86 Valentine’s Ideas for Your Spouse

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to SPOIL your spouse and enjoy a night of celebrating your love for each other! Love it! We don’t want you to stress this Valentine’s Day, we’ve all asked that question, “What to get my husband for Valentine’s Day?” or “What to get my wife for Valentine’s Day?”.

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AH-MAZING Valentine’s Day Ideas

So, what did we do? We rounded up 86 ways to help you in your hunt for the BEST ways to SPOIL HIM (or her) this looooove day! Have fun scrolling through all of these AH-MAZING Valentine’s Day ideas!

To make things so much easier for you, we have split the list into the following categories:

  • 13 Date Ideas to Spoil Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day
  • 13 Love Notes to Spoil Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day
  • 20 Sexy Ideas to Spoil Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day
  • 20 Ways to Spoil Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day with Gifts for Him
  • 20 Ways to Spoil Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day with Gifts for Her

Doesn’t that list look awesome?! Go through and pick your favorites to make this Valentine’s Day one for the record books! Let’s get started!

13 Date Ideas to Spoil Him on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just not complete without a Valentine’s date! Use one of these amazing ideas to plan your perfect Valentine’s date.

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photo collage of ways to Spoil Him on Valentine's Night

1. Valentine’s Date Night in a Box – With this awesome Valentine’s Day idea, your date night is already planned for you – and it’s all in a box so if you want to go to a special place for the night you can!

2. Love Letter Review – Plan a romantic Valentine’s date by having a night to read your past love letters, notes, texts, emails, or other correspondence with your spouse (idea #4 on this site). It’s a perfect way to celebrate your love.

3. Valentine’s Win It in a Minute – Play these great love games to make your Valentine’s Day super fun and exciting.

4. Romantic Fort Date – Build a romantic fort in your house full of Christmas lights and blankets to set the mood for your great Valentine’s date! When going to the site that contains this amazingly romantic idea you need to click on ‘start slideshow’ to view it.

5. Mission Valentine – Send your spouse on an exciting scavenger hunt for a great date night to remember.

6. The Ultimate Valentine’s Date – Plan your Valentine’s Day date night with this awesome idea – all your worries will be taken care of!

7. Spa Date in a Box – Put your whole date in a box (idea #3 on the site) for you and your spouse to open together. It is the Ultimate Romantic Spa Date for the two of you to enjoy with this great Valentine’s Day idea.

8. The Love Shack – Turn your bedroom into the Ultimate Love Shack for your Valentine’s date. Your spouse will never look at your bedroom the same again!

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9. Picnic by the Fire – Plan a romantic dinner by your fireplace for your amazing Valentine’s date this year!

10. Valentine’s Mystery Date – Spice up your Valentine’s date with this fun and exciting idea. Mystery dates are super unique. This Valentine’s-Themed Mystery Date is just what you need to have a memorable day.

11. Memory Lane – This site uses this as a gift idea, but we think it could be turned into a great date! Turn your bedroom into a romantic setting using helium balloons, candles, and pictures of you and your spouse throughout your relationship. Then, for your Valentine’s date, you and your spouse will go through the pictures one by one so you can reminisce about the past and see how much your love for each other has grown!

12. Fondue Date Night – Fondue is not something you pull off every night. Make your Valentine’s date special with this romantic fondue dinner date idea!

13. Spoil Your Spouse Date Night – Um … does anything scream “VALENTINE’S DATE” more than a night of spoiling your spouse? I didn’t think so…

13 Love Notes to Spoil Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day

Love notes are a great way to make any occasion extra special. Use these great love note ideas to create an amazing Valentine’s Day!

collage of Cute Love Notes ideas

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Him collage

14. Love Note Clothespin Wreath – This is such an adorable and easy idea to do. Make this wreath and hang it in a spot your spouse will be sure to see during your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

15. You Mean the World to Me – Make this adorable card by printing off a map of where you live, cut it in the shape of a heart and add the cute words “You Mean the World to Me” across the front. What an easy way to spoil your spouse this Valentine’s Day.

16. Heart Art – This is a cute and unique subway art Valentine’s heart that will put your spouse in the mood to celebrate your love!

17. Unique Valentine’s Day Cards – If your spouse is one that doesn’t quite follow the norm, or has a great sense of humor, then these cards are just for him/her! These are the perfect cards to express your love while being a little silly!

18. You Light Up My Life – This is a great Valentine’s Day idea…get some cardstock, birthday candles, and a felt tip marker … voila – a perfect way to tell your spouse you love ’em.

