10 of the Best Cookie Recipes + a Taste-Test Date Idea

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Let’s talk cookie recipes! I love the cakey ones, the chewy ones, the warm gooey ones, and even the cold ones! Does anyone else have a cookie recipe obsession? I thought it would be helpful to gather the best cookie recipes (in a variety of flavors) for anyone else as obsessed as myself. Comin’ atcha is my Top 10 Cookie Recipes List (and boy is it good!) AND, as an added bonus, I put together a SWEET cookie taste-test date that takes cookie tasting to a whole new romantic level! Scroll to the bottom to check it out!

I'm always looking for the BEST cookie recipes and this list has them all! I can't wait to try #3! Cookies + Date Night is sounding heavenly! #CookieRecipes #DateNight | The Dating Divas
A couple enjoying the best chocolate chip cookie and a fun date


What are the BEST Cookie Recipes?

Making cookies is good for the soul and the tastebuds. Did you know that there are actually six types of cookies? Dropped, rolled, molded, refrigerator, pressed, or bar cookies. On this Top 10 Cookie Recipes List, I will let you know which category each one falls into. Read on to gain a little baking knowledge and enjoy a delicious date night with your sweetheart at the end!

An ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie recipe. | The Dating Divas
The best chocolate chip cookie recipe from Joy Food Sunshine

1 . The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – This is a classic drop or rolled cookie. We love using a cookie scoop to keep the shape uniform. Remember to give about 2″ of space between cookies since they are notorious for spreading. Mmm I can smell them already!

A soft and fluffy rolled sugar cookie. | The Dating Divas
Ashley and Emily’s soft and fluffy sugar cookie recipe

2 . Sugar Cookie Recipe – Your new favorite rolled sugar cookie recipe. You often need to chill the dough before rolling it out and going all out with those cookie cutters.

Step up your rice crispy treat game with this Scotcheroo recipe. | The Dating Divas
Midwest Living’s sweet and salty scotcheroos

3 . Scotcheroos – Do scotcheroos count as a cookie? If they do, these are my favorite bar cookie around. You get a nice crisp AND chocolate experience. What’s not to love?!

This slice and bake cookie recipe is chock full of sprinkles | The Dating Divas
Cookies and Cups sprinkle refrigerator cookie recipe

4 . Refrigerator Sprinkle Cookies – This sweet sprinkle cookie will make everyone in your family smile! Plus, there are not that many cookie recipes that look as cute rolled up and raw as this one!

This buttery cookie recipe will please everyone on your list. | The Dating Divas
Buttery spritz cookies by Life Love and Sugar

5 . Buttery Spritz Cookies – This recipe will rock your cookie press! These are usually holiday cookies, but they are delightful any time of the year.

A classic peanut butter cookie recipe. | The Dating Divas
Peanut butter cookie recipe by Preppy Kitchen

6 . Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe – One of my favorite molded cookies! I love the idea of dipping a cooled PB cookie into some melted chocolate too.

If you like chocolate chip cookies, this inside out cookie recipe is for you! | The Dating Divas
Sally’s Baking Addiction’s famous Inside Out cookie

7 . Inside Out Chocolate Cookie – Make this delicious, deep chocolate dough, then mellow the chocolate out with some white chips!

If you don't care for the SNAP of a ginger snap, this molasses cookie recipe is perfect for you. | The Dating Divas
Gimme Some Oven shares their delicious ginger molasses cookie recipe

8 . Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookie – I love a soft molasses cookie and this one totally hits the mark!

Oatmeal raisin cookies can get a bad wrap, but this cookie recipe will fix that. | The Dating Divas
Two Sisters Crafting’s oatmeal raisin cookies

9 . Oatmeal Raisin – People love to joke about being tricked by oatmeal raisin cookies, but I know I’m not the only one who loves those chewy delights. The cinnamon in this cookie recipe is exactly what I’ve been needing!

Cookie bar cookie recipe that everyone will love | The Dating Divas
Preppy Kitchen’s chocolate chip bar cookie

10 . Chocolate Chip Bar Cookie – We had to come back to the OG cookie, chocolate chip, but in a bar style. This chocolate chip cookie recipe has all your favorite flavors, but saves you the time of rolling or dropping three dozen individual cookies!

