101 Creative Halloween Costumes

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Awesome Halloween Costumes for any Age

Oh my goodness!  Aren’t you just SO excited that Halloween is just around the corner?  In my family, we LOVE Halloween.  My kids love getting FREE candy (of course!) but our favorite thing is to DRESS up!

Sometimes picking the best costume is the hardest, and that’s why I have rounded up…

Over 100 Creative Halloween Costumes!

Just wait til you see allllll the fantastic costumes to help pick the best costume for you and/or your family!

101 creative halloween costumes

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You want to know what is even more exciting?!  Most of these creative Halloween costume ideas are DIY costumes!  Yep, that’s right, you can save money and still have a great Halloween!  Wahoo!  I have even split them up into categories for easy navigating.  Below you will find…

  • 20 Halloween Costumes for Couples
  • 14 Maternity Halloween Costumes
  • 25 Cute Halloween Costumes for Babies
  • 22 Fun Halloween Costumes for Kids
  • 20 Halloween Costumes for Families


Halloween Costumes for Couples

If you are like me and love to dress up with your spouse, but sometimes have a hard time finding the perfect costumes, then this list is for YOU!

20 great halloween costumes for couples

super creative halloween costumes for couples1

1- Snow White and a Poison Apple by Katierainesblog.comI love that this costume idea is a spin-off of the normal Snow White and a Prince and instead does Snow White and a Poison Apple – who wouldn’t thought?!

2- Taco Belle by Katierainesblog.comTaco Bell isn’t just a great restaurant, now it’s a fantastically creative Halloween costume!

3- Mr. and Mrs. Pacman by Julie Ann ArtI grew up playing Pacman as a kid – and now I can actually BE Mrs. Pacman and my hubby Mr. Pacman.  What makes this the best is that I can MAKE this creative Halloween costume!  Yay! 

4- Tooth and Fairy by Julie Ann ArtUm, seriously?!!! This is just too cute…instead of being a Tooth Fairy – you can be a pretty fairy while your spouse is the tooth!  So creative!

5- Struck by Lightning by Julie Ann ArtI absolutely love this creative Halloween costume.  I think the ‘burnt’ hair and clothes really MAKE this costume.  

6- Alice and the White Rabbit by Keiko LynnThere are tons of Alice in Wonderland costumes out there, but if your spouse allows you to turn him into an adorable white rabbit, then this one takes the cake!

7- Mary Poppins and Bert by Keiko LynnMary Poppins is a classic – go a little ‘retro’ with this awesome costume idea for you and your spouse.

8- Homer and Marge Simpson by Costume WorksWow, if these costumes don’t win most creative at a party – I don’t know what would! I just love the look on Homer’s face!  Classic!

super creative halloween costumes for couples2

9- Doritos by Brit & CoI have to admit that I have NEVER thought of dressing up as a famous snack.  Doritos are to die for, so why not dress up like them.  Yummy!

10- Popeye and Olive by Brit & CoPopeye and Olive have been around for years, but maybe not looking THIS cute!

11- John Lennon and Yoko Ono by Brit & CoWhy not try these ‘rockers’  on for size?!!!! John Lennon and Yoko Ono are a guaranteed show stopper with these Halloween costumes.

12- Bettlejuice Couple by Brit & Co: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…this is probably the most quoted line from the movie, but I don’t think this monster couple from the movie is anywhere close to what you need!

13- Legos by Brit & CoWho would have thought that life-sized Legos would make such an amazingly creative Halloween costume?! 

14- 3D Viewmaster and Sidereel by Costume WorksKids these days wouldn’t even know HOW to use one of these fun machines.  Try this fun costume to be the hit of Halloween!

15- Trophies by Costume WorksWho knew that your old trophies would be inspiration to some amazing Halloween costumes!

16- Rapunzel and Flynn Rider by Costume WorksI love the new Disney movie – Tangled – and these Halloween costumes are just as great! 

super creative halloween costumes for couples3

17- Bob Ross and Mona Lisa by Costume WorksBob Ross was awesome to watch on tv.  Why not let his name live on by dressing up in this creative couple’s costume?!

