25 Fun Fireworks Pictures!

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AWESOME Firework Picture Ideas!

Using fireworks as an awesome light source for photographs is one of the most unique and beautiful ways to make a lasting picture! Take a romantic couple’s picture, a picture of the kiddos, or just get creative with the fireworks alone! We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to try your hand at taking some SUPER fun fireworks pictures! Don’t love fireworks?? We are about to completely change your mind!

25 Fun Firework Pictures for Special Events
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The 4th of July, New Years, weddings and so many other special celebrations call for fireworks! Join the celebration and capture some beautiful memories!! There’s a few different types of pictures you can try…
We’ve get them all grouped up for you to check out:

  • Cool Firework Effects
  • Light up the Sky
  • Firework Silhouettes
  • Fun with Sparklers

So let’s jump right in, shall we?!

Cool Firework Effects

Learn a little more about your camera to capture some really cool firework effects!

Cool Firework Effects

1. Blurred Fireworks {TorBang Photography}: Use manual focus to achieve a completely blurred image that’s FULL of color!

2. Black and White {Megan Kelly}Even though fireworks are known for being full of color, there’s something so special and beautiful about a black and white!

3. Multiple Blurred Fireworks – Achieve Bokeh {Megan Kelly}Bokeh is the blurred/distorted part of an image which is not in focus. Time it just right so that your image is FULL of colorful bokeh from lots of fireworks at once!

4. Shaped Blurs {Maks Snaps}Learn how to use a homemade lens filter to create beautiful shapes with the light!

5. Light Trails {John Davenport PhoGrow}: Once again, set a super slow shutter speed {you might want a tripod for one like this} and great awesome light trails!

6. Over the Neighborhood {Keele Photography}This is a great way to capture some memories of your sweet home!

Light up the Sky

Let’s talk about exposing your picture for the foreground to make the subject pop!

Light up the Sky with Fireworks

7. On the Ground {Rowell Photo}: Set off your fireworks and stand right in front for a bright picture! Don’t stand too close!

8. Smooch in Front {LKC Studios}: To achieve this look, this time focus on your foreground {the couple} and make sure your flash will fire!

9. Add a Dip {Rowell Photo}This is a fun and romantic pose!

10. Spotlight {AMA By Aisha}: Highlight the couple by adding a little spotlight!

11. Depth of Field {Rowell Photo}: Focus on the people in your picture and the fireworks will blur a little in the background.

12. Vantage Point: Get down low and capture your subject and the fireworks from below. {Stock Photo}

Firework Silhouettes

Something fun that fireworks allow you to do is expose your picture for the background to make a silhouette.

Firework Silhouettes

13. Capture the Kiddos {Maks Snaps}Get all your littles heads from behind. This is such a perfect memory!

14. Silhouette Couple {Rowell Photo}: I love this gorgeous pose!

15. Over the Water {Rowell Photo}: If you’re lucky enough to watch fireworks by a lake, this is such a romantic picture!

16. Capture a BIG Group {AMA Photography}: Get the excitement on film!

17. Silhouette Smooch: To achieve this look simply point the camera’s light meter at the fireworks so that the settings are adjusted for a bright photo, causing the foreground to be a silhouette! Add a romantic kiss and you’ve got yourself the PERFECT fireworks smooch! {Stock Photo}

Fun with Sparklers

Fun with Sparklers

18. Focus on Sparklers: Make the light the center of focus, and it’s even more fun with friends! {Stock Photo}

19. Black and White {Tara Carson}: Again, focus on the sparklers… add a kiss if you want and then make it black and white!

20. Create a Swirl With Sparklers {Clinton James Photography}: Magical, huh? Ready. Set. Swirl!

21. Smooch in the Background {Sparklers Online}: This abstract picture is full of light and romance! You don’t have to be getting married to make this one a winner!

22. Framed Couple {Catch-Light Photography}: You don’t have to be getting married to make this picture! Just use the same tips as above and bring your love along!

23. Incorporate Our Nation’s Flag {Joyful Reflections Photography}: What is the 4th of July without our beautiful flag?! Make it even more patriotic by incorporating the stars and stripes!

24. Sparklers Up Close: This is such a simple, charming and fun picture! Grab your sweetie and some sparklers and voila! {Stock Photo}

25. Spelling with Sparklers {MacDonald Jones Photography}: Using a slow shutter speed {only possible with manual cameras} you can spell out fun words with your sparklers!

There ya have it! Getting your very own ‘artsy’ fireworks photos has NEVER been easier! And for some more awesome photography tips and tricks, check out this post for photographing your summer memories, or this post for getting TONS of ideas on taking awesome couple’s pictures!
And if you’re getting ready for the 4th of July, check out this adorable DIY 4th of July banner and these free printable 4th of July badges and hats!



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