All 102 Bluey Games from Seasons 1-3 of Bluey

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The Ultimate List of All the Bluey Games

Do you love the cartoon Bluey? Of course you do! Whether you are a child, a parent, or just a human being, Bluey is an adorable cartoon that will walk into your life and set up a blanket fort in your heart. The show is popular for many reasons but one of the biggest is the Bluey games featured in many of the episodes. These games are played by Bluey, Bingo, and their parents and friends throughout the show’s three seasons. Each game is so clever and fun and can even be played by viewers at home (especially considering that each episode is only 7-9 minutes long!)

Don't miss this list of all 102 Bluey games from the show! | The Dating Divas
The Heeler Family: Bingo, Bandit, Bluey, and Chili, get ready to play some Bluey games.

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Recently, the problem occurred that is there is nowhere to find a list of ALL 102 Bluey games from the show when you want to sit down and play or set up some imaginative play for your children. That is, there was nowhere to find a list UNTIL NOW! (Can we get some epic music here?)

So, we’ve decided to gather together EVERY game from Bluey into one giant and awesome list. Whether you just need a refresher on the concept from the episode or you’re looking to pick one to play today, why not make your way through the entire list! (A Bluey Playtime Bucket List? We are absolutely here for that!)

Any of these games would also make a great addition to a Bluey birthday party! Whatever you’re here for, we’ve got the Bluey games for you!

The Bluey Website lists ten games you can play as a family, but we figured why not list them all? We not only broke down the games played in the episodes but also gave some tips for how you can play at home!

So, without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Table of Contents
  1. The Ultimate List of All the Bluey Games
  2. Season One Bluey Games
  3. Season Two Bluey Games
  4. Season Three Bluey Games
  5. More Bluey Games

Season One Bluey Games

The season that started it all! These Bluey episodes were the ones that caused us and a lot of our friends (uh, we mean… our kids!) to fall in love with the show. It is jam packed with games and so many fun episodes that you will want to re-create at home.

Magic Xylophone is one of the classic Bluey games you have to try with your kids. | The Dating Divas
Bluey, Bingo, and Bandit play Magic Xylophone, one of the Bluey games with hilarious results.

1. Magic Xylophone– The premise of this game is very simple–a toy xylophone has the power to freeze someone in place. Bingo and Bluey naturally use this excuse to draw with felt pens on their dad’s face and cause all sorts of mischief. This is a great and simple game to play at home, and you don’t even have to have the dedication that Bandit has in the end when he’s frozen while the hose sprays him in the face.

2. Hospital– This is an adorable game complete with an x-ray drawn by Bingo, a very unique surgery, and plenty of pokes because Bluey can’t help herself. Use a doctor’s kit or some safe kitchen utensils and let their imaginations do the rest.

3. Keepy Uppy– This simple game is one kids will ask for at least once a week. All you need is a balloon and your own dedication to keep it up in the air!

4. Daddy Robot– Bandit is the master of teaching a lesson that makes us wonder where it’s going or if he has a plan at all. Daddy Robot is no exception. The addition of a squirt bottle to the face making him malfunction is a piece you really can’t skip, honestly.

5. Shadowlands– Shadowlands is a fun outdoor game where you can only walk in the shade. It may take some creativity!

6. Statues– One child is a statue salesman and the other is the statue… which, naturally is magic and comes alive and runs away.

7. BBQ– This game is a good reminder that our kids watch what we do and love to mimic it. Set up a mini BBQ, let them make a nature salad, or simply set up something they always watch you do, but in miniature. (Think: cooking in the kitchen, exercising, one of your hobbies, even cleaning the house!)

8. Mini Bedtime Games– While Bluey is trying to avoid bedtime, we see Bandit use some mini bedtime games to get his daughter ready for bed. They play a pop-up board game, Rocketship (powered by parents, of course), Penguins (sliding on their stomachs across the wet bathroom floor), Story Game (tell a story but pretend to fall asleep).

9. Horsey– This is a fun kids classic that, unfortunately for Bandit and Uncle Stripe, turns into Horsey Wedding which then turns into Horsey Chase. The things we do for our kids!

10. Hotel– In this game, the girls set up a check-in desk and then let their dad check into a room at their hotel. Of course, he has a crazy pillow (one of his kids) and things at this hotel are never normal. Another simple favorite from this episode is “Kids, No Kids,” where you cover and uncover them with a blanket.

Looking for Bluey games? Grab a balloon and try Keepy Uppy! | The Dating Divas
Bingo and Bluey play Keepy Uppy, an episode of the Bluey cartoon.

