101 of the Best Romantic Anniversary Dinner Ideas

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101 Anniversary Dinner Ideas for a Romantic Dinner at Home

Ahh, the anniversary – time to bust out those anniversary dinner ideas and get cooking a romantic dinner at home! It’s a time when even the most un-domestic of us want to give our honey some fine dining. The only problem is, the planning can be tricky! That’s where we come in! We’ve put together a list of over 100 romantic anniversary dinner ideas! These ideas will help you whip up a menu that’s perfectly magical for a romantic dinner at home. Throw on an apron and sharpen those knives ‘cause it’s time to unveil the eats!

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We want to make your romantic dinner ideas even MORE exciting! So, we’ve divided our list of anniversary dinner recipes into four fabulous categories. Simply pick one item from each list and you’ve got yourself a four-course meal that is insanely amazing.

Check out the categories below:

Time to get going with these romantic dinner ideas for two!

Appetizer Anniversary Dinner Ideas

Start your anniversary dinner off on the right foot with these tasty and easy to prep appetizers! These recipes are SURE to make a big impression on your sweetie. You can also prep some appetizers in advance to share which prepping the main course together.

Anniversary Dinner For Two

  1. Smoked Salmon Rolls (Simply Home Cooked) These rolls are the perfect intro to a night of romance due. Mmmm. A little bit smoky and a lotta bit elegant!
  2. Loaded Deviled Eggs (Six Sisters’ Stuff) – Deviled egg-lovers will be drooling over this hearty and man-approved twist!
  3. Garlic Roasted Shrimp (Joyful Healthy Eats) – Everyone’s favorite Italian ingredient takes center stage in this perfect seafood appetizer for two!
  4. Parmesan Crisps (Cooking With Mama C) – These parmesan crisps pair perfectly with just about anything!
  5. Baked Potato Bites (Somewhat Simple) – Meat and potato loving guys will be all over these mini potato bites that still pack so much flavor!
  6. Veggie Crescent Bites (Mom On Timeout) – Tried and true! We guarantee the deliciousness of these veggie-topped treats.
  7. Jalapeño Poppers (Keto Connect) – You can never go wrong with bacon and these pepper-infused poppers add a whole new dimension of flavor!
  8. Shrimp Cucumber Bites (Closet Cooking) – Watch these disappear faster than dessert! Don’t hesitate to share a few with us. 😉
  9. Tomato Bruschetta (Ahead of Thyme) – A classic bruschetta recipe with a healthy dose of something secret (spoiler: it’s balsamic). This is one finger food that’s finger lickin’ tasty!
  10. Italian Dipping Oil (Manila Spoon) – Italian entrees make for the perfect match to this flavor-filled dipping oil and a side of bread!
  11. Antipasto Skewers (Dinner at the Zoo) – The only thing more fun than making these bad boys is eating them!
  12. Bacon Jalapeño Ball (Butter Your Biscuit) – Bacon and jalapeno meet together once again! This is pure creamy, spreadable goodness. It pairs perfectly with your favorite cracker!
  13. Cucumber Canapés (Taste of Home) – Fans of feta cheese will be in heaven as they eat these adorable cucumber canapes. They are topped with fresh ingredients like tomato and basil.
  14. Cranberry Crostini (NeighborFood) – Give us all the brie and we’ll be happy campers! Try this cranberry topped treat for the perfect blend of sweet and savory.
  15. Crab & Corn Peppers (The Creative Bite) – Seafood lovers will be over the moon about these crab stuffed peppers. I know we sure are!
  16. Stuffed Garlic Bread (Host the Toast) – Be still our hearts. We simply can’t get over how yummy this appetizer is. Artichokes win again!
  17. Tomato Goat Cheese Dip (The Cookie Rookie) – For a touch of elegance that’s a bit outside the usual, this goat cheese dip is surprisingly delicious and heavy on taste!
  18. Toasted Ravioli (Garnish & Glaze) – Perfectly dippable and toasted! These ravioli squares will be gone in a heartbeat.
  19. Mushroom Toast (The Cozy Apron) – Mushroom haters will be singing a different tune once they sink their teeth into these flavor-packed toasts topped with garlic and love.
  20. Berry Bruschetta (Emily Bites) – Give typical tomatoes the boost in flavor of this strawberry packed bruschetta. Does it get any more romantic than this?!
  21. Loaded Potato Wedges (Macheesmo) – A fabulous partner to a delicious steak dinner. These loaded potato wedges are topped with everyone’s favorite guilty pleasures.
  22. Pretzel Monkey Bread (Carlsbad Cravings) – Totally bite-sized (and fun to eat at that!). This pretzel spin on monkey bread is a guaranteed hit.
  23. White Queso (The Baking Fairy) – Have we mentioned how much we love queso? Well, after you try THIS dreamy, creamy version, you’ll be a believer as well.
  24. Crab Rangoon (Spend With Pennies) – Cream cheese and crab combine to make this Asian-inspired appetizer a definite win!

