10 Romantic Ideas to “Fall” Deeper in Love

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FALL Deeper in Love

Aaahhh, it’s fall! The leaves are starting to change color, the kids are back in school, and the hot weather is cooling down!  Yay!

BUT don’t let the HEAT go out of your relationship!

 Use these awesome (and most popular) ideas from September of 2012  to “fall” Deeper in love with your spouse!  Date night here we come!!! Oh… and there’s lots of FREE printables included…

Let’s FLASHBACK to September 2012…

cami-fall deeper in love-pinterest

Ready for some GREAT ideas?

(Just click on the title of each idea to get to the featured idea.)

 Pillow Talk


When the weather cools off, it’s just more of an excuse to cuddle with my hubby.   One of my favorite things is to snuggle up next to him when I am cold (I call him my second blanket, he is ALWAYS warmer than me :)), and we talk.  How great would it be to have questions already written out that I can ask him?!  Oh WAIT…that’s exactly what this darling printable is- questions to ask each other to get to know your spouse that much better!  Print off this FREE printable and prepare for an amazing night!



Let’s be honest…who can beat a flirty printable, a yummy meal, and happy husband… and all for only $5?  Um, no one!  Cute Diva Becca made this amazing printable for a special night with her and the hubbs.  All you have to do is print off this cute printable, deliver this to your hubby’s work (or leave him to find it when he comes home), and have a night for just the two of you.  Perfect!

Great Expectations

Candice-Great Expectations-Pinterest

For some reason, my mom (who has 9 children LOL) told me that fall is the perfect season to start thinking of having a baby (maybe that’s why she has had 4 of us in the summer… {WINK!}). LOL!  For those of you who are preggo, thinking about getting pregnant, OR going to start trying this is a PERFECT date for you.  Sit down with your significant other and write your hopes and dreams for your future children.  Your kids will thank you one day!

Making Music


Love music? Great!  This date has 6 different games to play for an amazingly fun group date night.  There are also FREE printables included to help make your night a total success!  Once everyone has gone, make sure to end the night by serenading your spouse with a romantic song while slow dancing together.  Romantic? Yes, indeed!

DIY Anniversary Gift

Erika - Anniversary Gift DIY PINTEREST

Surprise your spouse with a simple, frugal, and heart felt gift just perfect for fall!  Follow this step by step process to create an awesome gift for your spouse to tell him/her your heart is wherever he/she is.

Walmart Bingo


Wal-Mart is definitely a place that is full of adventure and fun (at least when I go shopping with my 4 kids! LOL).  Why not make it a fun place for a great date night? Cute Diva Becca made a fantastic, FREE printable for you and the hubbs to take on your date night.  Just print out this printable bingo card and get ready for some great competition.  Oh, and  even better- put a friendly wager on the table to really get in the competitive spirit!

Color Code Date

Sarina-Color Code - pinterest

You’ve all heard of the color code right?  Noooo, I am not talking about your wardrobe…I am talking about your personality!  Author Taylor Harman wrote a book about how everyone fits into 1 of 4 different personalities (he even has a quiz to see what yours is!).  Each personality has certain traits and characteristics that make a person who they are.  Once you have figured your ‘color code’ out, you can see what makes you tick.  What’s even better is finding out your spouse’s ‘color code’ so you will know the reasons he/she does things a certain way.  What an awesome tool to have to help your relationship grow even more.  Oh, and Diva Sarina even included a cute, FREE printable to invite your spouse to this fun, colorful date.  Make sure to click on this date to really get to know your spouse!

Create Your Own Storybook


Everyone has a story about how you met your spouse.  I LOVE hearing my husband tell the story (partly because he tells a different version every time :)).  This post allows you to create your story and make it into a book to give to your spouse.  How special is that?! I can’t wait to be able to do this for my hubby.  There’s even a FREE printable card to go along with it! Fantastic!

Love’s Laboratory

Candice-Love Laboratory-Pinterest3

Oh my goodness!  This is the cutest date ever!  This date explores the fun of science by doing great science experiments.  How awesome is that?  Cute Diva Candice made this awesome invite to the date, and then she and her hubby got in their science groove!  The had fun exploding things out of bottles, creating invisible  messages to each other, and more!  Be sure to have fun and create your own Love’s Laboratory.


Date Long Distance Style

cami-date long distance style-pinterest

And as a bonus, for those of you who might have to spend time away from each other this fall, have fun dating your spouse via Skype!  Just because you are away doesn’t mean you can’t date.  In this date you will find an invite to send to your spouse via email, fun games, and of course treats!  So, don’t let the miles stop you from dating…have fun no matter where you are!

With all these fabulous ideas, which are you going to do first?  There are SO many to choose from.

Don’t have time to pick now?  No worries, just PIN it all and come back to enjoy later!  Have a great fall everybody!


I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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