Win It In A Minute: Christmas Edition

Christmas Win It In a Minute

Christmas isn’t really Christmas without friends and family gathered around enjoying each others’ company, kisses under the mistletoe, giddy children waking up bright and early, cherished traditions, laughter filling the air, and kind deeds of service. One other thing that is a must during Christmas is a game or two, don’t you agree??? Of course you do and I am going to help you host the best party ever.

Creating the ULTIMATE Christmas party must include 3 things, an Ugly Sweater Contest, a hilarious White Elephant Gift Exchange, and Win It In A Minute games! Go ahead and take a moment to peek at the Ugly Sweater Party and the 50 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas links before we continue.  It will be soo much fun to include these ideas into one big Christmas gathering!!!

Are you ready to PAR-TAY?!


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Throwing the Best Christmas Party Ever

First you must grab Sarina’s Ugly Sweater Party invite and the White Elephant Fun invite and send it over to your friends or family for the best Christmas party ever!!!

Pick the items that you want to use from The Ugly Sweater Party, the sweater contest is a must and the cookie decorating will fit in nicely with a team challenge.

Take a peek at the Win It In A Minute printables and look over the list of items needed for each game. If you think you can gather all of the items needed by yourself, then go for it. If you’re like me, you’d rather share the load. My advice would be to make a list of items you plan on divvying out amongst your guests.

When they RSVP, give them their assignments needed for the games and let them know they need to bring a hilarious white elephant gift. Since you’ve already peeked at the 50 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Idea post, refer all your guests to the white elephant ideas post, too so they have a fighting chance of competing with your gift!

Before I go any farther I have to tell you about the best white elephant gift ever…Poo Pourri. Have you heard of this??? The company has a silly video that you should look up, you’ll see why this is so funny once you do! We won a bottle of this at Sarina’s Ugly Sweater Party. Seriously the funniest gift ever, everyone will fight for it just like our group did!

Prepare a playing area (this might mean cleaning out a room) a munching area, and a sitting area. Having a good playing area is key to many of these games. For the team that isn’t playing you might want to have a few chairs out. Munchies can include a hot chocolate bar like Sarina suggests in the Ugly Sweater Party or a few yummy appetizers, make it easier on yourself by assigning food items to your guests too.

End the night with a hilarious white elephant exchange, take a peek at White Elephant Fun for rules of play.


Win It In A Minute is one of my favorite games because it’s full of laughs, competition, and silliness! I have collected the best Win It In A Minute Christmas games ever!!!  I guarantee that you won’t find a single drab game in this list!!!

 How To Play Win It In A Minute

On the day of the party you have three options: For smaller parties divide your group into two teams, for bigger couples into four teams, or for a group of couples into teams of couples.

Make the game tags hangable by punching a hole in the middle of the top of each tag and tying a ribbon through. Hang all of the game cards from a mini Christmas tree to add to your party decorations!

 Lay all of the game items out on a table for easy access and assembly for each game.

The first team picks out a card at random, reads the card out loud, and grabs all the items needed for the game. Quickly prepare the game and get the stopwatch ready. At the start of go, the team does their best to complete the task in under one minute without breaking the rules.

The first round of play gets 5 points for completing the tasks under 1 minute. The second round receives 10 points and the third round 15. This will spark some healthy competition, no one wants to lose!!!

Each team gets 3 ‘lives’. They are allowed to try one task up to 3 times, if they think they can complete it and earn the points.


Grab Your Printables

A huge thank you to Strawberry Mommycakes for making such cute printables.  We just love her!!!  Check her out asap!!!

The Win It In A Minute-Christmas Edition printables include: 18 game cards, point cards, and 3 lives for each team. Print your copies off onto white card stock.

As you would have already noticed each game card has as list of items needed to complete the game, how to set up the game, and how to play the game. Become acquainted with the games, because your guests are sure to have questions on how to play.