Romantic Entree Dinner Ideas For Two

Show your main-squeeze a little extra lovin’ with these main dishes that can’t be beat! You can keep it super simple and elegant or go gourmet! Either way, there are many romantic dinner ideas to WOW your spouse below. These are perfect ideas for a romantic dinner at home that you can make together! You can also surprise your sweetie with one of these gorgeous anniversary dinner ideas.

Anniversary Dinner Ideas

  1. Pan Seared Rib Eye (Joyful Healthy Eats) – Such a romantic meal! These pan seared rib eye steaks are about as mouthwatering as they come!
  2. Tuscan Garlic Chicken (The Recipe Critic) – Infuse a little bit of Italy into your night with this creamy chicken dish that can stand on its own, or pairs perfectly with pasta.
  3. Herb Roasted Chicken (Budget Bytes) – Simple and delicious, you cannot go wrong with this classic dish!
  4. Greek Chicken (Little Spice Jar) – Always wanted to visit the Islands of Greece? With this one-pot dish, you’re practically there!
  5. Garlicky Baked Shrimp (Gimme Some Oven) – Quick shrimp dish!?  This is one entree you’ll definitely want to give a go.
  6. Asparagus Cannelloni (Healthy Kitchen. Rocks) – More than plain ol asparagus?! Say no more. Create this mouthwatering concoction we are dying to try!
  7. Maple Pork Chops (The Chunky Chef) – With flavors such as maple, balsamic, and dijon mustard, these is one pork chop recipe that will really take you for a ride!
  8. Lemon Chicken (Creme de la Crumb) – It’s hard to believe this mouthwatering dish is so healthy. It also makes it the perfect anniversary choice for those wanting something a little lighter.
  9. Swedish Meatballs (The Recipe Critic) – You don’t need to be Swedish to enjoy this rich and creamy feast. Although it certainly couldn’t hurt!
  10. Mongolian Beef (Chef Savvy) – Asian cuisine is presented at it’s finest with this incredibly easy dish that rivals any Chinese takeout.
  11. Filet Mignon (Barefoot Contessa) – The venerable Ina Garten does it again with this upscale recipe that anyone can create!
  12. Gumbo (Timmilee Tips) – Pull out all the stops with this spicy and sassy gumbo dish. It contains everyone’s favorite fillings.
  13. Philly Cheesesteak (Eazy Peazy Mealz) – It’s a meal that’s both casual and man-friendly. This quick and easy cheesesteak is always a good choice!
  14. Cuban Mojo Pork (The Food Charlatan) – Bring a little Latin American flair to your meal with this marinated pork dinner.
  15. Grilled Shrimp Tacos (The Girl Who Ate Everything) – Topped with avocado salsa and filled with everything good in the world. These grilled shrimp tacos will bring a bit of island living right to your table!
  16. Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta (Damn Delicious) – Anything dripping with butter is a total win in our book! Therefore, you FOR SURE need to try these.
  17. Broccoli Alfredo(The Recipe Critic) – Just because it’s anniversary time doesn’t mean you should forget the veggies! Sneak them into this scrumptious dish and you’ll be glad you did!
  18. Broiled Lobster Tails (Sweet C’s Designs) –  This tasty dish is simpler than you might think and tastes unbelievable!
  19. Balsamic Steak Rolls (The Daring Gourmet for Tablespoon) – Put a clever spin on an ordinary steak with these veggie-stuffed rolls that are garnished with balsamic.
  20. Parmesan Salmon (Julia’s Album) – Classic flavors like garlic and parmesan make this salmon dish one that you won’t want to miss.
  21. Goat Cheese Chicken (The Organic Kitchen) – Creamy goat cheese takes center stage in this stuffed chicken dish. We guarantee you’ll want to make again.
  22. Risotto With Shrimp (Kitchn) – This parmesan risotto is a creamy rice dish that’s bursting with flavor. Where romance meets comfort food in the best way possible.
  23. Spinach Ricotta Pasta (Budget Bytes) – Lasagna lovers will love the ricotta infusion that this dish encompasses while healthier eaters will certainly appreciate it’s spinach addition!
  24. Shrimp Ravioli (Amy In The Kitchen) – Give us a stuffed pasta dish and we are SO there!
  25. Enchilada Portobellos (Sweet Peas and Safron) – Vegetarians, listen up! This meatless miracle dish is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.
  26. Chicken Cordon Bleu (RecipeTin Eats) – Swiss cheese, ham, and chicken – three of nature’s most amazing ingredients. Bring them together in this heavenly dish that’s totally worth giving a go!
  27. Mushroom Chicken (The Recipe Critic) – Is there anything more perfect than parmesan? We don’t think so and this creamy, garlicky chicken takes that charming cheese to new heights!
  28. Horseradish Salmon (Plated Cravings) – You haven’t tried salmon like this before and you’re missing out!
  29. Tortellini Carbonara (The Chunky Chef) – Cheese loaded pasta meets everything good in the world with this hearty meal!
  30. Whole Wheat Pizza (Half Baked Harvest) – Give ordinary pizza the boot in favor of this glammed up version of a classic celebration treat!