19. Sticky  Note Heart – Write down cute messages about your spouse on some pink or red sticky notes in the shape of a heart. This awesome idea will not only spoil your spouse on your special day, but you’re certain to melt their heart.

20. Valentine Mailbox and Cards – Use the free printable pattern to make your own adorable Valentine’s box and fill it full of sweet Valentine’s cards proclaiming your love to your spouse!

21. Valentine’s Heart Attack Lawn Signs – Spoil your spouse with this cute idea…put a bunch of hearts all over your own yard so when your spouse comes home they’re blown away with love!

collage of valentines day ideas for husband

22. Sexy Love Notes – Spice up your night with these Sexy Love Cards. It will definitely set the ‘mood’ for your plans later in the evening…

23. The ‘365 Jar’ – Seriously, a love note gift that gives literally every day of the year! Use a mason jar and 365 colored paper slips with color coded messages on them to tell your spouse everyday how much they are loved. Your spouse gets to pick 1 slip every day to read a love note from you! How amazing is this?! You could print off our 365 Text Messages for some inspiration!

24. Alphabet I Love You Book – This is a cute way to express love using love notes. When you go to the site, scroll about halfway down the page to find this adorable idea… just get a spiral notebook, put a large letter of the alphabet at the top of each page, then write a reason you love your spouse starting with that letter of the alphabet. What a perfect Valentine’s Day idea!

25. Lyric Love Notes – If your spouse is into music, then these love notes are perfect! Spoil them with these cards that have a few lines from favorite love songs. Whichever one you choose is sure to put a smile on your spouse’s face.

26.  You Are My Favorite – What better way to spoil your spouse than to say. ‘you are my favorite.’ I know it would melt my heart if I got this great love note from my hubby!

20 Sexy Ideas to Spoil Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some intimate time with your spouse. Use one (or more!) of these ideas to help make your special alone time perfect!

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collage of 8 sexy valentines day ideas for husband

27. Sexy Valentine’s Search and Find – Send your spouse on a fun miniature scavenger hunt in your bedroom to find some HOT items to use later on…

28. DIY Love Lotion – Be experimental in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day by switching out your old personal lubricant with a DIY version. See what new sensations you can discover with this one little trick!

29. Sexy Valentine’s Love Match – Play this sexy game on Valentine’s Day for the perfect finish to a perfect day!

30. Soak by Candlelight – Check out idea #7 on this site… plan a romantic and sexy bubble bath by candlelight to end your sexy Valentine’s evening!

31. Sex Challenge – Surprise your spouse this Valentine’s Day with the Great Sex Challenge! If intimacy is a problem in your relationship (or even if it isn’t) help improve your sex life with this sexy 30 day challenge. You get to improve your intimacy a little every day by focusing on a different thing every day. Awesome! Need more intimacy help? Check out our Marriage Club!

32. DIY Eatable Bra – I know…crazy! But this is a super unique and fantastic Valentine’s idea. Make your own eatable bra that will knock your spouse’s socks off! Your spouse will be so surprised {and excited} to start eating away…

33. Sexy Tease – Leave an enticing trail of pictures of you or maybe sexy accessories for your spouse to follow upon getting home on Valentine’s Day leading to none other than YOU – dressed in some hot lingerie or maybe your birthday suit! What spouse wouldn’t LOVE to come home to this?!

34. DIY Chocolate Body Paint – Have some fun on Valentine’s Day with this great DIY body paint. Your spouse will love being your sexy, artistic canvas!

collage of 6 Sexy Husband Valentine's Day Ideas

35. Valentine Kisses – Put a trail of your own kisses leading to your bedroom for your spouse on Valentine’s Day. You can be on the bed, covered in some rose petals (and only rose petals!), with some intimate music in the background, and the only light being from the candles surrounding the room. Sexy?! I’d say so!

36. Strip Trivia – This post is no longer available on our site but you can see all of our intimacy ideas here!

37. Bedroom Bowling – This game is a SEXY alternative to your favorite game of bowling! Every pin knocked down has an exciting and flirty item attached. At the end, every participant is a winner!

38. Love Coupon Book – Coupon books are a great way to make a gift last as you can pick when and where to redeem your coupon. Not only is this coupon book a free printable, but there is a ‘naughty’ page that you can print off and use in the bedroom! There is even a full blank page for you and your spouse to fill out your own ‘naughty’ coupons you would like included in your book! So, have fun this Valentine’s Day with each of you choosing one coupon to redeem for a sexy end to your fantastic Valentine’s Day celebrations.

