You’ve Been Gobbled

You’ve Been GOBBLED!

I’m sure you’re well aware of the classic, You’ve Been Booed, gift given out during the Halloween season!  Well, this Thanksgiving we have a fun twist on that same idea with the You’ve Been Gobbled gift for friends or neighbors!

You've Been Gobbled Printables

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Whether you’ve participated in the “You’ve Been Boo-ed” activity before or not, the rules are simple:

1. Print out 3 copies of these AH-dorable, You’ve Been Gobbled, printables by Jennafer at Oh Creative One {she’s awesome, check her out!}.  Using one copy for yourself, hang the You’ve Been Gobbled door hanger on your door!

You've Been Gobbled Door Hanger

2. Using the other two copies, create goodie bags for your friends or neighbors.  Here are some ideas of what you could place inside the bag:

Goodies inside You've been gobbled bag

1.  Hot Cocoa Packets.

2.  A baggy of candy corn and peanuts {a favorite holiday treat in my house 😉 }.

3. Hershey bars! Feel free to use our Hershey candy wrappers found EXCLUSIVELY on our Diva Central Community!

4. Completed “Kindness Feathers.” As part of the AMAZING printable packet, included are cute feathers for to you feather your friends or neighbors with kind messages or quotes!

5.  A can of pumpkin puree and your FAVORITE pumpkin recipe. 

6 – 9. Copies of the You’ve Been Gobbled printables so they too can create their own goodie bags for friends or neighbors!

Feel free to add ANY of your own goodies to the bag!  These are just some of my favorite ideas!

3. Lastly, place the goodie bags on your friend or neighbor’s door step for a pleasant holiday surprise!

You've Been Gobbled on Door Step

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