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I am SO EXCITED!  Are you ready for this!?!

You remember the awesome giveaway we recently had for the darling “Merry Christmas Deer” kit, right?  Well…. one of our AmAzInG Diva Readers (rock on, Daphne Jackson!) was inspired and came up with her own evening of how to be your man’s reinDEAR this Christmas… and YES, she is sharing the love with all of us – including a FREE download!  Oh yeah, double score! …with this now and with HIM latah!  Seriously, this is perfect for any evening this week to have some sweet Christmas memory makin’ after kids and in bed.  Check it out!

Diva Disclaimer

She picked up 4 felt reindeer baskets at the Target Dollar Zone and filled them each with a surprise.   The 4 reindeer “bearing gifts” are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, & Vixen.

  • Dasher brings a dash of something sweet (strawberries & white chocolate fondue & sparkling white grape juice.)
  • Dancer offers a Christmas CD for a couple’s dance (by romantic Christmas tree lights or fireplace perhaps?)
  • Prancer brings a pair of Christmas boxers for him to prance around in (ooh la la!)
  • Last and maybe most generously comes Vixen, bearing an outfit for you to look like a “Vixen” for him in!  (Daphne found a leopard-print nightie that she called “reindeer-print.” Love it!)

What’s your man’s favorite nightie style on you?

Of course your presentation as his reindear is all part of the fun!  I love how Daphne got everything ready as shown above.  She’s also got an adorable invitation to hide somewhere that he’ll see it on the morning of your date.  You can totally download your invitation and darling gift tags now!

Can I just say “THANKS, Daphne!”  We can’t get enough good ideas from our fellow divas! Here’s a peek at this sweetheart and her Mr. Jackson.  What a good lookin’ couple!

I am already planning this easy and playful evening for my own man.  I hope Target has some deer baskets left for me!  {If not….you can find ANY kind of baskets or containers around your house and “dress them up” with paper antlers & ears!}


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I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

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12 Responses to Your Rein”dear” Fun

  1. Cupids bag might contain missletoe,hugs and kisses and Rudolph’s a copy of a traditional movie or a red lightbulb for your room “to light the way”

  2. Did this for my man with ALL the reindeer:

    Blitzen – a football and Broncos jersey
    Comet – a trip to see our zoo’s Christmas lights
    Cupid – love letters
    Donner – sweatpants for him to ‘don’ while we’re relaxing
    Dasher – blindfolded him (for a “dash” of excitement) to take him…hot-tubbing
    Prancer – a ‘prance’/walk around our downtown area with Christmas lights
    Dancer – mix cd
    Vixen – something for me to be a Vixen in (like above)
    Rudolph – a board game (since Rudolph wasn’t allowed in any reindeer games)

    Thanks for the idea! I love it, it was a hit!

  3. I picked up the things to do this for my hubby this weekend. He is traveling every week and only gets two nights at home, so I have been trying to do something special on those nights.

    I got bags with reindeer on them at the Target $1 Spot.

    For the sweet bag, I decided to make it a littly naughty and put in colored icing that I thought we could use on each other.

    I also got a set of reindeer antlers for me to wear as part of my bag.

    I’m so excited!

  4. I am doing a monthly date night box for my Honey for Christmas. For December this is my date idea. I thought of a theme for each reindeer for a fun date at home. Looking forward to it!

  5. Here’s how I represented each reindeer:
    Dasher- a dash of something sweet
    Dancer- a cd to dance around to
    Prancer- silk boxers for him to prance around in
    Vixen- a nightie for me to be a Vixen
    Comet- stargazing to see comets in the sky
    Cupid- hang mistletoe to show love (kisses)
    Donner- lotion to give each other massages (donner in french means to give)
    Blitzen- beer and wine to get “blitzed”
    Rudolph- Scrabble game to start off night, since he wasn’t allowed to play in any reindeer games
    Thanks for sharing your ideas Kimmy, they really helped.
    I can’t wait for him to open Decembers date envelope!

  6. Cute idea! I plan on incorporating this when we stay up late to wrap Christmas presents. Thanks so much for your website and all your wonderful free ideas. I have been married 15 years and you ladies have helped to rekindle romance and fun in to my marriage. I can’t thank you enough. Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year! Keep the fun and encouragement coming 🙂

  7. I am doing this as well. I can’t thank you enough for all of your wonderful ideas. I’m creative myself, but these ideas are being added to my romantic Christmas to-do list because of how amazing they are! I’m also going to be adding the other reindeers. I’ll let you know what I did for each one when I do! Thank you again!!!