Youtube Stay At Home Date Night Idea

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Stay at Home Date Night Idea Using YouTube

Stuck at home and done every “stay at home date” you can think of!? We have the best stay at home date night idea using YOUTUBE! We have been getting really creative over here to still have quality time date nights that can be done after the kiddo is in bed. We have done many of the at-home date nights from The Dating Divas site (it has totally saved date night for us in our situation!), and this YouTube date has been our favorite one so far! Not only can it be done at home, but it is free, easy to prep, relaxing and super fun!

YouTube Date Night

I am constantly amazed at the amount of information you can find on the internet – including, and especially on YouTube! It has everything from educational videos, to product reviews, to tutorials, to date night ideas (shameless plug for our own Dating Diva YouTube channel!) to HIL-arious videos (my favorite!). You name it and you can probably find it on YouTube. One day while browsing through the site, I thought – this could be a fun date night and with the creative genius of our talented designer Carisa from Messes to Memories, a date night was made!

This date is:


An At-Home Date

Easy to Prep




The recipe for a great date! Check it out:

YouTube Date Night Printables


Since this date night is all about watching unique videos on YouTube, I thought it might be fun to send my spouse a video invitation.  I had Carisa create a little video file and I texted it to my hubby to get him excited for the date!

You can download this video file at the bottom of this post or right-click on the video and select download.










Scavenger Hunt

For the first activity, we have a YouTube scavenger hunt! You can play this so many ways depending on how much time you have and whether you want to work together or surprise each other with your findings. We decided to divide the list up since we each have our own computer. I took half of the list and my husband took the other half. We gave ourselves 10 minutes to find our assigned videos from the list. Then, we showed each other the videos we found!

YouTube Scavenger Hunt

I can’t even tell you how fun it was! Watching the “music video for a popular song from your high school days,” ahem, The Macarena, was hilarious and we were both in tears watching the “video that features a person who overcame a great obstacle” that my husband found!


The next part of the date includes challenges! There are a dozen challenge cards included in this date with different tasks to complete with your spouse! They range from watching a video to learning a new skill, to trying not to laugh during a funny video. We totally failed at the challenge to not laugh during a “Try Not To Laugh Video Challenge Video“. It was practically impossible for us and seemed to make us laugh even more!

YouTube Challenge

To make your challenge cards, just fold them in half, and use a glue dot or double stick adhesive tape to stick the front and back together.


Finally, after an evening of so many videos, take some time to vote on your favorite overall videos in several categories. It will be fun to compare as well as remember the best videos you saw throughout the night!

YouTube Favorite Videos

The best part about this date night is that you could technically do it more than once. You can do the scavenger hunt and even most of the challenges over again and just find a different video that matches the challenge. There are so many videos out there!

YouTube Date Night Spouses

We actually didn’t even finish all of the challenges in one evening so we have another date night ready to go for next time! I hope that you have as much fun on this date as we did! To get your printables for this date (including the video invitation) just click the links below!

To make this Youtube Date Night all come together, be sure to grab a great quality paper cutter and nice cardstock oh and maybe some chocolate or popcorn!

Free Download

YouTube Date Night

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

YouTube Video Invitation

Video Invitation Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


I met my husband, in a beginning ballroom dance class at the age of 15. He was my first crush, my first date, and twelve years (to the day) later we married. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a spunky little boy. I love dancing, hosting parties, photography, organizing & chocolate!

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  1. I’ve been scouring the internet for the past hour, looking for date ideas @ home and the lists I pulled up repeated each other 😩 but THIS list beats out every other one I’ve come across by light years! I’m so excited to try these creative ideas! This is going to be my new go-to site lol thank you ladies for putting these together!

    1. oh, girl- you just hit the jackpot! We have so many great ideas all ready for date nights at home! Some of my favorites are:
      Game of Phones
      Spouse Scattergories
      Love Pictionary
      YouTube Date Night

      Enjoy! Check out our Pinterest boards for all the ideas grouped in one place!

  2. My husband and I did something very similar to this. Our two boys were with their grandparents for the night, we were so excited to go out and have a dinner date. The weather turned really bad and we did not want to take any chances, so we stayed in. He popped over the laptop and I was like really? Then we started watching old music videos from when we were teenagers, and telling funny things it reminded us of. We had a blast and then he played our song, and the evening was complete. Great memories, fun date night.

  3. What a great idea… always looking for ways to make evenings not so ho-hum, since we can’t go out after our daughter goes to bed. Thanks for your website –> hoping to add some new fun and sizzle to our marriage with some of your ideas!

  4. My Husband & I take turns planning dates. It’s so nice. he will even find a babysitter (even for the over night dates) for all 4 of our kids & he usually surprises me when it’s his turn! I try to surprise him – but I’m not very good at it – I get to excited!! :o) Watching funny youtube — never thought of that one!! thanks! ;o)

  5. My husband and I recently watched videos of “fainting goats”. We definitely had a laugh out loud moment “together”!

  6. Some of the funniest vids out there are the condom commercials…beware! Some are a little risque.

  7. Oh my gosh! Bahaha! The surfer dude is awesome! I’m still laughing! I love this idea. Adam and I do this on occasion ’cause it’s like comedy hour on youtube! Thanks for posting these. I haven’t seen some of them before so it will go perfectly for the next time we do a youtube date. Love it!