnome-themed Valentine’s Day decor

14 . Table Runner – This is a great option if you are a simple tablecloth user. Just drape the Valentine runner across your table and call it good.

Decorate for Valentine's Day by adding a table runner that is heart-themed. | The Dating Divas
Lace table runner to decorate for Valentine’s Day

15 . Hanging Signs – These look like they are hand-painted wooden signs, but they are fabric hanging signs for your entryway. WAY smaller profile to store!

Easy-to-store Valentine decorations can be found with these hanging signs. | The Dating Divas
Hanging signs make easy Valentine decorations

16 . Heart Fairy Lights – We’re getting a little romantic here. Imagine heart-shaped fairy lights giving you the perfect mood lighting for a little one-on-one in the bedroom. Make it happen!

Fairy lights add romance as Valentine's Day decorations. | The Dating Divas
Fairy lights for Valentine’s Day decorations

17 . Conversation Heart Banner – Say what you will about conversation hearts; nothing beats their cute factor when it comes to Valentine’s Day decor!

Conversation hearts make adorable Valentine's Day decor, especially this banner. | The Dating Divas
Valentine’s Day decor conversation heart banner

18 . Book Block Valentine’s Day Decor – These look like Valentine decorations that you could DIY, but if you don’t have the time, click the link and grab a perfect stack of “romance novels” for your coffee table.

Use a book block to decorate for Valentine's. | The Dating Divas
Books to decorate for Valentine’s Day

19 . Wreath – This is a more modern take on the classic wreath. We love the simplicity and the beauty of this Valentine’s Day decoration.

Use a simple wreath as one of your Valentine decorations. | The Dating Divas
Wreath Valentine decorations for the door

20 . Bath Bomb – You may not think a bath bomb can be decor. We beg to differ. Look at those cuties! Line them up on a lovely platter in the bathroom, and then indulge in a bit of R & R after the holiday.

Use a tray of bath bombs as Valentine decorations for your bathroom. | The Dating Divas
Bath bomb Valentine decorations for the bathroom

21 . Neon Sign – For the trendsetters and followers, here is our chosen Valentine decoration for you: a neon sign for the Mrs. and Mr. Wouldn’t this also be a great wedding gift?

22 . Rose Candles – Turn up the romance with some sweet rose-shaped candles.

23 . Heart Candles – This is one of those Valentine decorations that could have a place in your home all year long. The symbolism of needing both pieces to make a complete heart is beautiful.

24 . Apron – A frilly apron can act as Valentine’s Day decor if you have a hook in your kitchen, or you can use it to decorate yourself! 😉 We’re not saying that you should ONLY wear the apron while preparing food on Valentine’s Day, but maybe you should try it out.

25 . Heart Map Art – Your love is the combination of two different people and many different places. Highlight those differences that have made you whole with a heart map that can be displayed any time of the year.

These items are an easy way to bring the Valentine spirit into your home. And, you can create that loving feeling with some simple Valentine’s Day decor that won’t break your bank!

Before you go, you HAVE to check out one last idea – this adorable DIY Valentine’s Day decor DATE we created! Not only does this have the most festive Valentine’s Day ideas within (think printable banner, a sexy XOXO game, and even treat toppers), but it also gives you and your sweetie a chance to connect while decorating for V-day!

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy decorating! 

(PS: If you haven’t got your love a gift for Valentine’s Day yet, we have ideas for her and for him that are full of inspiration!)

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