11. Bob BilbyBob Bilby is a puppet Bingo gets to bring home from Preschool for the weekend. It’s her job to show him a good time, which is an idea that seems sort of similar to Flat Stanley and could be a fun addition to your play groups or something to share with family.

12. Spygame– In Spygame, Bluey and her friends make a potion to control the grownups. Honestly, is there anything more fun than making a potion out in nature?

13. Butterflies– A hammock becomes a cocoon for Butterflies who fly out and are chased by the butterfly catchers. We also get to see the game Phones in action (or inaction, as it were) and hear an adorable song that has been stuck in our heads for years.

14. Raiders– A yoga ball is a major source of entertainment for kids, playing “Delivery Chair,” (kids ride on an office chair and are then tossed onto the bed as packages) and of course, “Raiders.” Taken from “Indiana Jones,” the game is simple: roll a yoga ball at your children (preferably down a hall) while they run and jump away. This one is a solid five star game at our house.

15. Fish & Chips Shop– There are actually several games in this episode all being played at Bluey’s school and pieced together seamlessly by their teacher, Calypso. The game Bluey is playing is “Fish & Chips Shop,” but of course, she’s out of fish.

16. The Doctor– A cute Doctor’s Office setup provides some fun imaginative play for Bluey and her friends. A Pikler Triangle is a great Montessori-style toy for setting up open-ended play situations like this.

17. The Claw– When Bluey and Bingo are disappointed by a claw machine (is there anything more relatable than that?), Bandit decides to be his own claw machine. We can attest to the fun playability of this cute idea, and it is definitely one you should try at home. Just gather some stuffed animals, a chopstick (or anything that could be a handle), and make the kids earn coins to play the claw machine!

18. Blue Mountains– In Blue Mountains, the girls and their mom put googly eyes on their hands to make cute hand puppets, while Chili tells a story they act out. These finger puppets are an easy way to play this game on the go.

19. Shops– Using nothing but the great outdoors, Bluey and her friends set up a shop. Don’t look past the simple brilliance of using things around them to play rather than toys all the time!

20. Taxi– Using chairs and a plate for a steering wheel (or whatever else your imagination can come up with), set up a taxi service! You’ll need a driver, passengers, a mechanic for when you inevitably break down, and someone to play the voice of the “sat nav,” or GPS. This is a whole-family game that your kids will love.

At home or on the go, there are lots of ways to play Bluey games. | The Dating Divas
Bingo and Bluey play some classic Bluey games in the pool.

21. Pirates– A hammock becomes a boat for a fun pirate adventure! Also, try using an ottoman, bench, swing… whatever you have!

22. Grannies– Dress the kiddos up like grannies and let them be elderly for a day! This classic Bluey game would be perfect for a Bluey birthday party. All you need are some blankets and purple glasses to look just like Bingo and Bluey!

23. The Creek– The only thing needed for this game is a new place and a sense of adventure! As Bandit puts it, “It’s the creek. You just sort of muck around.” They spend the day skipping rocks, playing spa, and racing bark boats.

24. Fairies– Frankly, I’m not sure how you could play this one without a LOT of preparation and some outside help. Still, the idea that invisible fairies are causing mischief is such a fun idea that kids are sure to love, and you should try it at least once!

25. Work– The kids are the boss! Let them choose what kind of business they run, conduct interviews (with you, of course), and run the place however they want. It’s okay if you, like Bandit, have dreams to be a dancer instead.

26. Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound– This game is actually a movie the kids make with their dad. Try making a movie with your kids using dress-ups, creating your own backdrops or props, and letting them create the story. As a bonus, you will have a darling family keepsake at the end.

27. Trampoline– Trampoline games are always a good time! Make them jump to reach a certain height, make “breakfast” (they are slices of toast popping out of the toaster), smoothies (blend them up by jumping), crack the egg, and finally add a sprinkler under the trampoline to play salad spinner.

28. Hairy Monster Attack– This game is actually just going through a car wash! But what a fun way to make a chore into a game.

29. Zoo– Use stuffed animals and some willing participants to create a backyard zoo!

30. Backpackers– The kids are the backpacks in this unique game where the parents are taking a backpacking trip! Of course, the backpacks are never carrying what you need.

Zoo is one of the easiest Bluey games to set up and play today. | The Dating Divas
While playing one of the Bluey games, Zoo, Bluey traps her Monkey dad under a blanket.

31. The Adventure– The basic idea behind this game is to send a child on a quest or adventure. The more elaborate the back story, the better!

32. Copycat– Although this game is usually viewed as annoying, it’s sweet to see how Bluey copies her dad to deal with a tough situation. Maybe it’s a game worth playing after all!

