145 Gift Ideas for New Moms

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Give her the gift that she REALLY wants!
Do you have a friend or sister expecting? Trying to decide what in the world to buy a new mom can be a difficult task. What do they actually need? What will they actually use? We have the answer right here for you, 145 of them actually!

145 Gifts for New Moms

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Polling all of our amazing Diva moms as well as friends and family we have the top 145 gifts for new moms all in one place! Every new mom is sure to appreciate any item off of this wonderful list!

  • 45 Favorite Children’s Books – Help start her children’s library the right way!
  • 15 Food Ideas to Take to New Moms – Do the cooking so that she can focus on her new family!
  • 20 Gift Baskets for New Moms – Pack all of the essentials into a nice basket gift!
  • 30 Gifts to Make for New Moms – Created and make with love straight from the heart!
  • 35 Gifts to Buy for New Moms – Favorite items from new moms that you can pick up today!

Are you ready to finally see all of these amazing items? Sit back, enjoy, and make sure that you bookmark and pin this post because you are going to want use this reference for years to come!!

Favorite Children's Books

45 Favorite Children’s Books

I have a not-so-secret passion for children’s books! Reading to your children is one of the best gifts that you can ever give them! Help the new mom on your list start her collection with these favorite children’s books!

1- Kids books every library needs

1: A Bad Case of Stripes– A story about being true to yourself and loving who you are.
2: Amelia Bedelia– Silly mixed up Amelia does EXACTLY what she is asked to do…sort of?!
3: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?– A children’s classic for sure Brown Bear, Brown Bear will be a favorite for years to come!
4: Are You My Mother?– A brand new baby bird goes in search of his mother after he hatches. Not sure what she looks like he asks all over “Are you my mother?”
5: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day– Poor Alexander has a pretty rough day of one bad thing after another.

2- books for every library

6: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom– A story of mischievous little alphabet letters going for a climb up the coconut tree!
7: Curious George– A classic for sure Curious George is an adorable monkey that you will fall in love with!
8: Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type– The cows on Farmer Browns farm love to type! But when they start making requests that Farmer Brown refuses to fulfill they go on strike!
9: Chrysanthemum– Sweet little Chrysanthemum has a beautiful name that she loves! That is until she goes to school and other kids make fun of her. Find how how she learns to love her name again.
10: Blueberries for Sal– Sal goes blueberry picking with her mother one day, after wondering off she stumbles upon a big surprise!

3- books for new moms

11: Giraffes Can’t Dance– A feel good story about being able to do anything you would like if you just try, Giraffes Can’t Dance is a cute book about a giraffe named Gerald and his dancing skills!
12: The Escape of Marvin the Ape– One day while the zookeeper wasn’t watching Marvin the ape slipped out! Follow his adventure in the big city!
13: Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox– Goldie Locks has chicken pox is a favorite at our house. A cute story that includes many story book favorites, this tale will be a new favorite!
14: Go Away, Big Green Monster!– Simple text with fun brightly colored pictures Go Away, Big Green Monster is one of my go to books to gift to new mothers!
15: Goodnight Moon– Always a favorite this sleepy tale should be in every nursery.

4 - top kids books

16: Good Dog, Carl– With little text this story of Carl the dog and baby becomes whatever you would like it to be!
17: Guess How Much I Love You– A tale of love, this book is a sweet addition to every home.
18:Harold and the Purple Crayon– Harold’s purple crayon takes him on a exciting adventure as he draws his way through his story!
19: Green Eggs and Ham– This classic by Dr. Seuss will always be a classic!
20: I Love You, Stinky Face– A story of love between a son and mother this cute story will leave a smile on your face!

5- best childrens books

21: How I Became a Pirate– Being a private seemed like a great adventure at first, follow along as Jeremy discovers the daily life of a pirate.
22: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie– A story of consequences this book follows a mouse and all that ensues if you simply give him a cookie.
23: Just Go to Bed– Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter stories are always great reads. Just Go To Bed doesn’t disappoint either as Little Critter does everything he can to delay bedtime.
24: Llama Llama Red Pajama– Little Llama isn’t excited about going to bed and just needs his Mama.
25: Corduroy– The department store adventures of little Corduroy bear should be found in every collection!