 18- Shrek and Fiona by Costume WorksShrek and Fiona are becoming classic Halloween couple’s costumes, but just look at them – why wouldn’t they be adored?

19- Roller Coaster Ride by Costume WorksOh my goodness!!! When I first found this costume I literally LAUGHED-OUT-LOUD!  It is just awesome!  This gives a new meaning to the saying “stuck like glue”  :-D! 

20- Bert and Ernie by CosmopolitanBert and Ernie might not be your idea of a ‘normal’ Halloween couple’s costume, but who said anything about wanting to be ‘normal’?!

Maternity Halloween Costumes

I think that maternity costumes can sometimes be the most fun, but I guess it depends on who you are asking!

14 wonderful maternity halloween costumes

awesome maternity costumes1

 21- Sun, Constellation, and Galileo by Really Awesome CostumesOh my goodness, this costume is to die for, especially since the hubby joins in.  Kuddos to him!

22- Magic 8 Ball by Really Awesome CostumesGrowing up, Magic 8 balls were the best!  Why not just turn your baby belly into one? Genius.

23- Bump in the Road by Really Awesome CostumesCreate your baby bump into this construction hazard.  Too cute!

24- Humpty Dumpty by Really Awesome CostumesHumpty Dumpty is no longer a great nursery rhyme, it is now one of the most creative DIY Halloween costumes!

25- Farmer and Cow by Really Awesome CostumesOh, this Halloween costume is just to die for!  What a creative way to show off your baby bump.  

26- Skeleton by Really Awesome CostumesThis fun skeleton costume really makes you take a second look to make sure you really see the baby skeleton in there!

27- Momma Bird in a Nest by Costume WorksOh my goodness…this seriously has to be one of the most creative maternity costume I have ever seen.  This is just AWESOME!

28- Cat Eats Fishy by Coolest Homemade CostumesThis costume has a bit of a humor and a lot of creativity!

awesome maternity costumes2

29- Mike Wazowski by Coolest Homemade CostumesI really like the whole story of Monsters, Inc. and this costume really uses Mike Wazowski’s one eye to the fullest!

30- Pregnant Basketball Player by Coolest Homemade CostumesYou gotta give a little attitude with this costume – since you are literally carrying the ‘ball’!

31- Day of the Dead by Coolest Homemade CostumesIf you are talented with make-up then this is the costume for you!  Transform your little one into a character so he/she can really come to life!

32- Pregnant Zombie by Coolest Homemade CostumesThis costume will really creep people out as they try to figure out what is crawling out of your belly!

33- Danger, Curves Ahead by Coolest Homemade CostumesTransform yourself into a road sign that will make everyone smile because of it’s awesome creativity!

34- Pot o’ Gold by Huffington Post via Coolest Homemade CostumesYour belly is on the ‘other side of the rainbow’ or wait…is that a pot o’gold?! 

Cute Halloween Costumes for Babies

I LOVE dressing my babies up for Halloween.  Here are the top 21 cutest and most creative Halloween costumes for babies.

25 cute halloween costumes for babies

adorable halloween costumes for babies1

35- Cabbage Patch Doll by Costume WorksI grew up playing with cabbage patch dolls, so to turn my baby into one would bring back lots of memories!

36- Baby Duck by Costume WorksThis Halloween costume just makes me want to squeeze this cute baby!  Adorable!

37- Baby Grandma by Costume WorksWow, what a creative and fun costume – turning your baby into a grandma.  Hilarious!

38- Mr. Peanut by Costume Works:This little baby is just too squeezable in this Mr. Peanut costume.

39- Momma’s Prisoner by Costume WorksThis is a fun way to turn your little loved one into an ‘inmate’.  Lol!

40- Raggedy Ann by Costume WorksRaggedy Ann is such a cute way to dress up your precious girl.