No more stalling, grab your printables and ideas from the Ugly Sweater Party, 50 Hilarious White Elephant Gift IdeasWhite Elephant Fun and of course this post!

We hope you have the best Christmas ever so take advantage of our wonderful ideas and enjoy every moment of your Christmas celebrations!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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I love anything that sparkles, everything dealing with love, warm summer rays, and my hot hubby. I find balance in life by staying physically fit and keeping it real. My purpose in life is cherishing my marriage and making our adventure shine!

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    1. Hi Lindsay. I’m sorry you’re having issues opening up the link. I tried it on my end and it worked just fine. The printable is a bigger file because there is a lot on it and your phone might take a long time to actually download it. Try it when you get on a computer and you might be able to access it. Good luck! xox

  1. I have a question. When the task is selected, does each team complete the task? Or does one team choose a task to complete and then the next team chooses a different task, etc.?

    1. Great question! Each team selects one tag, they pick one or two players to perform the task (the amount of players is found on the cards), and then they play their hearts out. Once they have tried the task, it’s the next teams turn. That team can try the same task or they can pick a new tag. The rules are totally up to you guys. The main rules are on the tags, to help guide you along. If you have any more questions feel free to ask! Have a fun party and Merry Christmas!!! xox

  2. Did anyone else have problems formatting this to print correctly? I keep getting everything oversized when hitting print yet on the preview and display it fits nicely to the 8 pages. I can’t figure out if it’s a setting on my end or not!

    1. Shoot, I hope we can figure this out, I’m not a printer guru either. It prints just fine for me and we haven’t heard anyone else saying they are having issues with this. I would suggest that you choose fit to page before you print. Make sure that you have the 8×11 page size as default. Good luck girl, let me know if you need more help! xox

      1. Yes I am having a problem. I was trying to get two pages to one sheet and it wouldn’t work. So then I just printed the first 6 pages and doesn’t fit on the page 🙁 I am using Chrome I don’t know if that matters….

  3. This is so awesome! Thanks for posting this. I love the printable. Do you have it in another format that can be edited? I want to add another minute to win it game.

    1. Darlene, I’m sorry to hear that!!! I hope you’ve figured out the problem by now. If not, this is definitely a printer setting that needs to be changed. Look up the settings for your computer online and hopefully you can figure out the issue. Hopefully you can enjoy the game this year!!! Merry Christmas! xox

  4. Love this! …And love your site! I recently came accross The Dating Divas over pinterest and just love it, so many wonderful ideas! We are definitely going to try this for our family get together this year! 🙂
    I was just curious if you might have a page of matching tags that would be editable so we can add other games?

    1. Pamela I’m so glad you found us!!!! We did this last year and we are doing it again. It’s become a tradition in our house and I’m sure it will become one in yours too! Have so much fun playing together!

      Unfortuantly we do not have a blank page. My suggestion would be to cut out tags and write your game idea down on them. Then glue them to a red or green cardstock page. Best of luck and enjoy!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xox

    2. Pamela I’m so glad you found us!!! Gotta love pinterest! We played this last year and are playing it again this year. It’s become a tradition in our house as I’m sure it will become in yours.

      Unfortunately there aren’t any blank tags. My suggestion would be to make tags that are near the same size, print onto white paper, and glue the tags onto green or red cardstock. The games are so much fun that no one is going to notice! Best of luck and enjoy!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xox

  5. Hello! I am also having a question on the christmas tree, ornament, and santa claus cards are for. Add the point cards to the list. What exactly are we to do with them?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Julia! The santa, tree, and ornament represent lives. Each team gets 3 lives. Hand out one of each mini tag to each team. As far as points: The first round of play gets 5 points for completing the tasks under 1 minute. The second round receives 10 points and the third round 15. I personally put the points up for everyone to see. I taped them to a magnet board that had the team names. Hopefully this will give you some ideas! Enjoy and Merry Christmas! xox