Always Say Yes

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Remember how in the beginning of your relationship, you would do anything for the other person?

My husband and I noticed that after awhile, couples started fighting over “who’s turn it was”… to take out the trash, change the baby’s diaper, do the dishes, etc. We made a deal to stop doing that! We decided that we would always say, “Yes,” to each other when asked for help or support.

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Now we are not perfect, and have to restart the habit now and then, but we are always happier when we are in the habit of “SAYING YES.” because when we are saying yes, we are in the habit of serving each other.

So start the habit today with your spouse! Here is a FREE PRINTABLE, to hang around the house, to help you remember!


  1. It helps you serve each other.
  2. You love your spouse more, when you serve them them.
  3. You feel loved when they serve for you.
  4. It eliminates nagging.


Always give a genuine “thank you,” it makes both of you feel appreciated!

Who couldn’t use less arguing, and more love & appreciation in their relationship?

For more ideas on showing your spouse how much you love them, try this book, “The Five Love Languages“.

You can also check out The Dating Divas review of the book here

Good Luck and let us know how it goes!

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Stephanie is soon to be the mother of 3 kids under 3. Some people say that's crazy, but with the support of her amazing husband, she feels like they can do amazing things!

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Recent Comments

  1. This is a really good habit to institute–it’s true that things tend to change as time goes on, but we should maintain an attitude of service throughout our marriages!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! It’s so important to think of the other person in the relationship & to make sure it’s not always about “me, me, me!” Great post!!

  3. This is our policy in our home. I just always forget to ASK for help. My hubby is always willing. I should post stickies around my house that say: “Ask for help Nisha!” lol….

  4. Hubby and I always thank each other for the small stuff.
    For example when I cook he’ll thank me for cooking and I’ll thank him for buying food for me to cook – it’s a team effort.
    It all started when I realised one day I hadn’t thanked him when he’d made me a drink – yet I’d have thanked a random other person and it occurred to me that we get complacent with those closest to us and so we started making an effort to not take each other for granted.