39. Sexy Spin the Bottle – In this fun version of spin the bottle, you and your spouse will have a flirty and sizzling night together!

40. SeXBOX – If your spouse is into gaming, then this is the spicy idea for you! Instead of playing XBOX all night, for your Valentine’s night, use this SeXBOX full of hot items for you and your spouse to use to turn each other on!

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Him collage

41. Edible Whipped Love Butter – Try out this easy to make love butter to make your Valentine’s night one to remember!

42. Bedroom Bucks – On Valentine’s Day, fulfill all of your spouse’s wants using these awesome bedroom bucks! Take the guessing game out of the bedroom with this awesome idea because you and your spouse can spend your bedroom bucks on what you would like for that night… perhaps a massage to get the night rolling, or some body paint. With your bedroom bucks, you can choose what you want to do with your spouse for a hot and spicy night!

43. Sexy Tic-Tac-Toe – Play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe to spice up your evening. What?! That doesn’t sound exciting? Well, maybe because you haven’t tried this SEXY version…

44. 5 Senses Experience – Gather up some sexy items to go with each of your 5 senses and use them on Valentine’s Day with your spouse. Stimulating all 5 senses is sure to be a unique experience.

45. Bedroom Doctor – Usually you don’t think of going to the doctor as being fun, but THIS game is! The Bedroom Doctor takes you through different ailments you and your spouse have ‘come down with’ and the other gets to remedy those all away. Trust us, you will never want this game to end…

46. Sexy Boxes – Fulfill your spouse’s fantasies with this great idea. First have a ‘tame’ box that you can put a massager, lotion, and any other small item to help your spouse relax. Then fill the second box with the ‘sexy’ items…lingerie for starters, then add in some fun accessories for you to turn up the heat on Valentine’s Day!

20 Ideas: What To Get My Husband For Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift for your hubby, then this is the section for you!

Valentine's Day gift ides Ideas for husband

collage of valentines ideas for husband

47. Valentine’s Day Countdown – Countdown to your Valentine’s Day celebration night with giving your man small gifts every hour to open up, leading to your romantic Valentine’s date in the evening.

48. Sweetheart Tray – Create this sweetheart tray gift using the sheet music of your wedding song. You can use the tray on Valentine’s Day to hold your intimate items for the night, then your husband can use it daily to hold his loose change, watch, or cell phone. It’s a great organizer that is also filled with memories of your love.

49. Husband Gift Basket – Put a gift basket together, listing out 10 amazing things your hubby does for you that you absolutely love.

50. I Love You Because – Give your husband this cute gift, spelling out why you love him. What’s great is once you have hung it up, you can change the reason you love him any time you like. It will surprise him every time he sees it!

51. Valentine’s Day Mixed CD – Make a hot and sexy Valentine’s CD mix full of love songs so your hubby can listen and be reminded of your love.

52. Valentine’s Gift Box – Spruce up your Valentine’s Day gifts using the gorgeous printable tags and box flaps in this fabulous printable pack!

53. 52 Reasons Why I Love You – Get a deck of playing cards, punch some holes in the sides, and make a flip book of all the reasons you love your hot hubby!

54. Video Slideshow – This Valentine’s Day idea will blow your mind because it is super easy to do and such a great gift! Make your own slideshow for your hubby in less than 10 minutes using the steps provided. Your hubby will be so touched and love the gift – especially because he can watch it anytime he likes!

6 photos of valentines ideas for husband

55. Chalkboard Mug – Make your hubby some chalkboard mugs for a fun and unique Valentine’s Day gift.

56. Man Approved Valentines – Sometimes women make romantic nights a little too sappy. Your hubby will be completely blown away with these totally man approved Valentine’s Day cards.

57. Framed Hearts – Find maps of the places where you met your hubby, got married, lived, and loved. Cut out the cities where you lived at the time of each event in the shape of a heart, and frame them as a great and memorable Valentine’s Day gift.

58. Year of Dates in a Box – Give the gift of date night with this awesome Valentine’s Day idea. Plan 1 date per month, put everything you need for that date together, then place all of the items in a box (numbered to keep them all separated), and give your spouse the whole box for Valentine’s. And now you don’t have an excuse to miss date night! Check out our Year of Dates Binder and our Year of Sporty Dates for some inspiration!

59. Valentine’s Love Lunch – Send your spouse off to work with this great Valentine’s Day lunch box full of a yummy lunch and great gifts!