Where to Buy the Best Cookies

Sometimes you all want the goodness with none of the work, am I right?! So where exactly has the best chocolate chip cookies? Or other flavors for that matter?! I’m of the opinion that there is no one right answer to this question! You can find some absolutely delectable cookies at small, local bakeries or big national chains. If you don’t have options in your town, a lot of places ship now. Here are a few of our favorites to include in your cookie taste-off date (see more details below!)

Order in some delicious cookies from Crumble Cookies if you don't have time to bake them. | The Dating Divas
Cookie spread by Crumbl Cookies
  1. Crumbl – This business is booming and for good reason! With 4 new flavors each week, you can pick and choose what flavors to add to your taste test.
  2. The Cookie Place – What started as a small Idaho bakery, is now a nationwide shipping bakery with to-die-for chocolate chip cookies in addition to a few other specialty flavors.
  3. Chip – If you live local to a Chip, you can order delivery of not only the cookies, but also cold milk! They are famous for their original chocolate chip cookie.
  4. Milk Bar – We usually see the adds for Milk Bar’s cakes, but they also offer cookie delivery. I’ve never been dissapointed.
  5. The Cravory – Need cookies on the monthly? This bakery allows you to subscribe to their goodness.
  6. Insomnia Cookies – The big win with this company is that they offer vegan and gluten-free cookies for anyone with specific dietary needs. Thanks for being inclusive!
  7. Ruby Snap – Snappy names and descriptions plus so many options have me drooling! Blueberry lemon chia?! Yes, please.
  8. Oreos – With so many flavor options available in any grocery store, Oreos are a great choice on which to focus your taste test.
  9. Keebler – Have a brand specific taste test by grabbing a few different packs of Keelber cookies, but don’t forget to grab my favorite, the E. L. Fudges!
  10. Chips Ahoy – Reeses, chewy, original? Which Chips Ahoy will win your taste test tonight?

Don’t underestimate your grocery store either! Grocery store bakeries often have great cookie options that are available fresh every day. Once you have your cookies chosen, it’s time to move onto the main event: Date Night!

The Best Cookie Taste-Off Date

Date night and cookies are quite possibly my two favorite things on this earth. Putting them together was clash of two beautiful worlds. To get this night rolling, just ask your spouse if they’d like a sweet treat tonight (yes, you can add in a little wink so they know there is something extra sweet at the end!) For this date, we have a score sheet, game, and an intimate invite ready for you to print and use! Keep scrolling!

A cookie taste-test date night for couples. | The Dating Divas
A couple taste-tests cookies during date night

How to Host a Cookie Recipe Taste-Off Date Night

First up, the score card! The printable score sheet (linked below) has spots for five different cookies. You can do fewer, of course, but we think 5 is a nice number for taste test. Keep everything simple by using a 1 – 5 scale to rate the cookies based on the following categories:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Flavor
Keep score of the best cookies with our score card during a cookie taste-off date. | The Dating Divas
Cookie taste-off score card

By the way, both of you get your own score sheet. You can keep your scores secret or share at the end and compare! For each cookie, give a category score and a total score. When you are done tasting all of your cookies, check out the totals and you’ll find your winner!

Date Night Baking Balderdash Game

While you ponder the pros and cons of each cookie, play a little game! Now presenting: Baking Balderdash!

The rules are a little different when you only have two people playing, but are all laid out in the printables at the end of the post! You basically give your spouse four definitions and see if they can match it with the correct baking term. How fun, huh?

Play a game of baking term trivia for date night. | The Dating Divas
Balderdash Baking Game cards

The cards are designed so that you can fold them in half and have a 2-sided card. Make sure to hide the answers on the back of the card! FYI, both the terms and the definitions are in the correct order. Remember to mix up the definitions when you give them to your spouse.

This is a fun little guessing game and hey, it might even level up your cooking and baking game!

Intimate Invite After a Cookie Date Night

When you are all done with your cookies, slip your spouse an invite for a sweet treat in the bedroom!

Invite your sweetie back to the bedroom for a sweet treat. | The Dating Divas
Cookie-themed invitation for intimacy.

This sexy cookie invitation is printable so it can be set up as a tent card. It would be really fun to ask your spouse to go get some cups or napkins and have this set up in the cupboard as a surprise. As they go to retrieve the requested item, hurry off to your room and get ready for a very excited spouse to hustle on in right behind you!

PS: We included two adorable and delightful recipe cards with some family secrets: the best chocolate chip cookie recipe and our favorite soft, sugar cookie recipe, in the printable pdf below! We hope you enjoy them AND the TASTIEST date night ever! 😉

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Cookie Taste-Off Date Night

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