6- books that every new mom needs

26: Love You Forever– The love of a mom and son that will pull at your heart strings and leave a tear in your eye.
27: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!– Your possibilities are endless and your pathway ahead exciting, you will face bumps as the story says you will but the things that lie before you are amazing!
28: No, David!– Poor David has a hard time behaving!
29: Make Way for Ducklings– A story of a mom and dad duck trying to find the perfect place for their baby ducklings is a timeless classic every new mom needs in her collection.
30: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed– Mischievous little monkeys get into trouble jumping on the bed and Mama has to call the doctor!

7- books to gift new moms

31: The Foot Book– Feet, feet feet, oh how many feet you meet in this Dr. Seuss favorite!
32: The Going-To-Bed Book– A bedtime book by Sandra Boynton’s ‘The Going To Bed Book” needs to be in her collection!
33: Stellaluna– After being separated from her mom Stellaluna explores the world around her.
34: The Little Engine That Could– Perseverance and trying your best are great character traits taught inside this book.
35: The Little Boy Who Lost His Name – A special personalized story about her new addition!

8- favorite childrens books

36: The Kissing Hand– Scared to leave her mama, little raccoon is taught about the kissing hand and how his mama can always be with him.
37: Where the Wild Things Are– A story of imagination and exploration read along to find out about The Wild Things!
38: The Giving Tree– Shel Silverstein shares a story of true love in The Giving Tree.
39: The Napping House– The silly napping house is a very sleepy place that everyone should experience!
40: Little Blue Truck– Animal sounds abound in this fun story!

9- top books for every baby

41: The Little House– A sweet story of time and how things change, come along on the adventure of this little blue house!
42: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt– Going on a bear hunt, a fun family adventure!
43: Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon– Teaching your children to be proud of themselves and who they are, Molly Lou Melon will grab your heart with her quirkiness in no time!
44: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs– Ever wonder what the story would be like from the wolfs point of view? Read along with the wolf to see his thoughts on the famous story of the the little pigs!
45: The Very Hungry Caterpillar – This new little caterpillar is one hungry bug! Follow along see everything he eats to curb his hunger!

Food Ideas for New Moms

20 Gifts Baskets for New Moms

A gift basket is the perfect gift idea for new moms because you can pack in all of your favorite items and essential things that the new mom will need into one place!

13- gift baskets that every mom will love

61: After Labor Recovery – All of the essentials that she will need post delivery packed into a cute basket!
62: Happy BIRTHday Kit – A few things that will help her survive the BIRTHday with ease.
63: Baby Steps – Keep those new baby toes warm with this adorable baby steps basket.
64: Baby Library – Books, books, and more books! New moms will love this gift to help start their library!
65: Breast Feeding Snack Station – A whole basket dedicated to easy snacks while breast feeding – what a great idea!

14- gifts baskets for new moms

66: Mommy Survival Jar – A mini kit packed with essentials for the new mama!
67: Bringing Home Baby Kit – Freshly Picked and Love Taza have hit a home run with this to-die-for bringing home baby bundle.
68: Mama Wants & Mama Needs – Mama may want some fun things but there are also a few thing that Mama will need to survive those first days home! This gift provides her with both.
69: Date Night Basket for New Parents – You better believe that as a new parent, date night is even more essential! Help the new parents continue their date nights with this adorable date night in kit.
70: Mom Essentials Kit – A basket of goodness, she will thank you for this gift a million times over!

15- gift essentials for new moms

71: New Mom Snack Basket – Snacks on the go are essential for the new moms busy life!
72: Quick Change Set – Grab and go changing station! Such a fun idea!!
73: New Mommy Survival Kit – Pack away a few things for the mama that she will need in her first days home!
74: Mom Survival Stations – Three stations to help her ease into motherhood!
75: These are a Few of my Favorite {Baby} Things – Share some of your favorite things with the new mom!