60. Best Day Ever Keychain – This is a great gift that your honey will use daily! Make a keychain with the date you got married (or met, or whichever date means the most to you) and give it as a Valentine’s Day gift to be cherished it forever!

photo collage of 6 valentines ideas for husband

61. DIY Photo Pillow – Make these adorable photo pillow cases as a sentimental and romantic gift for your hubby this Valentine’s Day.

62. All About You Basket – This gift is perfect for your spouse because it is filled with ideas just for HIM! Gather up his favorite items and put them in a basket — perfect for your hubby!

63. Valentine Logs – Create this amazingly unique gift with a log, paint, and a few tools. It’s a gift that your hubby won’t forget!

64. Valentine Snack Love Notes – Put together a snack basket full of yummy treats and Valentine’s Day tags to make your hubby’s day extra special.

65. Accordion Memory Book – This a gift that your husband will cherish forever. Gather up some of your favorite pictures, add some cute stories, and put together in this amazing book as a great Valentine’s Day gift.

66. Massage Candles – If your hubby is like mine and would love a back rub every night before going to bed to help ease his stressed muscles, then this is the gift for you (I mean HIM!) Make these candles and light them when giving a massage. Your hubby is sure to love them!

20 Ideas: What To Get Your Wife For Valentine’s Day

Use these great ideas to help spoil your wife with some amazing Valentine-worthy gifts!

What To Get Your Wife For Valentine's Day banner

collage of 6 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

67. Cuddle Kit for 2 – Come on now…every woman LOVES to cuddle, especially on special occasions! Make your wife’s cuddle time super awesome with this great kit just for her!

68. Light up My Life – Make this adorable light bulb craft with a cute saying to show your love to your wife this Valentine’s Day.

69. Valentine’s Countdown – Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day spoil her with love, start on Feb. 1st and continue counting down to Valentine’s Day. End with a spectacular and romantic night!

70. Beauty Product Bouquet – Go to the Dollar Store and gather up beauty product items and put them together in a bouquet for a unique Valentine’s gift for your wife.

71. Envelope Memory Book – Your wife’s heart will melt when you give her this amazing gift of memories…

72. Spice Containers – If your wife is one that loves to be in the kitchen, then this gift is for her! Make spice containers out of light bulbs for a creative and unique Valentine’s gift. (Just be sure to clean out the bulbs completely before using them! Or for an even simpler idea, use some beautiful jars instead!)

8 pictures of valentines ideas

73. Love Story Subway Art – Spoil your wife with this adorable printable of subway art as a great way to express your love to her.

74. Anniversary Art – Get a frame that carries 3 – 4X6 pictures, print off the numbers of your anniversary (for example: 11-01-13), and put the dates in order of your anniversary for a gift that will melt your wife’s heart this Valentine’s Day.

75. Showered in Love – Shower your wife with gifts (literally!) with this gift idea – perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

76. Emergency Stash – If your wife is a chocolate lover, then this Valentine’s Day gift is just for her! Get her favorite chocolates, put them in a storage container, and hide them in her car for those stressful moments that always come up unexpectedly!

77. You Are My Happily Ever After – For a DIY option, type up this saying, print it off, and frame it for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift to your wife.

78. Reasons I Love You Posters – Tell your wife you love her with these posters full of loving and kind words.

79. Family Sign – Give your wife this cute and adorable gift that is both sentimental and gorgeous decor for your house!

80. DIY Keep Calm Shirts – Give your wife one of these fun shirts to wear on your Valentine’s date … or any other date night will do, too!

6 valentines ideas for your spouse

81. I Have Loved You For – Give your wife this amazingly cute, printable wall art as a Valentine’s gift. She will be blown away with the sentiment and thought you put into such a sweet gift!

82. Open When Letters – Write love letters and them put in different envelopes with times your wife can open them – for example: if she is having a bad day, she will open the bad day envelope to help turn her day around. Cute, right?!

83. Bath Bombs – What wife doesn’t love to relax in the bath? Make her these awesome bath bombs to help her bath time be even more relaxing!

84. Love Coupon Book – Here is another coupon book idea! (Though, let’s be honest, this one is even better than the last!) Give your wife the gift that keeps on giving with this awesome coupon book!

85. Sharpie Mugs – Your wife will be blown away when you give her these mugs you made all by yourself!

86. We Just Fit – Make your wife this homemade card with 2 puzzle pieces and write her a heart felt love letter. The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you!

Need help writing a love letter? Check our our Love Letter of the Month Kit that includes prompts and ideas on how to write the PERFECT love letter!

Don’t all these ideas just sound amazing and awesome! If you like these, be sure to check out the Suite Retreat Kit and the Je T’iame Hotel.


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