33. Restaurant– Set up a restaurant to serve the kids! Better yet, make this game around dinner time for extra fun and convenience.

34. Early Baby– Bluey’s friend has a baby, but it’s an early baby! This is a really sweet reminder that sometimes playing through a situation can be a great way to work through a big change.

35. Mums & Dads– Back in the day we would have called this “House,” but either way, this is another game kids love. Use dolls or let someone play the baby, and just play real life!

36. Hide & Seek– This game makes the list because it’s great to see that the Heeler family plays some classic games together, too. Mix it up sometimes and play Sardines instead!

37. Wild Hog– While camping, the grownup plays a wild hog that the kids are trying to catch for dinner. This is one of our family’s favorite Bluey episodes, if you’re looking for a great place to start!

38. Mount Mumandad– An exhausted mom and dad crash on the couch and the kids climb up them like a mountain. There is even a storm toward the top and they have to seek shelter in a tent for awhile.

39. Kids– While in the grocery store, the roles reverse and the parent becomes one of the kids while the kid gets to be the parent. Don’t make it easy on them!

40. Chickenrat– The girls are cooking and the dad requests a Chickenrat egg, which they then have to hatch from a Chickenrat. It’s all pretty convoluted but a fun reminder to let your kids lead you in play… you never know where you might end up.

Playtime can even happen during chores with games like Kids, one of the most fun Bluey games. | The Dating Divas
Bluey and Bandit have a serious chat in the grocery store after playing Kids, one of the classic Bluey games.

41. Neighbors– Everyone builds their own house out of blankets and couch cushions and lives next door to each other! Of course, someone needs to be the loud and crazy neighbor…

42. Magic Asparagus– A piece of asparagus can turn anyone into any animal! Don’t worry-–playing with food helps kids eat better and try new foods!

43. Shaun– Shaun (Oh no, Shaun!), otherwise known as Bluey’s dad pretending his hand is a cheeky emu, is Bandit’s solution for proving to his daughters that they aren’t ready for a pet. Honestly, Shaun is so obnoxious you might just want to get your kids a goldfish.

44. Dad Mini Games– During “Daddy Putdown,” Bandit plays some little games with the girls, such as “Follow the Leader” (of course, they don’t follow, and that’s really the game), and “Go Away, Come Here.” Simply swing them on swings and say “go away” or “come here” as they do the opposite. It’s simple comedic gold.

45. Verandah Santa– Everyone goes to sleep while someone playing Santa delivers gifts. Get a Santa hat and use an old gift bag to let the kids refill it with their old toys. It’s always a hit!

Season Two Bluey Games

Isn’t it great when your favorite shows don’t let you down and just keep producing awesome seasons? I mean… for the kids. This is all about the kids. (Who are we kidding? We have totally watched Bluey without them.)

Play Bluey games even while shopping with your kids! | The Dating Divas
Bluey and Bingo play Bluey Games in their carts while shopping at Hammerbarn.

46. Cart Yards– While the girls ride in the cart, they decorate their “yards” (the space in the cart around them) with the things their parents buy. This is a fun way to keep your kids occupied at the store and watch their imaginations with the things you pick out.

47. Featherwand– A feather becomes a wand that makes everything heavy! We can’t tell you the amount of times kids have pointed a fork, straw, or toy at someone and yelled, “Heavy!” The fun comes in the amount of dedication you put into dropping the things they make heavy.

48. Dance Mode– Decide where your “switch” is for your kids to switch you to “dance mode.” This game will keep them rolling especially if you go into dance mode in public!

49. Squash– Take your kids with you to your next sports venture, and let them hold “controllers” (in this case, racket bags) to control you like a video game.

50. Charades– A simple game of charades is extra fun with cousins! I love their idea to use pictures instead of words for younger kids. Get yourself some picture charade cards, or try one of our Charade Games!

Rug Island is one of the awesome Bluey games that will get your kids' imaginations going. | The Dating Divas
Rug Island, one of the fun Bluey games, is played by the Heeler family.

51. Favorite Thing– This is a sweet game to play around the dinner table. Just ask each other what your favorite thing was that happened that day, and don’t be afraid to change the story however you want.

52. Daddy Dropoff– This is another episode where we get to see Bandit’s absolute dedication to the games even when they are having a busy morning. Our favorite game from this episode is “Wind Up,” where you wind an imaginary winder on their back and let them go. Even the littlest of kids love this game, and the results are nothing short of adorable.