41- Stay Puft Marshmallow by Costume WorksAs if baby rolls weren’t scrumptious enough…now you add in a puffy marshmallow Halloween costume and your baby will be irresistible.  

42- Syndrome by Costume Work by Costume WorksSpike up your hair to transform your baby into an adorable villian!

cutest halloween costumes for babies2

43- Mouse Trap by Costume WorksWowzers…what a creative and fun Halloween costume this makes!

44- Baby Nerd by Costume WorksThis costume is just precious and could fit any baby!

45- Hershey Kiss by Costume WorksWrap your sweet little one into this delicious Halloween costume.

46- Boo from Monsters Inc. by Costume WorksAs if your little one wasn’t cute enough – add this cosutme and they were be out of this world!

47- Little Owl by Costume Works: Your baby will be a ‘hoot’ in this cute costume.

48- Thing 1 & Thing 2 by Costume WorksOh these creative costumes are perfect for twins or siblings.

fantastic baby halloween costumes3

49- Super Mario by Costume WorksYour little one will be a true hero in this costume.

50- Jimi Hendrix by Costume WorksIf your little one loves music, then this rocker costume is just for him!

51- Hobbit by Costume WorksTurn your little guy into a precious character from a book and movie.

52- Gizmo by Costume WorksIf your baby is a bit of a rascal then this adorable costume is just for him/her.

53- Potato Sack by Costume WorksWhat an awesome DIY costume idea – guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

54- Chik-fil-a Cow by Costume Works: Moooooo”ve over chicken, because here comes an adorable cow!

super cute baby halloween costumes4

55- Baby in an iPhone by How Wee LearnThis costume is perfect for babies that aren’t quite big enough to walk yet!

56- Baby Octopus by How Wee LearnWith this DIY Halloween costume, you will transform your little one into a world of cuteness.

57- Baby Clark Kent by How Wee LearnOh my goodness…aren’t those glasses to die for.  What a fabulous costume for your little guy.

58- Baby Scuba Diver by How Wee LearnWhat a fun & easy DIY costume – black onesie- a little box for scuba gear, and a cute baby is what is needed for this cute costume! 

59- Charlie Brown by BuzzFeedThis costume is perfect for babies that are chubby and without hair  ;-).

Kids Halloween Costumes

Search through these kids Halloween costumes to find a great one for any aged child.

22 fun kid halloween costumes

fun kid halloween costumes1
60- Batman and Robin by Costume Works: Usually when you think of Batman and Robin you think of boys, but here is a cute girl version of each costume.  They are just adorable!

61- French Fries and Ketchup by Costume WorksMmmm, my tummy says yum, but my eyes say YES!  These are adorable costumes.

62- Oscar the Grouch by Costume WorksLet your child have fun with this fun costume.

63- Mater by Costume WorksMater is just awesome and this Mater costume doesn’t disappoint!

64- Willy Wonka by Costume Works: Put your little guy in this fantastic Willy Wonka costume and see if he can win you over with his charm.

65- Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf by Costume WorksThese 2 costumes are just perfect for siblings of any ages.

66- Crazy Cat Lady by Costume WorksThis is just down-right hilarious!  What I love about this costume is that I can do it myself and won’t loose its charm!

67- Audrey Hepburn by Costume WorksIf you have a little diva, then this costume is perfect for her.

creative kid halloween costumes

68- Laundry Basket by Costume WorksThis is another costume that is just to die over with laughter.  This is definitely for the child with a sense of humor!

69- Robin Hood by Costume WorksOh my goodness, every little boy would look amazing in this handsome Halloween costume.

70- Little Chicken by Costume Works: Dress your little one up in this fun Halloween costume and be the source of oooo’s and aaaahhhh’s.

71- Big Bad Wolf by Costume WorksThis costume is just fantastic with all it’s realistic parts!

72- Carl from Up by How Wee LearnWhat little boy wouldn’t want to dress up like an old man and have tons of balloons to walk around with? I know my boys would!