16- handmade gifts for moms

76: Hospital Survival Kit – Surviving the hospital will be a breeze with this gift in hand!
77: Time for Baby – Depending on the time of day there are many new items that every mom needs to have on hand.
78: Splish Splash Baby Bath – Make the babies first bath at home as enjoyable as possible by gifting the new mom these staples!
79: Mommy Emergency Car Kit – Emergencies happen {think about major diaper blowouts!} gift this car kit to every new mama to have her stocked and ready for when they arise!
80: Up All Night – Late nights are inevitable, make them a little more enjoyable with this gift basket!

Homemade Gifts for New Moms

30 Homemade Gifts for New Moms

Homemade gifts really mean so much to a new mom. You are not only gifting her an item that she will need in this new phase of life but she will always know that you made it in love with her and her new bundle of joy in mind!

17- making a gift for new moms

81: 30 Minute Changing Pad – Quick tutorial for the perfect changing pad!
82: Crochet Baby Sandals – These will look adorable on the piggies of the new baby!
83: Babysitting Gift Certificate – Give a FREE gift that will mean the world to the new parents.
84: Baby Mitts – Keep those little fingers from scratching with these amazing baby mitts.
85: DIY Boy Ties – Help the little man strut in style with a fun new tie.

18- gifts from new moms

86: Bow Ties – Don’t forget a bowtie for the new mini man!
87: Twist Headband – Little ladies will look perfect in this DIY twist headband.
88: Barefoot Baby Sandals – No socks required! These barefoot sandals are adorable! The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you!
89: Carseat Canopy – Help her shade the new baby is style with a carseat canopy.
90: Baby Files & Organization – There are so many papers that come after having a new baby. Help her file them away in style with this easy DIY gift!

19- handmade gifts for every new mom

91: Cardigan Onseies – This cardigan onesie is sure to be a hit with the new mama on your list.
92: Easy Burp Rags – Burp rags are a must and these have got to be some of the cutest ones I have ever seen!
93: Closet Dividers – Help her organize all of the new baby’s clothes with these easy closet dividers.
94: DIY Heating Pack – She will be sore after giving birth! Help her ease those pains with this DIY heating pack. The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you!
95: Flower Headband – She will love this headband for her new little lady!

20- homemade gifts for new moms

96: Nursing Shawl – Make nursing in public a breeze with this beautiful nursing shawl.
97: Growth Chart – Track the growth of the new baby with this adorable growth chart!
98: Nursery Wall Art – A little reminder to enjoy every moment and embrace her new role as mommy!
99: Chalkboard Photo Prop – Help her record her ever-growing babe with this fun monthly photo prop.
100: Diaper Burp Cloths – Diaper burp cloths are a great DIY gift for every new mom in your life.

21- best gifts for new moms

101: Hooded Towel – I love hooded towels and this cute DIY version is the perfect gift for new moms!
102: Pacifier Pocket – Keep those pacifiers clean and away from extra germs in a pacifier pocket.
103: Knit Baby Hats – Bright and colorful with a cute flower to top it all off these hats will be a hit!
104: Pacifier Clips – Ever lost a pacifier? Those things seem to disappear all the time! Never lose another one again!
105: Cloth Diaper Gifts – If the new mama on your list is planning on cloth diapering these gifts need to be on her list!

22- top gifts for every mom

106: Boy Monthly Photo Onesies – Help her record the growth of her new baby boy in these monthly onesies!
107: Taggie Blanket – My little man loved his taggie blanket! This DIY version would make the perfect gift.
108: Nursery Decor – This sweet printable will be the perfect finishing touch to any nursery.
109: Girl Monthly Photo Onesies – Same idea as the boy onesies above, this girl version will look beautiful on her new little lady!
110: Simple Baby Leggings – Finish off any baby outfit of these comfy baby leggings!


35 Gifts to Purchase for New Moms

Pick up one of these essentials today to help any new mama get a hand of her new role stocked with the supplies that she will need!

