Valentine’s Glamping Date Night

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Cuddle Up in Your Indoor Blanket Fort

When it’s too cold to camp outside, why not bring the fun inside? We set up the most perfect glamping date and you are not going to want to miss out! Wait, what’s glamping? Think: glamorous camping – It’s camping without all the hassles and with all the amenities – including a homemade fort piled high with blankets and INDOOR S’MORES because no indoor camping experience is complete without s’mores!

Check out this version of ooey, gooey indoor s’mores:

How perfect does that look for a night of glamping?! I am SO ready to dig in!

Valentine Glamping Night

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To make your Valentine’s indoor blanket fort as glamorous as possible, we knew we’d need a little help from Amanda at A-Manda Creations – and she totally delivered! Check out all the other amazing banners she’s created – you’ll LOVE her bright and colorful designs!

Glamping Date Night S'mores

Get ready for date night by inviting your spouse with this adorable s’mores card. Simply assemble the makings of your delicious snack and attach the invite to the front and the checklist to the back! You can prep that yummy S’Mores Dip ahead of time OR roast your own marshmallows inside with this Tabletop Roasting Idea!

Glamping DIY Love Banner

Glamping Light Banner

A glamorous fort just wouldn’t be complete without twinkling lights, so Amanda helped us create an adorable, all-in-one banner and light string. {Here’s a hint: This banner takes a little bit of prep time, so you might want to do this before date night.}

Glamping Banner How To

It’s actually pretty simple to put together!

Refer to the image above as you go through these steps:

1. Gather up all your supplies: Printables, Scissors, Hole Punch, and Light String.

2. Start by cutting out each of the double-diamond shapes that you’ve printed out. {Don’t cut off those little tabs!}

3. Punch a hole in each of the white tabs and fold them at a right angle.

4. Pull a light bulb out of its socket. Going from inside the diamond, push the bulb through the holes you created in the tabs. Make sure the part that plugs back in to the socket is sticking out! (Refer to the top right image above.)

5. Fold the other half of the diamond over to cover the light bulb and fit the tab over the end of the bulb. (Refer to the bottom left image above.)

6. Carefully, plug the bulb back into the socket on the light string. This way, the light bulb is holding the paper in place! (Refer to the bottom right image above.)

7. Just repeat these steps with each letter. {Don’t worry, it’s SO much easier than it sounds – you’ll catch on and have your banner finished in NO time!}

Love is in the Air Light Banner

Indoor Blanket Fort

When it’s time for glamping, you can work together to build your own enchanting indoor blanket fort. Make it super cozy by starting with a few heavy blankets or comforters on the floor and then topping them off with all the pillows you can find. We just used a couple of chairs on either side to hold up lighter blankets above us – sheets work great for the “roof” of your fort!

Glamping Indoor Blanket Fort

Indoor Glamping Activities

Once your fort is complete – it’s time to get busy {wink} – any way you want! Use the included checklist to cross off as many fun indoor ideas as possible:

Build a Fort
Roast S’Mores
Card Games
Eat Dinner
Pillow Talk
Watch a Movie
Slow Dance
Make Out
Popcorn Bar
Play a Game
Write Love Notes
Name that Treat
Just Chat
Sip Hot Cocoa
Give Massages
Pillow Fight
Be Best Friends

Help your glamping night come together by grabbing your totally FREE printables now!

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Valentine's Glamping Date

Printables Designed by Amanda @ A-Manda Creations for The Dating Divas


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  1. This was our date night last Saturday night. We had a campfire, roasted sausages, and made Smore’s. Then we came inside and watched a camping movie on our air mattress with sleeping bags and lots of pillows and twinkling lights. We also had trail mix and popcorn. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I usually like going out on Valentines but I can already tell that i will want to beat the crowed. It might me because I am pregnant but this is our last Valentine as just us. This sounds like a perfect idea!

    1. Sometimes staying in really is the perfect way to spend quality time together – Hope you have a sweet and romantic Valentine’s!

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