Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Besides Toys

The kids’ excitement for the holiday season is so contagious! I love seeing their faces light up as they watch Christmas movies, see all the decorated houses and even open meaningful Christmas gifts. Speaking of gifts, it is the season of giving but sometimes we can get a little carried away and the kiddos end up with stacks of toys so huge that they couldn’t possibly play with them all. But just because you don’t want to add to their toy collection doesn’t mean you can’t get your kiddos gifts they’ll enjoy.

If you’re not a parent— we’re looking at you grandparents, godparents, aunties, and uncles—just know that the parents of the kids you’re buying for will seriously love you for choosing something off this list that includes a lot of non-toy Christmas gifts for kids!

Best Christmas gifts for kids including tons of non toy gift options! #ChristmasGiftsForKids #TheDatingDivas

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To help you make Christmas extra special this year, without inundating your home and playroom with a truckload of toys, we gathered a list of the best Christmas gift ideas for kids that do not include toys!

Christmas Gift Ideas

We love the idea of giving kids something to read, something they want, something they need,  something to wear, and something to do. It’s a great way to make sure everyone gets a fair share and a little variety! {HINT: You can even grab some adorable tags to go with these categories! They’re all over Pinterest!} So, we divvied up our 101 great ideas for non-toy Christmas gifts into these five categories.

Get ready for some serious Christmas shopping motivation:

Christmas Gifts for Kids to Read

A kid can never have enough to read and it doesn’t have to be a book, we’ve got some creative ideas to help you think inside AND outside the book.

Christmas Gifts for Kids to Read

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids to Read

1. Magazine SubscriptionWe love that this is one of those Christmas gifts that keeps on giving month after month! Plus, everyone loves snail mail!

2. CookbookA fun gift option for kids who love to help out in the kitchen.

3. JournalA helpful way to keep track of memories, feelings, and thoughts and get your kids to practice expressing themselves through writing. This is such and amazing Christmas gift idea!

4. Devotional BookDaily thoughts and inspirations that are perfect for kids to use to strengthen their religious resolve.

5. An Uplifting BookA book all about all the beautiful things you see in your child. Such a sweet reminder!

6. Christmas BooksHow fun would it be to wrap up individual books as a countdown to Christmas?! A present each night followed by family time to read it! We love adding a new book to our Christmas collection every year as a Christmas gift.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

7. Kids’ Sticky NotesYour little ones deserve a lot of lovin’ and these printable Kids’ Sticky Notes make that extra easy and totally fun!

8. “What I Love About Being Your Mom” JournalSimply fill in the blanks and you have a totally personalized and meaningful gift idea that will make your child feel like a million bucks! This is something they will read again and again.

9. Open When Letters for KidsThis collection of Open When Letters for Kids gives you the chance to write heartfelt messages to encourage, console, celebrate and offer advice to your kiddos at the moment they need it the most!

10. Letters To My SonThis keepsake book of twelve prompted letters offers parents a unique way to send love, support, and advice to a son of any age. Once filled out, sealed, and postdated, these letters will become a personalized gift that he’ll treasure for years to come.

11. Letters To My DaughterAnd, of course, there’s a version for daughters too. Kids seem to grow up in the blink of an eye, and we just love that this keepsake book creates a time-capsule sort of souvenir. With a gift like this, your daughter will always know just how much she is loved.

12. Book Subscription BoxIf you get tired of reading the same book to your kids over and over again, then this is the perfect solution. Get new books every month!

Non-Toy Christmas Gifts Kids Need

Kids and parents will be grateful to get some gifts they need {that are still tons of fun}! These are such unique Christmas gift ideas and they should definitely get you started on making your Christmas shopping list.

Christmas Gifts Kids Need

Christmas Gift Ideas Kids Need

13. School Re-SupplyChristmas is like a mid-school year break so it’s the perfect time to give a supply of new pencils, folders, and markers. You can make it a fun gift by creating a scavenger hunt like this one!

14. BackpackThese are not just for school. Backpacks are great for travel and adventures, too!

15. Sleeping BagGreat for family camping trips, sleepovers with friends or grandparents, or even just movie nights at home! A sleeping bag is such a fun Christmas gift!

16. Piggy BankHelp them start saving and making good financial decisions with a clever piggy bank.

17. ToothbrushGet them excited about brushing with fun, new toothbrushes!

18. CalendarFind a calendar that fits their personality and you’ll make them happy throughout the whole next year!

19. FlashlightKids at any age love to light their way. For older kids, you could even pair up a flashlight with a great book and encourage them to read in the dark!

