100+ Fun Last Minute Date Ideas

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Spur of the Moment Last-Minute Date Ideas

We live in a busy world where life is becoming rush, rush, rush. We have more and more responsibilities and less and less time in the day! Don’t let that stop you from having a weekly date night with your sweetheart! If time is the issue – then THIS post is the solution for you! To help you out, we grabbed some of our date ideas that you could prepare in no time! Just scroll through our list & pick one out for this coming weekend! It’s perfect for busy couples who value a good date night but don’t have the time to plan elaborate activities. These spontaneous, fun and easy dates are perfect for every couple!

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Date nights can be so much more than dinner and a movie.  Here at the Dating Divas, we love to help YOU discover unique date ideas to help strengthen your relationship.  We realize that your weeks get incredibly busy, but just like us, you value the importance of dating your spouse.  These ideas will have you everywhere from inside your home for a really simplistic date night to outdoor adventures exploring your community. 

We gathered up our favorite last-minute date ideas and split them into 5 categories:

So if you have ever been a little… tardy to the date night party – this is your list! We gathered up some of our favorite ideas in addition to some ideas that were suggested to us. The only this worse than stressing about date night is not having a date night!

Spur of the Moment Date Ideas at Home

Want a date night but you’re rocking pajama bottoms and a messy bun? Don’t worry about it! These date night ideas are so fast to set up and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. During the drive home you can be rolling these ideas around in your head and by the time you get home – you are ready!

