55+ Tooth Fairy Ideas & Notes

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Tooth Fairy Ideas, Gifts, & Notes

We have traditions for all sorts of occasions. At Christmas, we leave cookies and milk. On a birthday, we always make a wish when we blow out the candles! And although our sweet kids won’t lose their teeth forever, why not create some fun traditions with all of our Tooth Fairy ideas to celebrate the small stuff as well?!

In this round up of tooth fairy ideas, we’ve gathered a fun variety of ideas that can become new traditions in your home! From printable report cards to Tooth Fairy footprints on the window sill, to Tooth Fairy notes, Tooth Fairy gifts, and last minute Tooth Fairy ideas, there are PLENTY of ideas that will fit your family’s idea of celebrating.

I will be using so many of these genius Tooth Fairy ideas! They are magical! #toothfairyideas #toothfairynotes

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So whether your kids have already started losing teeth or are still just getting their first set in, it’s never too late to find or start new traditions.
We have lots of ideas, including:

Tooth Fairy Notes

Use these Tooth Fairy notes to make the loss of a tooth even more exciting! So many fun traditions when you lose a tooth. These tooth fairy ideas will help you find inspiration for what your Tooth Fairy will leave behind on her visit. Whether you need Tooth Fairy ideas for a boy or Tooth Fairy ideas for a girl, these Tooth Fairy Notes are great for every child!

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Boy

  • Tooth Fairy Kit – Present your child with a certificate after losing their first (or any) tooth! Grab this darling kit from Amazon that contains everything you need for some “wow!”
  • Door Hang– An adorable door hang will help the Tooth Fairy know where to go.
  • Tooth Report– Give a report to your child on the well-being of their tooth to help encourage healthy dental practices!
  • Tooth Fairy Check – Say good-bye to the traditional dollar bill and present them with a redeemable check.
  • Receipt– Just like any transaction, provide a printable receipt.

Tooth Fairy Notes

  • Gold Coin Printable – Kids will LOVE getting a large gold coin (chocolate ones work great!), and this is the perfect printable to fit just that!
  • Tooth Fairy Stationery – Print this cute stationery and leave a letter from the Tooth Fairy for your child to read in the morning.
  • Create a Tiny Letter – Print a tiny letter that looks the perfect size for the Tooth Fairy. Your child will be able to keep these tooth fairy notes forever!
  • Invoice – Let your kiddos leave a request for a certain amount of money from the Tooth Fairy! Let’s just hope the Tooth Fairy can provide!

Clever Note Ideas

  • Tooth Fairy Notes – These are free, mini, printable notes that are perfect for the Tooth Fairy to take with them on their nightly adventure.
  • Forgetful Tooth Fairy Note – Did the night get away from you?! Try again the next night and leave a “forgetful” letter from the Tooth Fairy to make up for it!
  • Report Card – Another cute tooth report card option!

Storage Devices for Teeth

One of the biggest issues with the Tooth Fairy is that they collect those little, tiny teeth. They are so much it’s so easy to lose them before the Tooth Fairy can come and take them away! So grabbing or creating one of these Tooth Fairy ideas for tooth storage is a must. There are Tooth Fairy ideas for boy and for girls. So get to work and you’ll be prepared when the next tooth falls out!

Look at out tooth fairy ideas for girl.

  • Personalized Tooth Fairy Bag – Personalize a custom tooth pouch for your kiddo to use over the years!
  • Colorful Tooth Bags Tutorial – Just love these simple, but practical, tooth bags!
  • Tooth Pocket – These brightly colored pockets will fit comfortably under any pillow.
  • Tooth Taxi – Here is a non-traditional option for storing any lost teeth. An old film container – or, even an old prescription container would work!

Tooth Box

  • Soft, Felt Tooth Fairy Box – What a unique way to store the tooth or the money! Your little princess just might love this idea!
  • Pillow with Chart – Track your progress on this cool pillow chart!
  • Tooth Pillow – Get your child involved in creating their own tooth holding pillow!
  • Monster Pillow – Create your own DIY monster pillow! Just be sure it doesn’t eat your money!
  • Tooth Fairy Pillow – Just darling! Grab this printable pattern to create your own personalized pillow pockets.

Tooth Fairy Teeth Pillow

  • Tooth Fairy Box – Get a personalized box for safekeeping – for both teeth and money!
  • Lego Box – If you have a child with a love of LEGOs, let them be the creator of their very own storage unit for their teeth! They will feel so proud!
  • Tooth Fairy Box – Find things around the house that allow your child to be the creator of their own storage box.
  • Box with Chart – This all-in-one tin is a great way to store your kiddo’s tooth, your money, AND track their progress!

Tooth Fairy Traditions

You only have one childhood. So make it extra special for your child! Magic lives in traditions, and these tooth fairy ideas will certainly bring the magic! Traditions are such a fun was to bond and create lasting memories. These Tooth Fairy notes, Tooth Fairy Gifts, and even last minute Tooth Fairy Ideas will inspire your own special traditions!

Tooth Fairy Gifts and Traditions

  • Color Changing Tradition – Drop the tooth in a glass of water. In the morning, the Tooth Fairy will have taken the tooth and colored the water the color of her dress!
  • Fairy Foot Prints – Create tiny footprints on the windowsill as proof of the Tooth Fairy’s visit in the morning.
  • Tooth Fairy Lawn Dust – Sprinkle some glitter dust on the lawn at night to help direct the Tooth Fairy to your house.
  • Fairy Dust Pendants – Design darling glitter pendants for the Tooth Fairy to take with her while she visits your house.
  • Forgotten Wand – For the first tooth, let the Tooth Fairy accidentally leave her wand behind as an added bonus!

Last minute tooth fairy ideas.

  • Tooth Fairy Chalkboard – Just like you track first and last day of school, this darling chalk sign allows you to do the same with each tooth lost.
  • Photo Proof – Download this app that allows you to place an image of the Tooth Fairy in a photo with your sleeping child to offer as proof of their presence.

Ways to Give Money

Perphaps the most important type of Tooth Fairy ideas we can give you are how the Tooth Fairy will deliever the money. Decide early how your Tooth Fairy will exchange your child’s tooth for currency. She is a fairy after all, filled with magic, born in imagination. It only makes sense that she would even do a little extra something to make the money even more special.

A note from tooth fairy.

How to fold dollar bill.

  • Simple Heart– Use these tooth fairy ideas for a  simple, but perfect Tooth Fairy tradition!
  • Decorative Heart – Another spin on a fun heart design. So learn to fold your own fancy dollar bill!
  • Rose – This gorgeous flower will take five to seven bills to create, but it’s just amazing!
  • Money Flower – For only three bills, you can create this beautiful flower!
  • Butterfly – You will only need two bills to create this flying creature!
  • Fighter Jet – This intricate fighter jet is sure to be a hit!
  • Star – This star is a bright choice for any kid!
  • Dollar Ring – Kids will LOVE that they can wear their money before they use it.

Last Minute Tooth Fairy Ideas

Use these genius Tooth Fairy Ideas as last minute Tooth Fairy Ideas to make traditions and magic for your child! It doesn’t have to be a huge elaborate gesture. Any simple effort will make this momentous occasion feel special. So there you have it! We gave you tooth fairy ideas for boy, tooth fairy ideas for girl, tooth fairy notes, tooth fairy gifts, and more! Let us know what you chose and how it worked out!

For more ways to create memories with your children, try our Mom and Dad Date Kits or our Mommy and Me Date Ideas! Any way to bond with your children is time well spent!



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