Anniversary Dinner Side Dish Ideas

Be sure to round out that anniversary dinner entree of yours with a few selections from this savory list! Dinner isn’t complete without a few scrumptious side dishes. You’ve never seen veggies dressed up as nice as these before.

Romantic Dinner At Home

  1. Italian Asparagus (Will Cook For Smiles) – Sometime it’s nice to have something a little more glam than basic asparagus. Well, this is where you’ll want to come!
  2. Confetti Corn (Mel’s Kitchen Cafe) – There’s nothing ‘corny’ about this side dish! Just a big dose of flavor and a whole lot of fun.
  3. Zucchini & Carrots (Cooking With Curls) – Wanting to stay on the healthier side of things? Then this sautéed side is exactly what you need!
  4. Scalloped Potatoes (Cafe Delites) – Cheese-topped and practically perfect! We recommend pairing this one with a meaty entree.
  5. Asparagus Salad (Tidy Mom) – With ingredients like Greek yogurt, red onion, and lemon, this pasta salad sounds so yummy!
  6. Seasoned Black Beans (Honey and Birch) – Looking for the perfect dish to complement your Latin American flair? Then you’ve found it!
  7. Portobello Orzo (Budget Bytes) – This mushroom-spruced orzo can be enjoyed with just about anything!
  8. Herbed Red Potatoes (Fresh April Flours) – We think red potatoes are just the bees knees. And you will too after you try this roasted dish.
  9. Baked Potato Wedges (Creme de la Crumb) – French fries are a thing of the past. Give these delicious (and healthier!) versions a go instead!
  10. Green Bean Salad (Mel’s Kitchen Cafe) – Getting those veggies has never been so much fun with this lip-smacking salad.
  11. Lemon Garlic Potatoes (Crazy Vegan Kitchen) – Lemon keeps this dish tasting fabulously fresh while garlic adds a savory kick.
  12. Wedge Salad (Serious Eats) – Surprise your sweetie with this glammed-up version of a salad! It tastes so good he’ll be swooning.
  13. Rosemary Bread (Handle The Heat) – Skillet meals are our fave. So, skillet sides are an absolute must! 😉
  14. Asparagus Cordon Bleu (From a Chef’s Kitchen) – This rich and creamy dish has us drooling.
  15. Cucumber Salad (Closet Cooking) – Creamy, cool, and the perfect chilled salad. This side works especially well with a summer anniversary meal.
  16. Creamy Mushrooms (The Recipe Critic) – You’ve never had mushrooms like this before and you’re gonna love it!
  17. Caesar Salad(Lil’ Luna) – A classic dish that’s loved by all. This homemade caesar salad and accompanying croutons pair fantastically with beef.
  18. Garlic Parmesan Rolls (Rasa Malaysia) – Spiced with garlic and loaded with parmesan. These heavenly dinner rolls go with practically anything!
  19. One Hour Rolls (The Baker Upstairs) – The name says it all! You can’t go wrong with this speedy side.
  20. Tomato & Mozzarella (Little Broken) – This balsamic-topped salad can be whipped up in no time flat! Light and fresh but heavy on taste. 😉
  21. Street Corn Salad (Live Eat Learn) – The perfect side for a Mexican feast! This corn salad is packed with flavor!
  22. Ratatouille (A Clean Bake) – We all love the movie but have you ever sampled this tasty French dish? You’re gonna want to!
  23. Garlic Cheese Bombs (Crunchy Creamy Sweet) – Give dinner rolls an ooey-gooey makeover with this easy recipe that pairs perfectly with an Italian meal!
  24. Parmesan Tomatoes (Rasa Malaysia) – These tomatoes are stuffed with parmesan and perfectly roasted. They are as comforting as they are delish.