Spur of the Moment Date Ideas at Home
  1. Super Mario Kart Game Night– Set up a friendly game of competition, right in front of your television! We have fun printables to personalize gaming with your spouse in addition to creating a stronger bond.
  2. Chocolate Tasting– After dinner dessert just turned into date night with this easy date night idea. Plus, who doesn’t love a little chocolate? Yum!
  3. Custom Coldstone Creation– Speaking of all things delicious, create a custom ice cream treat for your spouse that’s as easy as a walk through the frozen food aisle. In addition to delicious this last minute date idea will give you a chance to chat over your ice cream. 
  4. Fondue Date Night– Create your own Melting Pot with cheese, chocolate, and all sorts of delicious things to try via fondue!
  5. All About Us CharadesWe’ve got printables all set up for this fun game night to help you bond as a couple… charades style!
  6. Fun Personality Tests– Are you a blue or a gold? Personality tests are so fun and most importantly a great way of learning how your spouse best responds in your relationship. Many tests are available free online- like this one!
  7. Getting to Know You Matching GameUp for a fun game? These Diva printables are perfect for getting to know your spouse better or challenging him to see how well you both do!
  8. Marriage Resolution DateBased on the movie Courageous, this date is all about sitting down and writing down your expectations, goals, dreams, and wishes for your marriage.  It’s a very intimate and sentimental look at your vows and what you value in your marriage.
  9. Make a CD or PlaylistThe classic mixtape with a technological facelift will never go out of style.  Spend an hour creating separate playlists and reasons why you chose certain songs for your spouse. It’s a sentimental date with a gift at the end!
  10. Open When LettersThis popular Pinterest idea is Diva-fied with this version of our Open When printable package.  Print these out and sit down together for an evening of romantic letter writing and whenever your spouse needs a specific letter, you will be set with a beautiful note.
  11. Nerf Gun WarSometimes life is a battlefield! Have Nerf Guns like this lying around? Make it into a hilarious and entertaining date night!
  12. Make Out Party for TwoThis date night is all about creating a sensual ambiance for a lil’ smoochin.’  Think chocolates, strawberries and mood music.
  13. Massage NightThis post has plenty of tips for turning your basic massage into a spa experience.  Candles, warm baths {have you ever tried this bubble bath? It’s my absolutely fave!}, and massage oil make for a fun night!
  14. The Spouse Sleepover DateCreate a slumber party for you and your spouse! This is a great date that is flexible for adapting to your time restraints.
  15. Decorate His and Hers T-Shirts- Whether using fabric paint or using tie dye, make silly or fun shirts for one another.  I use this brand of dye for just about everything fabric-related, but this project sounds especially perfect for it! Set-up for this can take place in your kitchen with some newspaper. You can find blank white shirts at most craft stores, or you can get some here {mens!} and here {womens!}
  16. Would You Rather?Get ready for a sexy take on a popular game!
  17. Bringing Zumba Home– Grab a Zumba DVD {like this one!} or any dance DVD and create a fun and sassy fitness night-in for the two of you!
  18. DIY His/Hers PillowcasesGrab some pillowcases like these and a few fabric markers {you can get them here}, make this quick and easy craft project for date night! This is the perfect way to show your spouse all the fabulous things you appreciate about them. PLUS…it doubles as a mini-date, since he can take part in the fun, too!
  19.  YouTube Dance Lessons – This Musical movie themed dates invites you to your own dance lessons on YouTube to spice up the next time you hit the dance floor or learn some traditional ballroom. This salsa lesson seems like a ton of fun! Then afterwards you can relax with your fave musical movie.
  20. Strip Poker –  Spice up your normal game night with this last minute date idea. All you need is a deck of cards and a willing spouse!
  21. Sexy Survey– Grab some yummy snacks and drinks, print out our free HIS and HERS surveys and snuggle on the couch to fill them out together. 
  22. Make a Bucket List or Family GoalsGrab some poster board or a laptop and create your own family goals sheet or a family bucket list.  Print it out and frame it for extra accountability!
  23. Movie MarathonWe have so many fun movie-themed date nights. Rather than just sitting in front of a screen check out this post to see different options to create a fun, cinematic date night at home!
  24. Game Night with FriendsWhenever we have a group of friends over, we are huge fans of playing a game! This is a quick date idea that we always turn to.
  25. Romantic bubble bath– After a long day at work, one of the nicest ways to release tension is a steamy bubble bath for two.  The Showered in Love Date has cute, FREE printables and fun ideas for surprising your hubby with gift ideas.
  26. Simplified Breakfast in Bed– A breakfast in bed can be time-consuming to prep, so why not simplify it? Throw some waffles in a toaster, slice a few strawberries, and bring glasses of orange juice for two as you snuggle and enjoy a quick meal together.
  27. Play Modified Dodgeball- A fun game for kids or grown-ups, grab a pile of clean, balled up socks and start a dodgeball war!  This is also a great method for getting laundry sorted and perfect for working up an appetite before dinner.
  28. Karaoke Date Night– This date night idea has plenty of ideas to have your spouse singing praises on how much fun your dates are together!  Use a karaoke game on your gaming unit, the website karaokeplay.com, or visit a local hang out featuring a karaoke night.  
  29. Games on Your PhoneThere are TONS of fun games that will have both of you competitive on your phones.  Try Trivia Crack, Words with Friends, or Ticket to Ride.  This link has all of our fave apps listed – including games! We really believe is a wonderful way to keep the both of you connected, even if you’re apart!
  30. The Date WheelNot sure what to do for your last minute date ideas? Let the Date Wheel decide for you! In addition to giving you a bunch of spur of the moment date ideas it will help you and your spouse avoid those last minute date night disagreements. 
  31. Iron Chef Date NightThis date can easily be thrown together in 15 minutes! A perfect quick date idea! Just call up your favorite friends, print of the required sheets, and you are ready for a yummy date night!

Quick Dates for Outdoors

These easy-to-prep outdoor dates will help you enjoy Mother Nature! Dates in the great outdoors are fun, but you don’t have time (or patience) for all that gear or all those bugs, but these quick dates made for the outdoors are just for you! Most importantly, bugs are limited to a minimum. ;P

