50 Best April Fool’s Pranks!

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BEST April Fool’s Pranks Ideas!

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We have scoured the Internet and done ALL the work for you!
Your PERFECT April Fool’s Day prank is RIGHT HERE!
{and don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul what you’re plotting! ;-)}

Here’s what we’ve included for you:

  • Food pranks for the family
  • Quick and easy pranks everyone will love
  • Office pranks for your coworkers
  • iPhone pranks sure to drive your friends bonkers
  • and a few for SERIOUS PRANKSTERS ONLY!

Whether you’re a seasoned prankster or just getting started, we’ve got something for EVERYONE!
Your friends and family will not only be surprised, but they’ll also be SO impressed with your creativity!
So get ready! Just a few days left!

Food Pranks For The Family

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 1
 1. Fauxberry Pie This deceptively delicious berry pie is really a shepherd’s pie in disguise! All the ingredients and directions are provided!

2. A Colorful Surprise Impress the kids with warm chocolate chip cookies and some ice cold BLUE milk! 

3. Hamburger Cupcakes The family will LOVE this sweet treat complete with sesame seeds and all! Ingredients and directions in the link!

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 2
4. Mashed Potato Sundae – Mmmmmm nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of…. mashed potatoes & gravy??! 

5. Tricky Taco Cups For dessert, serve these adorable taco cups disguised as ice cream toppings in a waffle cup!

6. Meatloaf Cake At first glance you’ve got a gorgeous carrot cake on your hands, but once you dig in you’re in for a REAL treat!

7. Sushi Rolls Your kids JUST might change their mind about having sushi once they’ve tried THIS version!

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 3
8. Brown E’s Who doesn’t love a fresh batch of brownies? This brown E is sure to please! The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you!

9. Eye’s On You! Give the family a good laugh with some simple sticky eyes!

10. Toilet Water Your kids will LOVE finding this in their lunches!

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 4
11. Chocolate Covered Apples?? The ULTIMATE after school snack: a chocolate covered sweet… onion!

12. Salt shaker that pours pepper Just a small piece of plastic wrap and a twist top salt shaker, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a good time! The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you!

13. Moldy Sandwich At first glance you’ve got yourself one old sandwich, but really it’s just a green marker on the inside of the bag!

14. Faux Broccoli Tootsie Roll, frosting, and sprinkles and you’ve got yourself a veggie your kids will GLADLY eat!

Quick and Easy Pranks Everyone Will Love

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 5
15. Rubber banded sink sprayer catch your family with a wet surprise doing this simple little trick!

16. Soap that won’t lather with just a clear bottle of nail polish and a bar of soap and you’ve got yourself one frustrated bather! 

17. Faulty straw the kids won’t know WHAT is wrong with this simple straw trick!

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 6
18. Sign on Dad’s truck enlist the help of the entire town for this year’s prank!

19. Upside down glass on counter simply fill the glass all the way, flip it over, and wipe up the excess! Ask the kids to clean the kitchen and enjoy a good laugh 😉

20. Car Trouble Prank the whole town with this hilarious idea! 

21. Balloon Explosion give Dad a good shock when he comes home from work with just a few tacks and some balloons! 

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 7
22. Who’s at the door? Surprise your family with a funny picture of you behind the peephole! Or for the pizza lovers…

23. Surprise your family with a picture of a delivery guy!

24. Big bug escape Do you have a bug hater in your family?? This is the PERFECT prank for you!

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 8

25. TP living room let the kids wake up to this TP wonderland!

26. Toy in mailbox shock your family {or even your neighbors!} with this harmless dinosaur toy!

27. iPad Who wouldn’t want an iPad “just because”? Oh wait. And EYE pad. 😉

28. Trickster Champ Dazzle your family with THIS awesome trick! 

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 9
29. Fake Tiffany’s Jewelry Umm, I don’t know about you, but this is NOT funny. {hehe :-)}

30. Children’s note Seal in a secret with this creative card!

31. Faux Bob Does your man LOVE your long gorgeous locks? Well give him the shock of a life time with this faux bob haircut!

Office Pranks For Your Coworkers

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 10
32. Voice activated coffee machine With just a simple label you can have yourself a morning of hilarity! And another idea…

33. Voice activated toaster I can already hear my coworkers yelling at the toaster! hahaha

34. Fake milk splatter using some glue and a plastic mat you can give your coworkers a near heart-attack!

35. Mouse laser cover watch for 5 minutes as your coworkers are utterly confused! 

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 11
36. Post-It notes on the car This will definitely take some serious commitment, but it will be SO worth it!

37. Bathroom signs with just a simple magnet you can create some massive confusion!

38. Sprouted keyboard this takes ‘going green’ to a WHOLE new level!

39. Desktop wallpaper save this image to your coworker’s desktop and watch their heart skip a beat!

iPhone Pranks To Drive Your Friends Bonkers

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 12
40. iPhone shortcuts add some easy shortcuts for the next time they text… “am” can be “is” and “is” can be “are”, etc. Ohhhh my goodness this would drive me NUTS!

41. iPhone language reset the default language on their iPhone!

42. New iPhone icons change out the iPhone’s default icons to custom images. Like cats. hehe


Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 13
43. Hotel mummy if you happen to be staying in a hotel this April Fool’s Day, you MUST try this!

44. Jet stream golf ball impress the guys with THIS amazing golf ball!

45. Nail in finger be prepared to catch them after they faint from seeing THIS! 

46. Fake drive-thru make the local McDonald’s worker’s night with this hilarious cardboard car!

Chrissy - April Fool's Post - 14
47. Scratch sticker watch Dad’s heart DROP with this fake scratch sticker!

48. Balloon hallway a little time and a LOT of balloons and the kids will go CRAZY!

49. Where’s dad? watch how confused the kids get when you set this guy up at the table!

50. Fake Parking Ticket print off this fake parking ticket and leave it on your spouse’s car!

For a few more ideas, check out Lisa’s April Fool’s post or for perhaps the BEST prank of all, check out THIS April Fool’s post! 

You’ve only got a few days left to make up your mind, but we know that with ANY of these pranks you’re sure to rock this April Fool’s Day! Have fun and let us know in the comments how your prank went!!



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