The Best Way To Give A Money Gift To Kids

The Best Money Gift Ideas for Kids

Ready for a truth bomb? Kids love money just as much as adults! It’s true! And we happen to believe that we’ve found the BEST money gift ideas on the block! So if you’re looking for a creative way to gift money to a child in your life, congratulations! You’ve come to the right place! While it’s true that most money gifts require the child to actually understand the value of money, the benefit to these ideas is that they are FUN and FUNCTIONAL! They look fancy, say “I love you!” creatively, and provide a few extra dollars to spend for a child. These creative money gift ideas are sure to make them appreciate the gift even more! Ready to see them all?

Money Gift Ideas for Kids

We forgot to mention the best part! All these money gift ideas could work for almost any occasion. Birthday gift? Check! Christmas gift? Check! Just because gift? Check! You could use any of these fun money gift ideas to spoil a child in your life WAY more creatively than just handing them a few bills. So settle in and check out these amazing money gift ideas perfect for any child in your life!

Lucky Lollipops Money Gift

  • Lucky Lollipops: Who doesn’t love lollipops…And money? This money gift provides the recipient with something sweet for both their mouths and pockets! Arranged like a little bouquet, a child receiving this would most certainly squeal. Plus, it’s super easy to assemble! It only requires a pot, skewers, dollar bills, and your choice of lollipops!
  • Stick Puppet: Money in the shape of a stick puppet? How cute is this?! Not only does imagination come to life for children when they play with dolls, action figures, or character toys, but imagine the possibilities they will find with a money man or woman! Making this gift into a puppet will most certainly leave a birthday boy or girl grinning from ear to ear!
  • iPad Dough:  Prepare yourself for an AMAZINGLY creative idea right here! This young boy was saying up for an iPad. His mom thought WAY beyond giving straight cash to him for his birthday and instead gave him “iPad Dough” – PlayDoh with money inside! This is a super creative idea for “hiding” money within a gift, making the gift even better than the child originally thinks!
  • Cash Gift Box: You’ll never guess what kind of box is used to make this amazing money gift box…Okay fine, we’ll tell you! A Kleenex box! This money gift is more than creative. It’s FUN! Watch the recipe pull on the tab to reveal bills after bills after bills…Alright, I want one of these!

Money Balloons

  • Money Balloons: Confetti filled balloons and money are always a good combination! This creative money gift makes the recipient have to work a bit for their cash, but is fun nonetheless! And since birthdays, graduations, or holidays often call for balloons, this is perfect for any time!
  • Chocolate Box: To a child, nothing beats chocolate, right? Well this money gift idea just might! Picture this: A chocolate box on the outside, money coins and bills wrapped neatly into squares on this inside. So creative, right? 
  • McDonald’s French Fries Cash: We thought we’d seen everything with the Play-Dough cash and the Kleenex money box, but this money gift in the form of McDonald’s french fries takes the cake! And with the easiest assembly ever, no kid would complain about this gift!
  • Water Balloons: Not only would this idea be great in the summer time, it works perfectly if you have a bunch of coins laying around! Fill up some water balloons as normal, but before you tie them off, slip a quarter, nickel, dime, or penny inside! These quickly become a fun activity as well as a creative way to gift money!

Angry Birds Idea

  • Angry Birds: Ahh Angry Birds. Fun for any age and any skill level! Why not create your own Angry Birds at home that doubles as a money gift? This easy-to-follow tutorial walks you through a full DIY Angry Birds game that also becomes an epic money-making activity! You’ll be the talk of the town with this genius idea!
  • Umbrella Money Gift: In every sense of the word, this gift makes it rain dollar bills! This unique idea is fun, creative, and so easy to assemble. Plus, how fun would it be to open up an umbrella and have dollar bills drop down? 

Weren’t these ideas just amazing? We firmly believe all of these ideas for gifting money to kids will really make their day!

And if you’re still on the hunt for actual gift ideas for your child or teen, check out this awesome Gift Guide for Teens that includes tons of ideas for any time of year! Or if DIY is more your style, this list of DIY Gift Kits for Kids has the best ideas!

Happy money gifting!

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  1. i would like to get an oragami lacrosse stick,or something
    related to the sport as he was awarded most valuable
    player this season.
    needed for september and would consist of 10 100 dollar
    bills.what are your thoughts????you can be honest i am
    the nonna (grandma) he is my only gchild. thanks,connie

    1. Oh wow! That sounds like an amazing gift and would be fun in any denomination!!! You are one fantastic and generous nonna! What a fun way to do it. XO