Quick Dates for Outdoors
  1. Hike TogetherGrab a hiking guide or visit your local Parks and Recreation department to find quality hiking trails that will only take 1-2 hours.  You can even pack a picnic lunch to make an afternoon out of it.
  2. Hammock Date– Grab a hammock, our FREE printables, and set out for a relaxing date.  The free printables contain relationship questions which are perfect for discussing while snuggling up in addition to enjoying beautiful weather. 
  3. Movie on the MoveGrab a movie or select one on a portable device like an iPad and find a fun location outside of the house for a viewing party for two!
  4. Stargazing NightYou can make this date as simple or complex as you want to enjoy the beautiful night sky.  The Star Light date features a tutorial on making your own refractory telescope out of simple materials for a little stargazing.  Otherwise, grab a blanket and the back of a truck to view the beautiful sky as a couple.
  5. Food Truck Date– Grab some cash and tour your city’s food trucks! Our city has rows of food trucks alongside the Farmer’s Market and we’ll grab churros, kabobs, and some delicious homemade ice cream for a last-minute date idea.
  6. Day Road Trip– Grab your honey and hit the road for a day road trip! Visit a local town 1-2 hours away to grab lunch and do a little site-seeing.  This date idea has fun printables and games to help the time pass and to have whole lotta fun on the drive!
  7. Pumpkin Patch Date– Head to a local pumpkin patch or mix it up and visit an orchard to spend the day enjoying the weather and picking produce.  If it’s the fall season, turn your pumpkin patch date into a pumpkin carving at home.
  8. Campout for Two– Set up a tent in the backyard for easy camping underneath the stars.  You’ll have all of your necessities just footsteps away and you can spend more time enjoying alone time.
  9. Build a Fire and Enjoy S’mores– This date features a really cute, FREE printable that encourages s’more lovin’.  Grab ingredients for s’mores and enjoy a little backyard fire and this tasty treat.  It’s also a great last-minute group gathering.  Plus, who doesn’t love this warm weather delicacy? 
  10. Go on a PicnicPlanning a picnic can be incredibly easy if you focus on the basics.  Grab a blanket from home and sandwiches from a local deli or Subway.  Enjoy your lunch break together!
  11. Full Moon Group Date– This date night idea makes for a fun group date but you can certainly modify it for a couple’s date.  Enjoy games like Ghosts in the Graveyard, Kick the Can, or Capture the Flag.  Combine it with the S’mores Date Idea from up above and you’ve got an easy and fun group date night.
  12. Local Fair  – Many counties and states gear up for their annual fairs around summer.  Tickets for these events are pretty inexpensive and it’s a date night for fried Oreos and crazy attractions.
  13. Go Skating- A perfect activity, no matter the weather! Grab ice skates and visit a local outdoor rink in the winter or go old school for some rollerskating fun to classic tunes.
  14. Mini Golf DateThis fun date is not only a throwback to your childhood but also brings up friendly competition between you and your spouse.  Invite a few other couples to turn it into a competitive group date.   
  15. Water Balloon FightOne of our favorite ways to relieve stress is to throw a few water balloons.  Check out your local dollar store to pick up packs of 100 for only a buck!  This is definitely a cure for a bad or stressful day and will have you and your hubby laughing the whole time.  
  16. Marshmallow Shooter Date– Check out this fun date idea to see the tutorial on how to make a Marshmallow Shooter!  I haven’t used one of these since I was a kid and they are an absolute blast.  This throwback to your childhood will be sure to bring out belly laughs and good times.
  17. Frisbee Golf With a Twist– A little frisbee, a little lovin’, a lot of laughter – they are all needed for quick dates and they are all possible with this date! 
  18. Competition at the Park Gather up all the sporty outdoors equipment that you have and head to your backyard or a local park for a unique last-minute date idea and some friendly competition.

Out of The House Quick Date Ideas

Need a reason to get out of the house? These dates are fun, inexpensive, and above all a great reason to spend some time outside of your usual surroundings.

