60 Charades Ideas That Will Make You Laugh Your Head Off

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The Ultimate List of Charades Ideas For a Fun Date Night Activity

Looking for the best charades ideas for a game night? Here you will find the BEST couples charades ideas along with some free printable invites, scorecards, AND charades slips! We’ve made it super easy to pull off a charades game night with just your sweetie OR a group of friends! Scroll down to check them out!

If you are already a charades fan, you’ll love this new version of couples’ charades with a little twist! Below you will find a list of super good charades words, clues, and examples to set you up for an epic game night!

Girl playing charades on a group date laughing and having a good time | The Dating Divas
Girl playing charades with a group of friends.
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How to Play Charades

Girls vs. boys or wife vs. husband, which will it be? You can go either way with this couples charades game! With our handy scorecard (linked below) simply grab a pretty frame and some dry erase markers so that you can keep score (and re-use the scorecard another time.)

Then, make sure to determine what the prize will be when the night is through! If the ladies win, the men will be delivering and vice versa. We put a foot massage on the line when we played! 😉

Charades list for group date night with married friends | The Dating Divas
Free printables from The Dating Divas for charades group date night.

Next, print off the adorable list of charades ideas linked below. We’ve made it SO easy for you! These charades ideas are filled with fun and crazy words that are all marriage related. This means you might be asked to act out words like “compromise,” “pillow fight,” or maybe even “romance.” You’ll be sure to have a lot of laughs!

When everyone arrives (or you and your sweetheart are ready to play against each other), get to acting! One member of the starting team stands up and is given 60 seconds to see how many charades ideas (from the printable slips) they can act out and have their team guess successfully. After 60 seconds are up, count up the number of ideas correctly guessed by that player and mark it on the scoreboard. Then, SWITCH. Now it’s the other team’s turn!

Keep playing until all the cards are guessed (or until you you’re too tired from laughing!)

Charades Words List

You can write out this list on your own slips of paper OR print off the list linked below for convenience!

1. Connection

2. Wedding

3. Pregnancy

4. Romance

5. In-laws

6. Compromise

7. Chores

8. Kisses

9. Service

10. Kindness

11. Flirting

12. Children

13. Lingerie

14. Flowers

15. Massage

16. Date night

17. Cuddling

18. Bubble bath

19. Friendship

20. Nagging

21. Proposal

22. Getaway

23. Love notes

24. Honeymoon

25. Playful

26. Selfies

27. Warm

28. Affection

29. Chocolate

30. Spontaneous

31. Forever

32. Sweet

33. Passion

34. Fun

35. Travel

36. Pillow fight

37. Heart

38. Gifts

39. Side of the bed

40. Surprise

We also included 20 blank charades slips for you to write your own words down if you’d like!

Good charades words that are marriage related | The Dating Divas
Printable charades ideas.

Charades Ideas for Adults: The Ultimate Group Date

We personally think a charades game night for adults is the ultimate group date! And we’ve made it so easy for you to pull it off in a cute way! All you have do is print out this cute, little invitation and send it out to all of your fun-loving friends or family (linked below.)

Girl holding invitation printable to give to married couple friends for date night | The Dating Divas
Woman holding couples charades invitation printable to give to friends and family.

If you want to make this group date the best one yet, prepare to go the extra mile with some special add-ons. Consider providing drinks, snacks, and candy for everyone to enjoy while playing. You could even make it a potluck and invite everyone to bring a snack to share!

What did you think of the list of charade words? Pretty great, right? Enjoy a night of acting and laughter with this group date! And if you are looking for more charade ideas, check out our:

Free Download

Couples Charades Ideas

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