23- gifts for new parents

111: Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets– These blankets are so soft and by far my most recommended baby blanket!
112: Boppy– This pillow is a life saver for new nursing mamas!
113: Bath Sling – Make baby’s first bath at home a breeze with a bath sling!
114: Comfy Robe – Don’t forget, mom needs a comfy option to wear when first home from the hospital!
115: Amazon Mom – Amazon mom is a special side of Amazon where you can order products on reorder that will come shipped to your house and you get discounts on them as well! {Think about how much a new mom would LOVE if you shipped her a pack of diapers every few weeks for the first months of baby’s life!}

24- best gifts to buy for new parents

116: Braun Thermometer – This quick ear thermometer will be a life saver when baby gets sick for the first time.
117: Breathable Bumper – A breathable baby bumper is a great option to help keep airflow in the crib but still keep little legs and arms from getting stuck.
118: Bouncer – Give mom’s arms a break for a few minutes with this adorable bouncer.
119: BumGenius Cloth Diapers – Cloth diapering? These diapers come highly recommended for new moms who plan on cloth diapering their bundles of joy.
120: Medela Breast Pump – Nursing moms, especially those returning to work, will need to have a pump.

25- gifts for new moms

121: Carter’s First Year Calendar – Quick and easy way of recording daily items, this Carter’s calendar is an great option!
122: Gas Relief Drops – Help troubled tummies and save mom from a late night trip to the store by supplying her with gas drops to have on hand.
123: Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – Give baby {and mom} the gift of sleep with this rock ‘n play sleeper.
124: ERGObaby Baby Carrier – Baby wearing is a gift to both mom and baby! Baby gets extra cuddles and mom gets her hands back to get a few things done!
125: Oball Gift Set – These toys are great for baby because they are easily held onto with little lands learning and exploring the world around them.

26- top gifts for every mom

126: Hyland’s Teething Tablets – Teething babies can be heart breaking to new moms as they see their little bundle in pain, add these teething tablets to your gift today!
127: My Quotable Kid – A gift that will not be used right away but for sure belongs on our top list – “My Quotable Kid” helps moms remember all of the funny things their munchkin says!
128: One Line a Day – Another quick option for recording daily things in the baby’s life, “One Line a Day” will be a gift new moms thank you for, for years to come!
129: Lansinoh Nursing Pads– Some gifts are just essentials, nursing pads are definitely one of them!
130: Ollie Swaddle – Swaddling a baby helps them feel secure and often times sleep a lot better as well!

27- the best gifts for every new mom

131: Lanolin – Help with the discomforts that sometimes come with nursing a new baby by gifting lanolin to every new mom.
132: Munchkin Snack Cups – These snack cups have a locking lid so that baby can enjoy their snack mess free!
133: NoseFrida – Seems weird I know, but I PROMISE this will be a life saver. Buy it…now!
134: Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag – I love that this diaper bag is hands free! The backpack option is so nice and allows you to still have both of your hands available!
135: Nursing Cover – Nursing is a learned skill, this cover will help any new mom feel covered up while learning the ropes!

28 - best gifts to buy for new moms

136: Nursing Reminder – It is hard to remember which side you are supposed to feed on next! This reminder attaches right onto mama’s bra to give her one less thing she has to remember!
137: Solly Baby Wrap – The Solly Baby Wrap is so light weight and soft! We love it!!
138: Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads – If mom is nursing she may experience soreness along with it. These Gel Pads help sooth her pains.
139: Stroller Clips – So many things come with new babies! These stroller clips will help her haul anything and everything she may need.
140: Sound Machine– Drown out extra noise to help baby sleep better with this sound machine.

29- top gifts for new parents

141: Tucks Pads – Another one of those essential gifts that she will thank you for. Enough said.
142: Zo-li Gum Massagers – Let baby bite on these to help with teething pain.
143: Carter’s White Onesies – Tons of cute baby clothes are great….but honestly if she has white onesies she will be set!
144: WubbaNub Pacifier – Help keep track of pacifiers while providing a cute cuddle buddy as well.
145: Wee Gallery Art Cards – Baby will love the contrast on these art cards!

Wow we made it! 145 great gift ideas for any and all new moms! She will love and appreciate any of these options…now the hard part is just deciding which ones to give her!

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