53. Rug Island– This has to be one of our all-time favorite ideas. Bluey and Bingo turn a new box of felt pens into… well, anything they want! This game can be easily replicated with a blanket in the middle of the floor and some open-ended toys like blocks, wooden rings (learn how to diy color them), or some play silks.

54. Hairdressers– If you dare, let your kids play hairdresser with you. Just… hide the real scissors. (This hairdresser play set would be perfect.)

55. Army– This game is all about doing what you’re told. If all it takes is a game of “Army” to get your kids out the door in the morning, why not try it?

56. Fancy Restaurant– Let the kids set up a fancy restaurant for their parents to go on the date. They are the hostesses, the chefs, and the waiters.

57. Stumpfest– Stumpfest is technically a game for the dads, but boy do kids love to play it when they see a stump. Nail salon is also a cute game featured in this episode.

58. The Show– Let your kids write, produce, and star in their own play! The fact that this play is for Mother’s Day is a little extra sweet.

59. Ticklecrabs– Pretend to be at the beach and the kiddos are tickle crabs you accidentally bring home. All you need for this game is a beach towel (and a true love, of course).

60. Escape– This game is awesome, because it is all done in your own imagination! While on a drive, you can talk through the crazy ways you try to escape while your kids come up with crazy ways to chase you.

No matter where you are, you can find five minutes to play some Bluey games and bond with your kids. | The Dating Divas
Bingo and Bluey play Bluey games with Grandad.

61. Trains– All it takes is a few chairs in a row to set up a train at home! Take a ride, serve some snacks, and get the kids and stuffed animals where they need to go.

72. Queens– Someone is the queen (or king), and someone is the servant. You might be surprised which role is more fun.

63. Flat Pack– Is there anything in the world more fun than an empty box? Let your kids’ imaginations go wild.

64. Bus– A taxi, a train, and now a bus! Setting up a fake mode of transportation at home is honestly such a quick and fun way to play.

65. Mum School– Bluey has a babyballoon and needs to learn to be “mum” at Mum School! There is something about those almost-out-of-helium balloons that are always so fun!

66. Torch Mouse– A laser pointer or flashlight that the kids have to chase has got to be the simplest way to get rid of your kids energy before bedtime! Although, be warned: at some point you’ll probably have to be the mouse.

67. See Saw– Of course, you can play with a see saw the regular way, or… you could sit on one end and let your kids figure out how to lift up your side. Do I sense a physics lesson behind this game?

68. Library– Bring out all the books! Make library cards, use a chair or a drawer pulled out of an end table for a book drop, and remember… talk quietly.

69. Swim School– While out swimming, let one of the kids become the crazy swim instructor. You have to do what they say!

70. Bad Mood– A viking hat turns Dad into a “bad mood.” Honestly, you just need to watch this one to understand. I don’t know how the Heelers come up with these things, but they are brilliant! We all might as well steal them for our families!

Bluey games are fun and exciting and we guarantee your family will love them! | The Dating Divas
Bandit celebrates winning one of the Bluey games by lifting a store employee in the air.

71. The Quiet Game– This game starts off as quiet time to which Bandit admits he was being a “dodgy dad,” although I think we’ve all been there! Take the game one step further by allowing no noise and only charades to communicate!

72. Postman– Write letters and let your kid postal workers deliver them! This gives an entirely new meaning to going postal.

73. Cafe– At the park, Bluey and her new friend use wood chips and some creativity to open a Cafe. Of course, they only serve exactly what the customers don’t want, and a lot of craziness and chasing is involved.

74. Barky Boats– All you need is some water and tree bark to race Barky Boats! In this episode, they also build a fairy garden.

75. Circus– Circus is an awesome imaginative play idea! Set up a tent, use a stuffed lion, and a swing on a trapeze! Let everyone choose their roles in the circus and enjoy the show!

76. Helicopter– Something as simple as a stump (or a kitchen chair and a broom handle) can become a helicopter. Let your child give you a ride and let the story go where it goes.

77. Octopus– Someone is the Octopus, and everyone else is a fish trying to steal his treasure. This episode is a great reminder that any of these games should be tweaked to fit your family… there are no rules!

78. Mr. Monkeyjocks– A stuffed animal takes over the house and their lives when he becomes the most important person the world! This could be a funny way to downsize on toys.

79. Typewriter– I love the idea of letting kids write stories, but for little ones, don’t forget that they don’t need to write it down in order to tell a terrific story.

80. Burgershop– This game is going to make you want allll the foam tub letters. Something about the tub just makes all the games more fun, and opening a burger shop (or taco shop) is no exception!

81. Easter– A fun scavenger hunt has Bluey and Bingo searching for their Easter eggs. Try another fun Easter tradition too.

