A Steamy Hot Springs Date

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hot Date night at the hot springs

Have you ever been to a hot springs? There are some gorgeous natural hot springs near me, and if you’re lucky enough to live near one as well, definitely go whenever you can! Not only do they make for a super fun and romantic date night, but the minerals boast many health benefits, like boosting circulation, relieving pain, soothing skin problems, and even burning calories!

Late fall through spring is perfect hot springs weather. But, of course, we aren’t going to send you off to the pools without giving this date activity our special diva touch! 😉

So grab your swimsuit and beach towel–we have a fun and steamy hot springs date for you that you can return to over and over!

Invite your sweetie on a hot date with our cute free printable hot springs invitation. | The Dating Divas
Hot springs date free printable invitation.
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a steamy Hot Springs date night

Grab your honey and get ready for a super-steamy night! Download our free printables below to add a little something extra to your night! Inside the download you will find:

  1. Steamy Invite – Get your spouse ready for a night of fun at the hot springs with this sweet invitation.
  2. Hot Springs Bucket List – This cute blank page is ready to be filled with your hot springs hopes and dreams! Before you head out to soak, bust out this list and decide together what hot springs you would like to visit together using the Hot Springs Bucket List Ideas sheet (#3).
  3. Hot Springs Bucket List Ideas – We’ve compiled a list of the coolest locations across the Western US that have absolute must-see hot springs. After you print off this list, cut out the options and paste the ones you want to visit on to your Hot Springs Bucket List. Save this list somewhere special so you can mark it off throughout the years.
  4. Steamy Bucket List – For AFTER your swim, we’ve got a Steamy Bucket List that you’re both going to love! We’ve got ideas for you to paste to your list (#4), and space for you to come up with your own ideas, too. You can also check out our Ultimate Sexy Bucket List Ideas for some more great ideas you can add to the list.
  5. Steamy Bucket List Ideas – These are some of our unique ideas you can paste onto your steamy bucket list. This is such a fun way to talk about what either of you might want in the bedroom, and it’s something you can keep and refer back to any time. Why not cross one of those ideas off the list tonight?
Such a fun date night activity to put together a hot springs bucket list! | The Dating Divas
Couple puts together their hot springs bucket list for date night

hot springs bucket list

While researching for this post, I found some INCREDIBLE and unique hot springs that I just had to tell you about! Our printables include each of these locations for you to choose from, so here is a little more info about each of them so you can decide where you most want to visit.

  • Miracle Hot Springs- Buhl, Idaho: You can stay in their cool glamping domes, but my favorite part about these hot springs is the unique PRIVATE pools. You can rent your own little hot spring with no prying eyes for… Bingo, or whatever. (*wink wink*)
  • Chena Hot Springs- Fairbanks, Alaska: Not only is the scenery at this location GORGEOUS, but there is also a year-round ice museum (which looks as cool as it sounds) AND the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. Excuse me while I move to this hot spring.
  • Homestead Crater- Midway, Utah: Swimming inside this crater is an experience you will never forget! The water is really deep, and you can even climb on top and see the swimmers down below.
  • Montecito Hot Springs- Montecito, California: The four mile hike to get to these hot sulfur springs will be totally worth it when you see the views!
  • Goldmyer Hot Springs- Washington: Another beautiful spring along a hiking trail, this spring has 3 pools to choose from and you’ll have to make a reservation in advance to book a spot. Of note, clothing is optional here!
Take your steamy hot springs date to the next level with our free printables. | The Dating Divas
Couple enjoys a steamy swim at their local hot springs
  • Giggling Springs Hot Springs- Jemez Springs, New Mexico: These springs are located on a beautiful property that looks especially cozy in the winter!
  • Castle Hot Springs- Arizona: If those springs you had to hike to didn’t sound like your jam, how about springs on a luxury resort? This resort is basically a hot springs spa! These hot springs are surrounded by gorgeous red rocks and palm trees, plus there are a thousand other activities on the resort. You may need to plan a whole vacation around this one.
  • Dunton Hot Springs- Dolores, Colorado: This place has the cozy wood cabins and the snow covered pine trees all winter long that will make you feel like you’re in a storybook.
  • Boquillas Hot Springs- Big Bend, Texas: This spring was once a bathhouse with a long history, and now you can soak along the banks of the Rio Grande and admire the limestone.
  • Umpqua Hot Springs- Glide, Oregon: Hike to these springs for an incredible cliff-side view of the river below.
Use our free printable hot springs bucket list to kick off a romantic and steamy date night. | The Dating Divas
Our adorable free printable hot springs bucket list ready for date night
  • Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs- Boulder City, Nevada: I know I’m giving you a lot of options you have to hike to, but that’s because some of the prettiest places are off the grid, hidden from everyone else! This is no exception with it’s beautiful caves, waterfalls, and rock formations.
  • Deep Creek Hot Springs- California: This hike is along the Pacific Crest Trail if you want to make all your “Wild” dreams come true. Of course the views are amazing.
  • Mystic Hot Springs- Monroe, Utah: You will know these hot springs as soon as you see them- the iconic bathtubs in the rocks that every influencer seems to have visited? This is it! Be sure to take photos to prove you’ve been there.
  • Hot Springs State Park- Wyoming: Not far outside Yellowstone, these hot springs are the perfect addition to your Yellowstone vacation!
  • Burgdorf Hot Springs- McCall, Idaho: Perfect for a more rustic feel. So stay in a cabin, soak in the springs, and admire nature all around you.
  • Conundrum Hot Springs- Aspen, Colorado: This is probably the longest hike on the list, but WELL WORTH the incredible views at the end! At the end of your hike you get to enjoy a gorgeous, outdoor hot springs spa. You’re out in the mountains, surrounded by trees and nature. It really can’t be beat!

obsessed with hot springs yet?

If this date has you hooked on hot springs, you have to check out Finding Hot Springs Website for more great ideas. Researching fabulous hot springs throughout the world will give you some serious goals and maybe more ideas to add to your bucket list! You could also search “natural hot springs near me” to find options that are more reasonable for a quick date night.

Don’t forget! A hot springs date means you need an adorable and sexy swimsuit to wear. Check out this list of cute and Modest Swimsuits for some ideas!

We hope you absolutely LOVE this date and want to start visiting all kinds of hot springs together! Don’t forget your free printables below!

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Steamy Hot Springs Date

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