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Mystery Detective Games Group Date

Are you ready for an evening of investigative crime, clues, and good old-fashioned detective work? Gather your stealthiest sleuths for this unforgettable night of criminal-catching and crime-solving fun! This is one of the best mystery detective games you’ll ever play AND it has a unique spin to it, making it unlike any other murder mystery game (or “who dunnit” game) you have ever played! Basically, you and your guests will race to figure out which suspect committed the crime, where the crime happened, and what the weapon was. And, to make your game hosting easy as can be, we have a fully loaded (and newly updated!) WhoDunit Game kit that includes everything you need to host a killer party and help your guests solve the crime. In short, you’ll enjoy one of the most fast-paced and exciting detective games and ultimately, determine “WhoDunit!”

As one of the best DIY detective games out there, enjoy this family friendly Whodunit Mystery Detective Game for all ages! #TheDatingDivas #DIYMurderMystery #Whodunit

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Murder mystery activities (or murder solving games, like CLUE) are always a hit for a fun group date night. Not to mention, when you can create a live-action “who done it” game in your own living room, what could be better than that? Regardless of acting skills, a detective games mystery is a fun group date night idea if we ever heard one. Plus, our Red Carpet Revenge Murder Mystery has gotten RAVE reviews already. Without question, we know how to create a good “who done it” game! ūüėČ

And now, we have created a whole NEW spin on an evening of character-accusing and crime-solving with this “who dunnit” game! That being said, unlike a traditional murder mystery game, THIS game can be played over and over with the solution constantly changing. Pretty great, right? All things considered, this will quickly become one of your favorite detective games and group dates ever!

Mystery Detective Game Envelopes

How to Play Our Mystery Detective Game

For starters, if you have ever played the board game Clue, then this will be a great reference for understanding how to play our WhoDunit game! In short, our mystery and crime detective game is based on this classic board game. However, it uses real people. So, rather than moving a game piece from room to room to make guesses about the solution, the detectives will physically move from room to room and interrogate the suspects themselves! Unquestionably, this is one of the best mystery-solving games you can play in the comfort of your own home!

Suspects for Murder Mystery Date Night Game

To illustrate how to play, imagine the following scenario: Six suspects are stationed at various designated areas of your house. Each suspect will receive clues containing what¬†didn’t¬†happen at the crime scene. Then, detectives will race to find a suspect and make an educated guess as to WHO did it, WHERE it occurred and WHAT the weapon was. For example, “Was it Dr. Newbody in the dining room with the poison?” Additionally, the suspects reveal clues throughout the game to help the detectives narrow down the options. Eventually, after a process of elimination, the good detectives will narrow down the solution and solve the mystery. Talk about a thrilling “who dunnit” game, right?!

Detectives in Murder Mystery Party Game

As a matter of fact, we can confidently say that you and your friends would have the BEST group date ever and have tons of fun playing this crime detective game. You like having fun, right? Who doesn’t?! Even if murder solving games aren’t something you’re familiar with, we suggest rounding up some couple friends and playing this “who dunnit” game ASAP! On that note, keep reading for even more details about one of the all-time greatest detective games! (By the way, all this was just a sneak peek! There’s even MORE details below!)

Mystery Detective Game Invite

Facts About Our Who Done It Game

  1. It is for ALL ages! — I have personally hosted this WhuDunnit game on three different occasions: once with a group of about a hundred kids with ages ranging from 8 to 12, once with a group of middle schoolers, and once with a group of my adult, married friends. Without question, each group had a blast and said it was one of their favorite detective games!
  2. It is clean. –¬†While the theme¬†is murder, the basis of the game is clean. If you have ever played murder mystery-solving games with characters before, they can often be filled with affairs, dark secrets, drug abuse, and other non-family friendly things. Alternatively, this game doesn’t have any of that. The character descriptions are classic characters (such as a professor, doctor, and chef) and there are no dirty secrets revealed – only what you create!
  3. It can be played with an unlimited number of guests. – By far, this is one of the best aspects of this “who done it” game. To clarify, this game works from groups of 8 people to, technically, hundreds! You could play this with youth groups, at a family reunion, birthday parties and, of course, for a date night! Basically, there is no limit to how many detectives can be solving the crime detective game. In fact, the more, the better!
  4. Even your shy friends will enjoy this! – In typical murder mystery-solving games, each guest has an assigned character. Games like this usually cater to dramatic extroverts, but what about couples where one is very comfortable and the other not so much? Well, no problem! This is one of those detective games that only has six suspect characters. That being said, those roles are perfect for your dramatic friends who enjoy acting in character and the rest of the guests can be detectives solving the crime. Further, no major characterization is needed and no one is placed on the spot or accused. Basically, it’s a detectives game mystery any type of personality will enjoy!
  5. This “Who Done It” game can be played over and over again! – Unlike typical murder mystery detective games (including our own Murder Mystery Group Date) where there is an established solution to the crime, the solution to this murderous plot changes EVERY time! You can play this crime detective game over and over (even on the same night if you want!) and the result will be different every. single. time! In short, you can get multiple¬†uses from the purchase of this game. Isn’t that amazing?