73- Chanel Bag by BuzzFeedIf your little girl is into fashion then this is the costume for her.

74- Cruella De Vil by BuzzFeedI just have to give a shout out to the little girl in the picture.  She is a perfect Cruella De Vil. I bet your daughter can pull it off too!

75- Alice in WonderlandI love the part in this story when Alice grows big and this costume shows that off perfectly.

awesome halloween costumes for kids

76- Mister Rogers by BuzzFeedOh my goodness!  This is to die for!  What a handsome little guy your man will be in this costume.

77- Cotton Candy by BuzzFeedSweet tooth? This costume will have your mouth watering all night long.

78- Russell from Up by BuzzFeedThis list wouldn’t be complete without Carl’s second-hand man Russell!

79- E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by BuzzFeedThis costume bring back so many memories growing up.  This is a great costume for any little boy.

80- Toy Soldier by BuzzFeedNow this dad has talent!  I can’t believe how realistic this costume is.  Your son will be a hit if you can duplicate this!

81- A Pinata by BuzzFeedThis costume is just too cute.  Just remember that is your child in there, not a box full of candy.  LOL.

Fun Family Halloween Costumes

If you are like our family, then we ALL like to get dressed up.  This list will get your creative juices flowing for your perfect family Halloween costumes.

20 family halloween costumes

fun family halloween costumes

82- Harry Potter and Dobby by Costume WorksThis mom looks precious with her little one in this duo costume.

83- M&M Family by Costume WorksThese DIY costumes are perfect for the whole family!

84- Slurpee by BuzzFeedMy husband and I just laughed at these super creative costumes and we really want to duplicate these for our 4 kids! Slurpee anyone?

85- Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken by BuzzFeedChicken anyone? LOL – have your kids dress up in these costumes and everyone will notice their creative Halloween costumes.

86- African Safari by Marshalls AbroadWhat a fun family adventure these costumes are!

87- Wizard of Oz by Brave in LoveThere isn’t a shortage of characters in this story.  All your family members can play a part in your own Wizard of Oz.

88- Aviators by BabbleThis creative Halloween costume is great for a mother/son duo.

89- Popcorn and Concessions by BabbleWhat a handsome couple these two make in their yummy costume.

creative family halloween costumes

90- Rocket, Stars and Astronaut by BabbleOh, this is just an adorable costume for the whole family.

91- Spider and Web by BabbleHow fun to have a mom/baby partnered costume – you definitely can’t have one without the other.  

92- Milk and Cookies by BabbleYou will make everyone jealous in these delicious looking costumes!

93- Football Fans by BabbleNo matter their ages, they can become football fans – and you can join them with your favorite team’s jersey too!

94- Ice Cream Cones by BabbleThese costumes are one-of-a-kind.  I just hope the ice cream doesn’t melt during trick or treating.  Just kidding!

95- Three Blind Mice by BabbleIf your kids are close in age, then this will be a perfect Halloween costume for your family!

96- Toy Story by BabbleGet the whole family involved with this theme of Halloween costumes.

97- Up Movie Characters by Tall Mom, Tiny BabyThese costumes are super fun and super creative – a fabulous combination!

fantastic family halloween costumes

98- Superhero Family by Tall Mom, Tiny BabyChannel your inner Superhero when your family dresses up in these characters.

99- Harry Potter Family by Tall Mom, Tiny BabyHarry Potter is a must to make Halloween complete!

100- Star Wars Family by Tall Mom, Tiny BabyThese costumes are perfect for the Star Wars loving family

101- Beekeeper, Beehive and Bee by JaMonkeyThese creative Halloween costumes are just not complete without the others.  Awesome!

Phew!  Did you make it through all those AMAZING Halloween costumes and picked your favorite?!  If you are like me, you have narrowed it down but still need to pick between a few.  {WINK}

If you are still wanting some more ideas, be sure to check out these 87 couple costume ideas, or have fun with these 50 fun Halloween foods!

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