20. Shark Tail BlanketGotta keep those little piglets cozy! There’s also a mermaid version!


21. UmbrellaNext time it rains, let them dance in the rain!

22. WaterbottleSuch a great alternative to finding cups all. over. the. house. Give them their own water bottle and keep them hydrated without adding to extra dirty dishes. Ah! We totally love this Christmas gift because its so practical, but the kids will just love having their own water bottle!

23. Growth ChartHelp them track their height as the years progress—plus, it’s adorable room decor!

24. Beach TowelsJust because it’s not summer doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to unwrap an awesome beach towel and dream of the tropics.

25. Education FundsIt’s hard to just give kids money, but there are some fun ways to do it and you’ll feel great if you encourage them to put it in an education fund like a 529. Plus check out all those other fun ways to gift money.

26. Name Labels (ModishCC)Practical and cute, help them make sure they never lose their jacket at school again!

27. Personalized Step StoolAll kids love getting personalized gifts and this one is so useful for little ones.

28. Alarm ClockA fun clock to make the back to school mornings a little bit brighter. Another practical Christmas gift idea that will help kids be more indepent.

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids Needs

29. BookcaseThey can add some of their new reading material to an easy to access and unique, sling bookcase.

30. ToolsIt’s never too early to foster a love of craftsmanship.

31. Sports EquipmentInspire them to get outside and play! Grab them some colorful cones or anything they might need to be successful in their favorite sport!

32. Luggage TagsKeep their bags straight with customized luggage tags that fit their personalities.

33. Flash CardsIf your kiddo needs a little confidence boost or even just loves to learn, find them some age appropriate flashcards to practice and hone their skills.

34. Fun LuggageGet those kiddos even MORE excited for your next vacation!

35. Night LightThis fun starry night projection light will have them racing to the bedroom at night.

36. Emoji ErasersThey’ll be the envy of their classmates with emoji erasers! Pair these adorable erasers with some personalized pencils. They’ll never lose a pencil again!

Christmas Gifts Kids Want

Just because you don’t want to get them toys, doesn’t mean they can’t really want the gift, too! We’ve scattered a few really great toy Christmas gift ideas, but we’ve kept it mostly non-toy gift ideas because let’s be real, kids don’t really need too many toys!

Christmas Gifts Kids Want

Best Christmas Gifts Kids Want

37. Wooden Name LettersHelp them spruce up their room with fun letters that spell their own name. This is an adorable Christmas gift idea.

38. Year of Kid DatesThis is a year full of dates with you and those sweet kiddos! They will look forward to each and every date!

39. Personalized Wooden Name PuzzleA puzzle where the pieces are the letters to their own name! Perfect for learning letters and how to spell their name.

40. Music TableAllow your kiddo to create masterpieces with this table that includes 6 different instruments.

41. Wooden Food Cutting SetWooden food pieces that are held together with velcro allowing your kiddo to “cut” them apart with a wooden knife. Great learning toy with matching up, counting, and colors!

42. Stuffed Animal Bean Bag ChairKids love a special place to sit and moms love a clean toy room! This bean bag chair is made by you stuffing it with stuffed animals! And check out those reviews!

43. WalletWanna teach them a little financial responsibility? Add a few dollars to a new purse or wallet.

44. HeadphonesFor everything from listening to music around the house to watching movies in the car. Headphones are another super practical gift idea that will get a lot of use.

Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas

45. Construction Worker Dress-UpSo fun and lets your kiddo get creative with their imaginative play!

46. Balance BikeHelp build your little one’s confidence and teach them to glide on this fun bike!

47. CD Kids of all ages love music. If they don’t have a favorite artist, the Kidz Bop CD’s are fun mixes.

48. Fun Gift CardGrab a small value gift card from their favorite place to get a milkshake or other treat. It’s another great stocking stuffer option!

49. Dry Erase Board and MarkersLet your kid’s creative side free! Dry erase boards are fun for road trips, too!

50. Baby DollThis baby doll will get your little one’s imagination soaring as they care for their sweet little babe!

51. Pocket KnifeThink carefully about your child’s maturity level before giving this as a Christmas gift, but if you think they can handle it this gift is sure to get any outdoorsy kiddo excited.

