But First, Let’s Take a Selfie!

Be Your #Selfie – Date Night

This creative date night is low pressure and so, so much fun! Go on a selfie date night scavenger hunt with another couple and see who can get the most off the list! Our beautiful invites, list, and extra treat printables were made by the ever impressive, Kensie Kate! {You have to go check her out. Her designs are sure to make you smile!} 

Selfie Scavenger Hunt with FREE Printables

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This date was a cinch to prep! 

1) Print the adorable printables {found at the bottom of this page} and send those invites for your selfie date night! I love the little camera! To get perfect rounded corners I use a corner punch. It’s easy and will give the classic look.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt With Invitations

2) Get that duck-face ready 😉 and hit the town with your honey and best couple friends. Don’t forget to create your own original hashtag to keep up with each other’s silly selfies throughout the night. {Oh! And add our hashtag: #datelikeadiva so we can see your cute faces!}

But First Let's Take a Selfie Date with your Sweetie

3) Set up a time to meet back together at your favorite place for a treat. One of the selfies on the list is a “Shake Selfie” so if you have a fabulous place for milkshakes, go there! Remind the other team that they don’t have to get all of the selfies, just as many as you can in the prescribed time. {We recommend an hour of selfie-ing before meeting up} Kensie Kate also made some adorable printables if you want to make treats of your own. I made some rice krispie treats, wrapped them in cling-wrap, then taped the cute printables on the front to get a little “camera” for each participant. 

Selfie Treats and Certificates with Free Printables

4) Scroll through your hashtag if you are using social media, or just the camera rolls if you don’t want your boss to see your “Sour Face Selfie” that just happens to look a lot like him…

Selfie Scavenger Hunt List with Invitations

5) Award your winners! We included two certificates just in case you subscribe to the “Everyone’s a winner” philosophy 😉

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