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Zoo Date

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Animals always amaze me! I don’t know what it is, but I just love how different and unique each of them are. A trip to the zoo is something I look forward to any time of year, it totally brings out the kid in you!



Instead of a regular invitation, I wanted my husband to have a bit of a challenge to figure out what our date was going to be. 🙂 I wanted him to have to work a little for this {wink!} Tasha from Whimsicle Design Studio created the PERFECT invitation, filled with clues. Once he figured out the answer to each clue, he used the key letter to decode the secret message. How cool is that?


Watching all the animals eat may make you a little hungry too, so you will definitely want to pack a few easy snacks. Check with the zoo website first, but most zoos I have been to allow you to take your own snacks and drinks in. Bringing your own treat will help make this an inexpensive date night… although those $7 bags of kettle corn do smell really good!


Tasha from Whimsicle Design Studio also created these festive bag toppers that are perfect! On the back of the Zoo Trip Survival Kit it says “Be Prepared!” which I love. My personal favorite though is on the back of the Safari Snack Mix because it says “All the animals at the zoo will never be as wild as I am about you!” Who wouldn’t want to hear that?!?


You could also use the Zoo Trip Survival Kit for small items like a mini sunscreen, lip balm, breath mints, and other fun little survival items.


If you want to spice it up a little you can have a photo treasure hunt and see who can get the best pictures of the animals.  Or for a creative date idea, take pictures of the animals you see to ‘create your own animal’,  just use Photoshop to morph them into a new customized creature. This was so fun to do, it reminds me of  the Eric Carl book The Mixed-Up Chameleon, that I have been lucky enough to read about a million times:) Diva Becca took all these great animal photos at the Phoenix Zoo and I especially love the picture below – what a precious moment to capture!


While you’re at the zoo you will have plenty of quality time to chat and enjoy each other’s company and the (hopefully) beautiful weather. This is a summer date that is always one of my favorites because you have something to do the whole time, but it is really relaxing, too.

Julie-Zoo-Date-Monkeys_Websize Enjoy your time at the zoo seeing all the unique animals, and more importantly spending a memorable day with your sweetheart:)

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