Out-of-the-House Quick Date Ideas
  1. Zoo Days– This Zoo Date idea is complete with FREE printables to create your own snacks for munching on while perusing the zoo.  Keep your eye on local discount days for free zoo admission or specialty events – Groupon has them all of the time!
  2. Nighttime or Scenic Car Ride- Not just for parents of new babies, a night drive while viewing city lights from high points can be incredibly romantic.
  3. Mall Dare Date– This FREE printable score card is perfect with different dares to complete at the local mall.  Grab your hubby for a hilarious day at the mall that will take you outside of your normal shopping trip comfort zone.
  4. Purchase a Greeting Card- Head to the greeting card section and each pick out a card without showing the other.  Sit down at home and write each other a little love letter.  This is such a cute idea to add onto your next grocery trip! If you need help in the letter writing area, the Love Letter of the Month club is your new best friend!
  5. Attend a Home Improvement Clinic- Many home improvement stores feature free or inexpensive workshops to do home repairs or to help start projects.  Check one out together and learn something new.
  6. Tourist in Your Hometown– Research websites and travel agencies for fun activities to do in the local area.  How many times have you driven by that one mom and pop diner but never went in?  Try some new food or visit an interesting store or museum.  This is a great activity for a weekend afternoon!
  7. Last-Minute Tickets For many shows on weeknights or sporting events that aren’t predicted to be “huge” games, there are often empty seats that need to be filled.  Check out ticket websites, especially those that work with the specific venue that you’re interested in.  You can score tickets for low prices for many events and voila, easy last minute date night.
  8. Mall Scavenger HuntThis date night is all about versatility and the hunt! Check out all 4 hunts on different nights or the same night or you can go with your hubby on 1 or 2 hunts – then go on the other hunts with a group of friends.
  9. Photobooth Hopping – Check out some of our fun prop ideas on our site and visit photobooth.net to find all the photo booths in the area.  Visit as many as possible and have a great time complete with souvenirs!
  10. Painting Canvases – Paint-as-you-go workshops and classes are popping up everywhere!  Learn to paint a fun canvas or buy your own Paint by Number and enjoy at home.  
  11. People Watching Date Night– For this fun (and cheap!) date night, grab some ice cream or your favorite portable snack, then head to the mall, park, pool, or other local hotspot, sit back, and see what unfolds!
  12. Progressive Dinner DateCan’t choose one restaurant for date night? You don’t have to! Start with appetizers in one location, move to the main course somewhere else, and top it all off with dessert in a third location! The linked date is all about staying a quick date idea and focuses on drive throughs! 
  13. Thrift Store Date Head to a local thrift store and pick out an assortment of fun items all under budget! You could even choose a piece of furniture together and give it a makeover as a new piece for your home.
  14. Ice Cream or Milkshake Date- Many ice cream locations, like Sonic, have great discounts during different seasons.  Grab two milkshakes for the price of one or share for that extra bit of coziness on your date. 
  15. Shopmart Bingo– The ultimate form of the People Watching Date involves our FREE printable and heading to your local large chain store.  The first one to get five-in-a-row on the score card wins!
  16. Go for a Test Drive- Whether you’re looking for a new car…or not, go test drive a car that you’ve had your eye on. It’s a fun and silly way to add spontaneity to your date night.
  17. Groupon DateThese discount sites often provide a variety of fun ideas right at your fingertips.  Get an inexpensive couple’s massage, visit a fancy restaurant for a steal, or try paintball! 
  18. The Bookstore DateBookworms or not, this is one of our favorite quick dates! So easy to do when you don’t have a lot of time to plan! This bookstore-inspired date will challenge you and your spouse with different prompts in finding things around your local bookstore and you might find a fun, new read.

Free and Low-Cost Last-Minute Date Ideas

Nothing beats a free (or low cost) date night. These quick date ideas are fun with less strain on your wallet! Don’t allow a tight budget to restrict date night. Keep up with those weekly dates in addition to keeping your financial goals with these inexpensive date ideas!

