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Put the Kids to Bed, It’s Dress Up Time!

Halloween is the perfect time to stock up on sexy costumes for the bedroom. I never miss the chance to buy an outfit or two that will get my hubby’s blood heating! So today we are helping you create an “AFTER PARTY” for the two of you with costumes, flirty items, and dress-up games. Are you ready? I sure am, let’s get this party started!!!

Michelle-Halloween After Party Costumes

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After Party Costumes

Sexy costumes that will be perfect for just the two of you!!! A little secret from me to you… Once October is over and Halloween has gone that doesn’t mean you have to stop dressing up! You can rock these costumes all year round in the comfort of your own home!

 1. Wandering Gunman and The Drifter

2.  Tight End and Lucky 7

3.  Fair Play and Sexy Referee Costume

4. Butler Boxers (Top Hat, Bow Tie and Cuffs) and Maid of the Manor

5. Police Man and Playful Po Po

6. Officer Frisk-Em and Sheriff Be Wicked or Inmate 69

7. Speakeasy Gangster and Pink Mobster

8. Seafaring Sailor and Pin Up Sailor or Navy Sweetheart

9. Sailor Boy and Below Deck Hand

10. Indian Chief Wansum Tail and Sexy Warrior or Light Feather Indian

11. Smokin’ Hot Fire Fighter and Fire Starter or Sexy Fire Girl

12. G.I. Guy and Militia Babe

13. Barbarian Gladiator and Warrior Maiden

14. Hugh Jorgan Mile High Pilot and Sexy Mile High Captain

15. Eager Teacher and Secret Studies School Girl

16. Zebra Cave Man and Wild One Jungle Girl

17. Masked Bandit (with Mask) and Masked Bandita Costume

18. Cowboy and Country Cowgirl

19. Lifeguard and Surf Patrol

20. Eager Doctor and Patients Pleasure Nurse

21. Boss Man and Working Girl

22. Spider Web and Web of Desire

 23. Lumberjack and Sexy Lumber Girl


After Party Finishing Touches

For those of you who like to add a little something-something without breaking the bank you will find just what you need right in this little section! Or if you have an awesome costume and you want to add a little oh la la then keep reading because we’ve got all the little details that you’ll need to look dynamite!

24. Leather Handcuffs

25. Eye Mask

26. Fishnet Thight Highs with Backseam

27. Pearl Strand Necklace

28. High Heels

29. Sultry Eye Lashes

30. Mysterious Mask

31. Mardi Gras Beads

32. Feather Tickler

33. Edible Underwear

34. Go Picasso with Black Light Bullbs

35. Bedazzling Surprise with Stick-On Rhinestone Jewels

36. Candles

37. Temporary Lip Tattoo Stickers


After Party Costume Bedroom Games

You can’t have a party without a little game or two, right?! This list is full of games that require a little bit of dress up, a little bit of romance, and a little bit of chocolate (yum)!!!

38. Peek-A-Book Mini Date

39. The Bedroom Game

40. Dress It Up, The Fantasy Role Play Game

41. Strip Trivia

42. Hot Chocolate Game

43. Sassy Love Spell Treats

44. Edible Body Finger Paints

45. Inside Trick or Treat

46. Fifty Days Of Play

47. Fantasy Dress Up

48. Magic Love Spells

49. The Role-Play Deck

50. Naughty or Nice

51. I Dare You Seductions

52. Sweet Heart Chocolate Treats

53. Fantasy Affairs

Wait this isn’t the end!!!  The title says 53, but we’ve added a bonus for all you dah-ling readers, just because we love you!

54. Smoldering Violation Ticket

What are you waiting for, go get the “after party” started!!!

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  1. Dressing up for Halloween is definitely NOT just for the kiddos… I’m going to go get myself a sexy costume (for the hubby’s eyes only of course!)