Anniversary Dinner Dessert Ideas

After all those delicious romantic dinner ideas, we can’t forget a mouth-watering dessert to end the night. Nothing says I love you better than a little something chocolatey, cream-filled, or just bursting with berries! We’ve got all these (and more!) to share with your sweetie.

Romantic Dinner Ideas

  1. Raspberry Trifle (Garnish & Glaze) – We think dessert is always better layered. After trying this concoction, you’ll think so too!
  2. Chocolate Fondue (Fox and Briar) – Grab your favorite dippings and you’ve got yourself the epitome of romance in a dish.
  3. Cookie Cheesecake (The Chunky Chef) – This brownie-bottomed cookie dough cheesecake is about as close to heaven as desserts come!
  4. Hot Fudge Brownie (Life With The Crust Cut Off) – The only thing hotter than your honey is this fudgy treat!
  5. Chocolate Brûlée (Love & Olive Oil) – Crème Brûlée in chocolate form?! We are SO there!
  6. Strawberries Cupcakes (The Novice Chef) –  These strawberries and cream cupcakes are so much better than plain ol’ chocolate covered strawberries.
  7. Lemon Berry Tarts (Cooking on the Front Burner) –  These tarts are packed with citrus and berry flavors! Also, they are the perfect end to any meal.
  8. Caramel Bread Pudding (Dessert for Two) – Creamy caramel, chocolate, and everyone’s favorite grainy treat combine to form this warm and soothing dish that’s best when shared.
  9. Chocolate Souffles (Handle the Heat) – French foodies especially will find these double-trouble souffles irresistible!
  10. Berry Brownie Trifles (Lolly Jane) – We’re not lying when we say you and your sweetie will think this treat is ‘berry’ tasty!
  11. Gluten Free Cakes (Food Faith Fitness) – Gluten sensitive peeps will be especially fond of these chocolatey cakes!
  12. Molten Lava Cakes (Fox and Briar) – Let the romance (and the chocolate!) flow with these built-for-two lava cakes!
  13. Raspberry Lava Cakes (Texanerin Baking) – Adding a touch of everyone’s favorite berry takes these lava cakes from ordinary to amazing!
  14. Skillet Brownie (Dessert Now Dinner Later) – This skillet dessert not only tastes amazing but also incorporates a mix making it super speedy!
  15. Pretzel Tarts (Hungry Couple) – Peanut butter and chocolate. The only pair sweeter than the two of you.
  16. Apple Crisp (Cooking with Curls) – Fall celebrators will be cuckoo for this apple dish that’s the perfect size for sharing.
  17. Tin Roof Cheesecake (Dessert for Two) – Plain cheesecake is for the everyday, THIS cheesecake is for that special anniversary occasion.
  18. Deep Dish Red Velvet (Show Me The Yummy) – How deep is your love? Well, find out with this deep dish dessert!
  19. Strawberry Kabobs (Delish) – Never has a dessert been so fun to prep and it only gets more fun as you eat!
  20. Skillet Sundae (Fox and Briar) – We say blondies are better when you eat them together!
  21. Cream Puff Hearts (Savvy Saving Couple) – Berries and cream are presented in a new and mouthwatering way with these darling puffs!
  22. Mini Baked Alaskas (Dessert for Two) – These baby versions of a classic dessert will end the meal in style.
  23. Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue(Everyday Good Thinking) – Do you fondue? If not, you need to and this recipe will help you every step of the way.

Boy, oh boy, we are STUFFED already! There are so many delicious anniversary dinner recipes! We know you are SURE to find something to hit the spot for your romantic dinner at home. Wishing you and your sweetheart a Happy Anniversary and another joy-filled year together! 

For even more great anniversary ideas be sure and check out Anniversary Gift Ideas. Also check out our Anniversary: Intimate Moments, and Anniversary Gifts By Year posts!


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