Free and Low Cost Last Minute Date Ideas
  1. Check Out Local Yard Sales– This garage sale-inspired scavenger hunt is a great way to spend the morning and who knows, you might score some really fun items!
  2. Outdoor Concerts- Many local communities will host free concerts in their parks during the warmer months. If you’re visiting Milwaukee, WI, check out Summerfest.  It’s one of the world’s largest music festivals and features free stages boasting popular artists.  Entrance fees are normally pretty low, but often times with canned food items, you can get in for free.
  3. Sandcastle Competition- Visit a local beach or bring the beach to you with a sandcastle competition. This is a great family activity and it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time outside rather than in front of the TV.
  4. Take a Class in Your Community- Certain college programs and community centers occasionally feature free courses, lectures, or conferences on a wide variety of topics.  Check them out and start a new hobby together!
  5. Selfie Date NightTake your phones and take some fun pics together that are inspired by a fun list provided in the date. You don’t even have to plan anything – last minute dates at their finest!  
  6. Open Mic Nights- Either entertaining or hilariously entertaining, open mic nights can introduce the two of you to some local talent and can be a fun night out with friends.
  7. Attend a Local Film Festival- Many colleges hold film festivals featuring young filmmakers or directors from around the state.  These are fun events that give the chance to try something new.
  8. Explore a Home Improvement Store- A fun and free date is exploring a home improvement store or even websites to plan out the house of your dreams. It’s a great way to bond and to communicate future goals with one another.
  9. Explore IKEA- Whether you’re planning your future house or not, IKEA is pretty much a wonderland for adults.  Every nook and cranny of the store has fun things to check out.
  10. Take a Tour- Check out your local community tours.  Sometimes museums will be holding free tours of certain neighborhoods or the city for free for commemorating certain occasions.
  11. Walk a Shelter Dog- Many shelters are creating programs where you can “check out” a dog for the afternoon.  These dogs are perfect for going on walks or hiking – service and a date!
  12. Visit the Farmer’s MarketThe Farmer’s Market is the ultimate “window shopping” experience.  Many local artisans will have free samples available!
  13. Play Truth or Dare– Are you ready to have a sizzling night with your heartthrob? It’s time for a game of Truth or Dare. Add a little excitement to an old time favorite.
  14. Love-Themed Mad Libs We all express our love differently, but this printable set of Mad Libs might be the WACKIEST way you have ever declared your love to your spouse!
  15. Happy 100 List- Sit down together and create two separate lists on 100 things that you are happy about or are grateful for.  It’s a great exercise in showing gratitude and appreciation – you could also start a Gratitude Journal together.
  16. YouTube Date NightHave you ever thought about making a date night out of watching all of the hilarious youtube videos that are out there? We even have a list of links to get you started!
  17. Family History DateYou have probably heard fun stories about your parents and even your grandparents while growing up, but how much do you know about your SWEETHEART’S family? Learning about your past has never been so enjoyable!
  18. A Date That ScoresCombining sports, oreos, and kissing? I am sure ANY husband would be on board with this date!
  19. Guess the FlavorA fun idea that can be thrown together in no time at all! Just grab some chapstick on your next trip to the grocery store and you are ready to go! Your imagination is the limit on this date…
  20. Dollar Date NightIf you are on a tight budget, then this date is PERFECT for a night out on the town!
  21. Newlywed GameHow much do you REALLY know about your sweetheart? Play this fun {free} game and find out if you know as much as you thought you did!

Holiday Themed Quick Date Ideas

The holidays can be so stressful but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice date night.  Try these easy-to-prep, holiday-themed dates!