Top Secret Documents for Murder Mystery Group Game

Our Mystery Detective WhoDunit Game Pack has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that you need to host and play your very own mystery detective game. Detectives will race to figure out: WHOdunnit? WHERE the crime occurred, and WHAT the weapon was. We have made it oh-so-easy for you with the amazing printables designed by Brielle at Breezy & Co. All you have to do is purchase the printables {waaaaay cheaper than buying a murder mystery from the store!}, print, invite your friends, and play!

Here are all of the amazing resources available in this mystery detective game kit:

  • Host’s Guide¬†– to make party planning a breeze.
  • Invitations – includes both a paper and a digital version!
  • Name Tags –¬†to identify each unique character.
  • Character Role Cards –¬†give your guests a character background.
  • Suspect, Location and Weapon Cards – to determine the crime committed.
  • Room Labels –¬†for the designated suspect areas.
  • Detective Clue Sheets – to assist the detectives in solving the crime.
  • Character Introduction Cards –¬†for introductions at the party.
  • Host Check List –¬†to keep track of your party preparations.
  • Guest List –¬†to organize your guests and assign characters.
  • Top Secret Envelope Labels –¬†where the suspect’s clues will be revealed.

Game Host Guide

The Host Guide to this mystery detective game is to ensure that you aren‚Äôt left having to solve the mystery of how this game is put together! ūüėČ Luckily, you will be guided every step of the way, preparing and executing a party with one of the best detective games that is¬†to die for! Additionally, the guide includes helpful suggestions on assigning characters, detailed instructions for preparing the game materials, and thorough descriptions of how to play the game.

Mystery Detective Game Guest List

Not to mention, we even have included organization materials such as a game prep checklist and a guest/character organizer!

Game Invitations

For this mystery detective game, you will need at least 8 people to play, but the more the better! You can invite your friends with our classified file-style invitations. The invitations have ‚ÄúTop Secret‚ÄĚ information to share with your guests explaining their assigned character and a request for them to come dressed for their role. When it comes to murder solving games, the more “into” your character you are, the better! Make sure to communicate that to your guests in the invitation.

Mystery Detective Game Top Secret Invitations

We even have two options for you to choose from: a traditional paper printout option in the shape of a file folder, and a digital file version that you can email or text to your guests. We are of the mindset that when hosting mystery-solving games, invitations are a MUST! ūüėČ

Game Printables

Just like a good detective, you will want to carefully lay out all the pieces to your game and plan for every detail. Luckily, we have done all the work for you! Because we understand that murder solving games can be intense with all the moving parts, we’ve created the most organized detective game you’ve ever seen. When you print everything out, take some time to look over everything and become familiar with each part of the kit. But rest assured, putting your game together is ultimately so easy!

Mystery Detective Game Incident Cards

This detective game mystery pack includes all of the game printables necessary to play the game. The pack materials include room labels, suspect/location/weapon cards, envelope labels, name tags, character introduction cards, detective clue sheets and more! We did NOT leave anything out!

But now, it is time to get this detective game afoot! Start sleuthing now and purchase this detective games mystery pack for your next fun event! For the record, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to know that this is a great deal! Normal murder mystery games can cost at least $40+ dollars… You can get this specialty mystery detective game for only…


Add To Cart

Additionally, if you loved this, you HAVE to try our NEW Murder Mystery Kit! Not only is it just as fun, but it has ALL the best elements of a murder mystery but themed on the red carpet!

Murder Mystery Party Kit

This 80 Page Murder Mystery Party Kit includes:

  • Hosting Ideas & Suggestions¬†to make party planning a breeze.
  • Invitations¬†personalized for each character with¬†costume ideas!
  • Character Biographies¬†to set the stage and story.
  • Name Tags¬†to identify¬†each unique character.
  • Table Cards & Food Tents¬†to use if playing over dinner.
  • Task Cards¬†for the characters to complete during each round.
  • Evidence Pieces¬†to add intrigue and suspense!
  • Voting Ballots and Awards¬†to vote for your favorite characters &¬†suspects.
  • and so much¬†MORE!

Click here for ALL the deets!

Regardless of which of the many detective games mystery kits you explore, we hope you have FUN! Best of luck solving “who dunnit!”







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  1. Hello! I am considering hosting this 80’s style event– what type of venue do you need? Does this all take place in one room or several?

    1. Great questions! The game takes place in one location. You want it large enough to fit all of your guests, allow room for them to mingle have private conversations. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi, do you have to know the exact number of people that will be coming? I am planning on doing this for a youth night at our church, but we never know exactly how many will show up. Thanks!

    1. You do not need to know the exact number of people that will be coming. As long as you have your 6 suspects and at least 2 detectives the game will work! I have personally done this with church groups big and small and it was a super fun night!

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