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How to Create A Couples Journal

Whenever I find an extra second in the day, I love to jot down little or big events or experiences in a journal.  Journals are such an amazing way to keep memories alive!  I keep both a personal and family journal.  I have so much fun reading through the history of my life.  It is incredible how many little things you can forget over time.

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Keeping in the spirit of journals, I wanted to start one with my spouse.  I call this type of a journal…a COUPLE’S JOURNAL.  My husband and I are both authors in this journal.  Our goal is easy…write one entry per week.  One of us simply writes a memory, something that made us smile or something we never ever want to forget.  I then pass it off to my husband.  He then adds to my writing and starts a new memory.  I get the journal back, add to his writing and start a new memory.  The journal cycle of writing continues!  It is so fun to not only remember special things, but to also understand my husband’s perspective on the same event.  A couple’s journal truly celebrates marriage, being together and remembering the simple things that make life great.
How to make the journal…
1. Get a composition notebook.  (Right now is the best time to get one, because they are around 25 cents with all the back to school stuff.)
2. Cover the journal with any type of scrapbook paper you may have around the house.
Once the journal is completed, download the couple’s journal starter ideas.  I glued the starter ideas inside the front cover of my notebook.  The starter list has all sorts of topics and things to get you and your spouse writing tonight!
This journal should cost no more than 25 cents and be ready for writing tonight!
What memories are you glad you journaled about?

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I enjoy life! My family is my everything. I enjoy shopping and decorating and of course...being a DIVA!

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15 Responses to A Couple’s Journal

  1. Too cute! My husband and I do the same thing, but it's an on going email. It's really like a journal though. It's not just memories of what we liked, but even a good place to vent if we've had a fight or something. It's a way to keep talking to each other since so often parents forget to do that once children come in to the marriage.

  2. Thank you for this idea. My husband is currently depolyed overseas & it is hard to keep coming up with ideas that are creative to keep our relationship strong & show him that I am thinking of him. I am tweeking this a bit & we will do it long distance!

  3. This idea is fantastic!! I'm slightly addicted to journal writing, but my husband isn't, and I've ALWAYS want his take on things that we do! Maybe this will be entertaining enough for him to do with me on sunday afternoons! Even if he just talks and I write down what he says!! Love it! Thanks for the awesome ideas!!

  4. Such a fun idea! I love making these kind of journals for my neices and nephews I never thought of making one for me and my hubby! One little thing you should add when you make your journal, just add modge podge (love that stuff) over the paper front and back and it's all sealed on and looks like a book you bought! 🙂

  5. I really love this idea! I want to give it to my boyfriend as a gift, we’ve always loved exchanging letters. I just need some ideas on how to make the first entry. I’m thinking about a letter, maybe explaining what it is?

  6. How do you all get your husbands into doing these things? I do a lot of the calendar for my husband but he thinks I’m cheesy and retarded with a lot of it. Especially the cute home date nights and stuff like that. He isn’t interested in the journal either. Someone please help. I would have thought since we are 5 hours from anyone we know and we only get like 1 date a year alone sue to having 2 kids he would be interested in the at home dates but he isn’ .