52. Wall ArtGive the gift of inspiration and let them see it every day!

Fun Christmas Gifts Kids Want

53. Lego KitThis fun kit lets your kiddo build all sorts of things and works on fine motor skills as they connect the pieces.

54. MagnetsEducational and fun, magnets are a such a fascinating Christmas gift.

55. BinocularsFor the adventurer and nature explorer in every kid.

56. StickersWho doesn’t love stickers?! Seriously, these can keep kids entertained for a long time!

57. Bubble Bath PodsBubble beards and bubble hats will become regulars at bath time when you don’t have to worry about putting in too much bubble bath and overflowing the tub.

58. Wooden Car trackDarling wooden race cars zoom down a track, making a cool sound as they go down, and allow for hours of entertainment, PERFECT!

59. Bath Color TabletsMake baths even more fun with brightly colored water.

60. Bird FeederEncourage the nature-lover in your child and let them awe at the different birds that appear outside your window. Plus they will be able to paint it and decorate it just how they choose!

Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids

61. MagnaTilesThe building options are endless with these magnetic shapes!

62. Life-Sized Stuffed DogA furry friend that your kiddo will LOVE to cuddle up next to!

63. Princess Dress-UpsI loved playing dress up as a little girl! Some of my fondest memories!

64. Pretend Make UpLet your little one get all dolled up with this pretend make up!

65. Table and Chair SetHow cute is this small table and chairs! Perfect for eating, crafting, or homework after school!

66. Bug BoxGot a kid who loves to get their hands dirty? Let them catch fireflies, turn over rocks and dig up creatures to observe.

67. Stocking Stuffer KitThe ultimate list of ideas to help you decide on the little gifts from Santa. You’ll find a lot of fun Christmas gifts in this pack.

68. Chalkboard EaselThis easel will keep your little one’s creativity roaming!

Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Kids to Wear

Kids outgrow their clothes SO fast but most of these items will last much longer and they’re practical, too! Give a Christmas gift that they can use while playing in the snow or lounging around the house!

Christmas Gifts for Kids to Wear

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids to Wear

69. Leg WarmersThe BEST gift idea for crawling babies, but you can grab them in other sizes for older kids and they’ll look just as cute.

70. Winter HatThey’ll be so excited to stay warm with a cozy hat! After all, tis the season to get out and play in the snow.

71. Christmas PajamasGet ready for the cutest Christmas morning pictures EVER! These are perfect to add to a Christmas Eve Box!

72. SunglassesThese might not get much use right away, but they’ll be fun and functional once summer rolls around again and it’s good to be prepared.

73. Fox Hooded ScarfThey’ll never want to leave home without this cute, little fox wrapped around their neck!

74. MittensThe perfect wintertime gift for playing in the snow!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids to Wear

75. RobeAs kids, we loved wearing robes on Christmas morning, you just feel so snuggled up!

76. Cozy SlippersGotta keep those toes warm on Christmas morning, too!

77. WatchTeach them time management and make them feel a little more grown up with their very own digital watch.

78. SocksA bonus win for the parents, these socks with the kiddos’ names make laundry sorting easier!

79. Headbands (Little Highbury)These knotted headbands are absolutely precious and perfect for babies and toddlers, but girls of any age would love some accessories!

80. ShoelacesGet out of the house in a jiff—no need to tie shoes! We love these simple, colorful laces.

Non Toy Christmas Gifts for Kids

81. Nail PolishLots of little girls love to pretend they’re spending a day at the salon, they’ll love wearing these colors!

82. GogglesPair these up with #91 and head to an indoor pool for summertime fun in the winter!

83. ApronBonus alert! This one actually doubles as something to DO, too! Give the kids a day to take over the kitchen!!

84. Mommy and Me NecklacesGive your mini-me something to know you’re always close. These are especially perfect if you’ll be away from each other, whether she’s going to school or staying overnight with a friend.

85. Daddy and Son Pizza ShirtsThese shirts are hilarious and so cute! Little man will love being a slice of dad’s pizza!

86. Art SmockCreative kids can let their imaginations and paint brushes run wild without piling up their parent’s laundry.

Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Kids to Do

We love the idea of gifting unique and special experiences that will help you make memories. Kids love to be active and these gift ideas will keep them busy and provide quality family time!

Christmas Gifts for Kids To Do

Christmas Gifts for Kids Experiences

87. Zoo – Give your animal-loving kiddos tickets to a nearby zoo or petting farm. If you don’t want to be outside or wait for warmer weather, look for a unique, indoor zoo like an insect or reptile house.

