Strip Poker Night

An Intimate Poker Night for 2

This may be the only game of poker where both players win 😉 A few of us Divas have lived in Vegas and those roots have inspired us to create a strip poker night that you are sure to love! It can be a little tricky to play this classic game if you have no background—but never fear! We have created an instruction sheet and a scoring cheat sheet for you! The gambler in your life is going to be blown away, and strip poker may just be your new favorite game too! 🙂

A great date night with an intimate twist: Strip Poker!

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Dating Divas Intimacy Disclosure

We had to have some lessons from our husbands… and YouTube to teach us how to play! With the help of the amazing Joanna of Cutify Creative, we combined our new knowledge into a little instruction sheet for you! {Did you know that you could make poker cute?! How does she do it?! Check her out!}

10 Steps to Texas Hold 'em for Strip Poker Night

The instructions take you through 10 steps to Texas Hold ’em {There are a lot of different types of poker, this is just the one we learned!}. You can brush up before the big night so you are totally prepared 😉

Invite your spouse to play strip poker.

Get your spouse involved by inviting them to meet you for a little private play time. You can even attach the instruction sheet to the invite so they can brush up on the rules too.

Brush up on Texas Hold 'em for Strip Poker Night.

After you get a positive confirmation {and of course, you will! No way is someone saying “no” to this!} get going on your prep work! Luckily it is SUPER easy! Get yourself a 2″ circle punch and simply punch-punch-punch those poker chips out.

Poker cheat sheets for strip poker night.

Once it’s game time make sure to have these handy Poker Hand Cheat Sheets and Rankings around! We love that you can compare your hand while playing and then use it to help judge the outcome. And of course, if you “lose” the hand you lose a piece of clothing… which may just result in you winning the night {WINK!}

About the Author: Shanelle

I am a reading, singing, shopping queen! (I'm very lucky that my handsome hubby likes shopping as much as I do) Married for 7 years and ready for forever, I love spending time with Brigham (my husband), our girls, and our new baby boy. I teach high school English and in the summertime we love to go on adventures in the great outdoors.

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7 Responses to Strip Poker Night

  1. What are the chips and betting for if the losing hand removes one article of clothing? It seems like the chips and betting are an unnecessary step.

    1. Totally optional – I think we used them to see who the ultimate winner was and there was an extra “prize” like a “your choice” (back rub, foot rub, position…)

    1. Hi Amarilis! The app will be released sometime this year and it will include the calendars. 😉 It will most likely be $1 (total) to release the free version and there will also be a paid version offered. Thanks for being so patient with us. We just have so many projects we’re working on, so it’s one thing at a time. 😉