Octopus is one of the silly Bluey games that will have your kids laughing. | The Dating Divas
Bluey’s friends join in on some Bluey games with the game Octopus.

Season Three Bluey Games

As of the writing of this post, only the first half of Season Three has aired in the United States. But don’t worry, because those first episodes of the Bluey cartoon are jam packed with games you do not want to miss!

82. Obstacle Course– Set up an outdoor obstacle course for the kiddos! This is a great activity that can stay up for days and has tons of replayability. Time them, race them, or just let them go to town.

83. Omelette– Let your kids help cook! Embrace the messy imperfections and focus on fostering their independence by making breakfast in bed for Dad.

84. Born Yesterday– Someone acts like they were, quite literally, born yesterday, and let the kids explain the world to them.

85. Mini Bluey– Teaching each other how to be each other is such a fun and clever idea! Pick a family member and dress and act like them, then pick someone else!

86. Unicorse– We don’t know what the actual point of Unicorse is, but we know that annoying our children with a puppet sounds like a way better idea than trying to get them to bed for the thousandth time.

87. Magic– Is magic real? If your parents are dedicated to playtime it is! What kind of magic can you cook up at your house?

88. Chest– Bandit teaches the girls how to play Chess. Of course, they turn it into their own fun game. See how else your kids can play with classics like Life or Monopoly. Or just buy this awesome Bluey Cartoon Monopoly!

89. Sheepdog– If you’re willing to act like an animal, we’re willing to bet your kids are willing to go along with it! Find your own fun way to play, and be sure to avoid the neighbor with the shears.

90. Housework– While doing housework, the parents realize their kids are having a lot more fun doing chores. Add some little games to your chores. Don’t wait until after the work–play during the work!

Spice up your Bluey birthday party with some Bluey games from this list. | The Dating Divas
Bluey games being played at a birthday party on the show.

91. Pass the Parcel– This is actually a birthday party game! Wrap a gift in multiple layers of wrapping paper, start some music, and pass it around. When the music stops, the child holding the gift gets to unwrap a layer. The one who opens the actual gift gets to keep it.

92. Explorers– This is another great game that can be played just about anywhere but is a little extra special outside. Let the kids come up with their own story and see what they want to explore.

93. Phones– Some cardboard and coloring becomes a play phone! Use your “apps” to order food from the local eatery, and enjoy whatever other cleverness your kids come up with.

94. Pavlova– In an attempt to get Bingo to eat healthy, Bandit is a french chef who eventually opens his own restaurant. We love how this episode is a reminder that even teaching moments (maybe especially teaching moments) can be a great time for play.

95. Rain– Bluey plays out in the rain and attempts to make a stream of water from the gutter pool across the sidewalk. While so simple, this is such a great reminder of the little pleasures we should try to provide for our kids. Go play in the rain!

96. Pizza Girls– An old toy car and pizza box are all you need for a pizza delivery service! Use mud like in the show or whatever else your clever kids come up with. Check out this cute pizza set.

97. Driving– Let your kids sit in your lap and drive (you are the car)! This episode is an awesome reminder that even five minutes of play time can make a huge difference for our kiddos.

98. Imaginary Friend– It’s always fun having an imaginary friend, but it takes it to the next level when parents play along, too!

99. Whale Watching– One parent is the boat and one the whale on a whale watching adventure! Make toilet paper roll binoculars and enjoy the sights!

100. Faceytalk– Talk to cousins or friends on a video call while the kids draw on their own faces. It’s social while also… not social at all.

All it takes is a few simple things and some imagination to play any of these Bluey games. | The Dating Divas
Bingo and Bluey play Pizza Girls, one of the fun and simple Bluey games.

102. Ragdoll– Bandit becomes deadweight and makes the girls figure out how to get him in the car so they can get ice cream. Teach them hard work while you are totally relaxed!

103. Fairy Tale– Though not really a game, I had to include the idea to tell stories from your past as a fairy tale to your children. They will love hearing about you as a kid, or your love story, or whatever else you want to share.

More Bluey Games

WHEW–we did it! EVERY game played on Bluey all in one place! Now you have no excuses to get out there and PLAY!

While we’re on the topic of how wonderful this show is, did you know there is a Bluey Album? Not to mention an Adorable Playhouse, Talking Plush Dolls, and a Scavenger Hunt Board Game that would make awesome Christmas gifts for your Bluey lovers.

If you liked this post, be sure to check out our Kids Camp and our Year of Kid Dates Binder, and be on the lookout for even more fun ideas to do with kids from The Dating Divas!

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