10 Best Budgeting Books for Couples

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I love books! Budgeting, not so much. Did you know that 70% of couples argue about money more than anything else? Obviously, discussing finances is something we all need to learn to do in order to strengthen our marriages and ensure we are on the same page with our spouse.

Because of this, we searched and identified our top 10 budgeting books for couples and we are certain you are going to love them! Not only would we consider these the best financial books out there, but they can be read together before bed or read separately to discuss later. Couples who budget together, stay together, right?

Simplify your marriage finances with one of these awesome budgeting books. | The Dating Divas
Couple saves money in a piggy bank after reading books about managing money.

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We know “managing money books” are not the sexiest types of books to look for or read with your partner, but they are so helpful and important! Let’s get right to it!


Check out our favorite personal finance books below, and find one that works best for you and your relationship.

1. Smart Couples Finish Rich – If you’ve ever read books on finance before, you’ve probably heard of David Bach’s popular book The Automatic Millionaire. Written by the same author, this newer book focuses on a lot of those same principles and how they apply to couples. David Bach writes some of the best financial books, so we can’t recommend this one enough!

We love this budgeting book for couples to get on the same page financially. | The Dating Divas
Smart Couples Finish Rich is one of the best budgeting books for couples.

2. Financial Essentials for Couples – This book is a straightforward guide to all things finances for couples. It covers everything from deciding how bills are shared to setting up retirement accounts. Think of this as taking Finance 101 together!

One of the best financial books to read together as a couple. | The Dating Divas
Financial Essentials for Couples is a great book about marriage finances.

3. Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money – When it comes to managing money books, we really love this one because it lays out a simple 4-week guide to get your finances on track together. Plus, it outlines money dates you can do together, so you know The Dating Divas approve!

Marriage finances are made easy with this great book. | The Dating Divas
Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money is one of the best personal finance books.

4. Budgeting for Couples 101 – This book focuses on working together to achieve your money goals. This is a great option for a couple who has one frugal spouse and one who loves to spend. Use the skills you will learn in this book to get on the same page and find a budget you both agree on.

Couples will love reading these budgeting books. | The Dating Divas
Budgeting for Couples 101 is a great managing money book.

5. Couples Financial Success Guide – This book is for those who want to get right to the meat of the money topic! If you’re looking for future financial freedom and not just a monthly budget for now, this book is a great option.

Marriage finances are simplified with this easily understandable guide. | The Dating Divas
Couples Financial Success Guide is one of the best budgeting books for couples.

6. The Heart of Money – This book really focuses not only on finances but on your relationship. If money has long been an issue that leads to stress and arguments, this book can help you reframe the way you think and talk about money together.

This is one of the best budgeting books and relationship books on our list. | The Dating Divas
The Heart of Money helps couples grow closer through their marriage finances.

7. Couples Money – Written by a married couple who are experts in the financial industry, this book shares stories that can help you and your partner find financial success. This would also make a great wedding gift for a couple to learn about marriage finances from the start.

A favorite in budgeting books for couples, this book is a must read. | The Dating Divas
Couples Money will help you navigate marriage finances together.

8. Financially Ever After – This book focuses on giving you the knowledge and tools to be able to discuss marriage finances without it leading to a fight. There are even scripts for ideas on how to approach difficult topics. This book is another great option for a couple who feels like they can never discuss finances without causing contention.

Best personal finance books definitely includes this book for couples. | The Dating Divas
Financially Ever After is a wonderful guide for couples wanting to read budgeting books.

9. Money Problems, Marriage Solutions – Written by another married couple for a Christian audience, this book presents 7 actionable solutions to find harmony in your marriage.

Couples will love this budgeting book and grow closer through reading it. | The Dating Divas
Money Problems, Marriage Solutions offers helpful advice for marriage finances.

10. Budget Planner Book – Did you find a book above that you can’t wait to dig in to? Grab a budget planner book, and use all the things you’ll learn to stay organized and on track together! A budget planner will end up being one of the best personal finance books you can own.

Add a budget planner to your cart to help navigate marriage finances easily. | The Dating Divas
Budget Planner for Couples makes managing marriage finances easy.

There you have it, our 10 favorite budgeting books for couples to strengthen your marriage and prevent fights about money!

Eager for more? Check out our Easy Budgeting Tips Any Couple Can Use and our 100 Go-To Budgeting Resources. You can also check out the larger resource for some of the best personal finance books.

We truly believe budgeting together can strengthen your marriage, and we are here for it!

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