88. Aquarium – Grab passes to a local aquarium and plan a visit! If you’re feeling especially generous, you could add a little spending money for the gift shop!

89. Amusement Park – For the biggest Christmas surprise, snag tickets to a local or destination amusement park.

90. Classes – Karate, piano, gymnastics… anything they love!

91. BowlingMake it a family night out. This is such a fun way to switch things up from the normal game!

92. Mini GolfThis ‘date’ is planned for couples, but the kids will love the challenges too!

93. Donation – To encourage a giving holiday season, donate to your favorite charity in their name and talk to them about the importance of caring for others.

94. Pool Pass – It might seem out of place at Christmas but it’s actually the perfect time to find an indoor pool and have tons of fun. You can usually get day passes OR you could make it really special and stay at a nearby hotel with an indoor pool.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids To Do

95. PuzzleGreat for building logic and reasoning as well as patience!

96. Subscription BoxA fun gift they’ll get to enjoy every month of the year. {Click HERE for a list of our favorite subscription gift ideas for kids!}

97. Science KitFoster a love and curiosity for science!

98. Adventure Kidz KitTime to trade SCREEN time for GREEN time! There’s no WiFi in the forest, but you’ll definitely find a better connection. Take this kit on a hike or even just out in the backyard.

99. StationeryTeach them to write meaningful letters to friends and family, plus spend some one-on-one time together.

100. Restaurant Gift CardChoose their favorite place to eat and give them some money to spend.

101. DIY Paint Your Own CeramicYou can always head to a Paint Your Pot store if you’ve got one near you, but why not DIY?!

102. Cookie CuttersThe family that bakes together stays together. Am I right?! Quality family time that equals delicious treats!

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids To Do

103. HikingWinter isn’t always the best time to go for a nature walk, but you can give them some gear to get them excited and head out the second the weather allows.

104. Backyard Movie NightChoose the warmest night you can and then turn this summer idea into a winter one by grabbing all the blankets in the house and cuddling up together. If you live in an area that’s just way too cold.

105. Arcade TokensSet them loose at the local arcade with tokens or quarters and a fun change purse.

106. Ice Cream for DinnerThe ultimate dream for any kid. Skip dinner and go straight for dessert!

107. Movie NightGive a gift card charged up and ready for a movie night out. They can use it to buy their own ticket plus snacks of their choosing.

108. PlaydatesSurprise them by setting up some indoor playdates with their closest friends! We’ve got plenty of ideas to create an awesome day!

109. MemoriesUse a Bucket List to keep track of what you want to do and then make some memories with your family.

110. Camping KitPlan a family campout! Wait until the weather gets warmer and use the camping kit OR have a Christmas Campout in the comfort of your own Christmas-y home!

Christmas Gift Experiences

111. Mom & Dad DatesMake quality time together an absolute TOP priority. Set a date and give them an invitation so they know what to look forward to!

112. Treat Bar NightSet up a night of make-your-own treats. You can do a Popcorn Bar, Ice Cream Sundae Bar, Cupcake Bar… the possibilities are endless! For Christmas, let them know about their treat bar night by giving an invitation or coupon!

113. Christmas Family NightGo on a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt, play a Christmas Scavenger Hunt or bake Christmas cookies or start a new Christmas tradition!

114. Rock Climbing – A fun and classic experience gift that your kids will love! This gift even helps kids learn some important life skills.

115. Road Trip – Give a Christmas gift that the whole family can enjoy and will help create memories for years to come. Trips are a gift that is absolutely timeless.

116. Family Adventure – Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience together!

On the hunt for more ways to make this Christmas memorable with your family? Try Santa’s Secret Service or some Elf on the Shelf Ideas OR get everyone totally in the holiday spirit with a Family Christmas Countdown or a Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown!

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  1. This is the most helpful Christmas gift list for kids I’ve ever read. I get so sick of the toys and junk. I was having a hard time coming up with ideas myself that I was actually excited about. I just pulled at least 20 ideas off this list for my 2 and 4 year olds. Now I just have to narrow it down before I start shopping. Thank you so much for the help! I think they’re going to have a great Christmas and I’ll be able to stick to the budget with ease.

  2. These are great ideas! I plan to do this for my girls. How do you think is best to wrap something like this? Do you go get all the gift cards and have them in cute boxes? Thanks!