Holiday Themed Quick Date Ideas
  1. Valentine’s Day Heart AttackUse our FREE printables to decorate a friend’s lawn in love! Rather than let Valentine’s Day go by without notice, spread the love! 
  2. Shamrock AttackSurprise friends or neighbors with this fun “attack” of love, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.
  3. Fool’s Cafe Take your normal dinner plans and use these quick date ideas to turn it into a themed dinner! In addition to being great for date night, it works great for family or friends too.
  4. Easter Egg Hubby HuntSend your hubby on a fun and flirty Easter egg hunt! After that exciting activity, you’re going to need a little alone time!
  5. You’ve Been Egged  “You’ve Been Egged” is a quick and easy service activity that you can do as a whole family! Egging your neighbors is now something that will bring a smile to their faces!
  6. Last Minute 4th of July DateMake your Independence Day night special with our last-minute date idea. 
  7. Candy Guessing Game– All you need are the supplies in this printable and some of your favorite candy and you’re ready to go!  Then, each of you will then take a turn wearing the mask and guessing which candy you’re being fed! 
  8. Pumpkin Win it in a MinuteMinute games are so much fun and this last-minute date night can be pulled together for family or friends. 
  9. Halloween Scavenger HuntThis fun scavenger hunt is perfect for the Halloween season with all sorts of different activities perfect for a couple or a whole group. Check out the FREE printable.
  10. Halloween Movie MarathonWe’ve got two different FREE printable invites for a movie marathon! This post also has a great list of fun Halloween-themed movies for your movie night.
  11. You’ve Been Boo’dLeave a little Halloween note behind for your hubby! Change it up and make a sweet little gift for your neighbors to surprise them instead. FREE printable with this post!
  12. Thanksgiving Random Acts of Kindness– We’ve created the ULTIMATE list of 101 Random Acts of Kindness, as well as, tickets to leave at the “scene of the act.” Hopefully, these tickets will inspire the recipient to pay it forward!
  13. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt–  This FREE printable is the perfect group date scavenger hunt.  Check out your local holiday lights and add a little fun competition at the same time!
  14. Hot Chocolate StationGrab a mug, some delicious toppings, and snuggle for a movie.
  15. Hubby on the Shelf If you have kiddos, then you are NO stranger to the Elf on the Shelf! But why should the kids have ALL the fun this holiday season?! Create your very own Hubby on the Shelf who delivers valuable love coupons.
  16. Santa’s Mini Helper Date-  Why not, make wrapping presents a date with your man? Then, have dinner waiting at home when your lucky man comes home. Have a Santa hat on his seat at the table. Finally, place a note on the inside letting him know about your date later on tonight.
  17. Christmas Cuddle Kit- Baby, it’s cold outside! Get inside and cuddle up with the perfect date and gift idea- a Christmas Cuddle Kit! Make this cute DIY basket that contains everything you need for a cozy Christmas date night at home!
  18. Christmas Light Awards Date– Drives to see the Christmas lights are a tradition in many families, but this year take it up a notch by providing beautiful printable awards for your favorite house!
  19. Drop Off a Gift– These are the cutest QUICK and EASY gift ideas out there.  {Two beautiful words during the crazy, chaotic Christmas season.}  PLUS most of them come with free printables!  Most importantly all you have to do is print and then leave them as a wonderful neighborly gift!
  20. Take Down the HolidaysA special date that will help you clean up the holidays – no need to prep for that – those decorations have been up for a month! You will enjoy some special time together and consequently get. that. house. CLEAN!
  21. New Year’s Resolutions Date– This FREE printable features three sheets, one for you, one for him, and cards for the both of you.  This is a great activity for starting off the new year right.

If you’re really serious about making date night a priority in your marriage. Stop what you’re doing right now and GO CHECK OUT OUR DATE NIGHT GUIDE!

Date Night Guide

The “How to Date Your Spouse Guide” seriously includes EVERYTHING you need to

get your spouse on board and make date night happen, including:

  • Date Night Basics Info – Discover the benefits and get some motivation for date night!
  • Questionnaire – Get on the same page with your “date” expectations.
  • Idea Surveys – Figuring out what to do is half the battle!
  • Planning Guide– – This planner will help you prepare 2 weeks in advance and get everything ready for date night!
  • Date Night Coupon IOUs – A little reward never hurt! Give your spouse a love coupon in exchange for them planning a great date night!
  • Gift Tags – Cute tags to attach to a date night gift!

We hope that these easy-to-prep date ideas not only create more date night opportunities for the two of you but that you also LOVE having fun together.  

Need more easy & fun date ideas? You’ll never have to wonder “What Should We Do For Date Night?” again! We’ve done ALL the work for you.


We’re talkin’ activities, games, invitations, instructions – EVERYTHING you need to have fun while connecting with your sweetie.

Get a new date each month for just $1 per month!

Dollar Dates


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