Around the World Date Night Ideas

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Travel-Themed At Home Date Ideas

Experiencing the sights, sounds, food (lots and lots of FOOD) and the culture of a new place together has a way of bringing you closer to your love. You create new memories and enjoy an escape from real life, whether it’s soaking up the sun at an exotic beach or walking hand in hand through a gorgeous, big city. Talk about a way to keep the spark and excitement in your relationship!!! Sadly, traveling to several different countries in one year isn’t exactly budget-friendly. But we wanted to capture that romantic travel excitement in a way that’s possible for everyone – right at home. So without further ado, we bring you our newest project… (drum roll please…) our Around the World Date Night Kit for an entire year of themed country date night ideas!

1 Year of Themed Country Date Night Ideas!

An entire year of Around the World Date Night ideas! These themed country date night ideas will satisfy any travel but while staying budget friendly and in the comfort of your own home! #TheDatingDivas #TravelThemedDateNight

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So maybe you’ve seen our uber-popular Passport to Love post? If not, let me fill you in! It’s an adorable gift idea, presenting your spouse with everything to plan 12 travel-themed date nights throughout the year. It includes a darling card, love passport, travel itinerary, and adorable plane tickets on Romance Airlines. Super cute, right?

Passport to Love - Romantic Gift Idea

This FAB post inspired another crazy idea – what if we made 12 AMAZING dates to go along with it?! With PRINTABLES? Yes please! So we got to work. And almost a year later, we’re DONE and we’ve got an entire year’s worth of theme country date night ideas! Let’s check it out:

Around the World Date Ideas

Now, we can’t stop GUSHING over the gorgeous Around the World Date Night printables in this amazing pack! Our sweet Cassia from Cassia Leigh Designs is the magical artist behind all TWELVE countries’ designs. And our dear Courtney, from All Things Bright & Beautiful, is the mastermind behind the original printables. These two combined are perfection! Designers for the WIN!

12 Themed Country Dates

With this mega pack of printables, you’ll get the love passport, travel tickets, itinerary and card, AND 12 amazing themed country dates. Peeps, that’s a whole year of around the world date night ideas, DONE-ZO!

12 countries of around the world dates!

Each country has a gorgeous cover that you can slap right onto a manila envelope. Then you can throw all of the printables for that date night right into the envelope. When date night rolls around, just grab it and you’re SET!

Around the World Date Nights for a whole year!

Individual Country Date Ideas Printables

Each of the country date ideas contains an invitation to the date, 2 recipe cards, a date night activity and a sexy bedroom idea! Here’s a sneak peek at just ONE of the around the world date night ideas… Greece! (p.s. If you want to see more details about each country, scroll down to the bottom and read each country’s post!!)

Greece Theme Date Night Idea

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Anniversary gift this year?? YES!! Or wouldn’t this be a unique and creative wedding gift for a newlywed couple? Just throw all of the envelopes into a cute tub or basket, and tie on the little gift tag and they’ve got an entire year of themed country date night ideas all set to go!

Cute wedding gift! Around the world date nights!

Is your jaw on the floor yet? Isn’t this FUN?! (squeals of delight!) Grab your passports and your favorite travel companion (aka, your spouse!) and get started on a first class excursion to a happier marriage. And the best part is, no packing!

Get the entire

Around the World Date Night for a whole year!

for just 


Add To Cart

Each of these dates sells for $2.99, so this whole pack has a $36 value! Buying in the bundle gives you HUGE savings. And a year of romance with your spouse – that’s priceless!

For more info about each country’s date check out all 12 of our


Passport to Love - A Year of Around the World Dates










#10. EGYPT



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  1. Have you ever been on a podcast before. I am sure you have been on plenty! Emily and I would like to invite you to ours: The Passion Perspective.

    If not, we would still love to talk about your fun date night ideas on our show. Could you please send us as many as you like and we will give you credit for each one that we pick.

  2. Wow!! So amazing what you have done here!!
    I have a question: If I get the entire “Around the World Date Night for a whole year!”… is it included the bonus ideas pages for each one of the 12 countries??

    And… would it be possible to get the list of ideas which used to be some years ago. I saw them once before here, but I can’t find them any more. They were related to different countries too.

    Thank you so so much! XOXO

    1. Eva,
      Yes, if you buy the Around the World dates, each country comes with its own full page of bonus ideas of activities related to that “destination.”
      I just sent you an email with the list of ideas from the old post- which was taken down. Enjoy!! xoxo

  3. I am excited to present this, to my husband, next week, for our 9th anniversary. I would love to promote this on Instagram. Is there a # for this?

  4. I’m OBSESSED with this! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents in such a fun way through the interwebs! Question: I noticed that there are some “Bonus Ideas Page” for the China date and was wondering if such bonus page(s) also come as part of the bundle; or only if purchased individually? Thanks!

  5. Hi! I have a question about the 12 month set of around the world date nights. If I were to print all 12 months out, how many pages would it be? I’m trying to price the printing. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jessica! It really depends on which parts of it you decide to do and print- in all, the passport and intro pages have about 8-10 pages to print, and then each country has about 5-8 printable pages. Some of them are optional gift tags, decorative embellishments etc. so a lot of it is up to you how much you actually want to use! Hope that helps!

  6. Hi. I saw this post a year or so ago and there used to be a list of ideas you could pick of ideas to do that went along with different countries. I’m not finding it on here, is it possible to get a copy of that? My kids wanted to do some different things this summer and I remember that it had a lot of good ideas on it. Thanks so much!

  7. These are really cute and I look forward to doing some of the activities with my husband. I would suggest, since you are charging for these files, that you include some blank templates so that activities or recipes can be adjusted while keeping the wonderful look of the whole date. For example, my husband has some pretty common food allergies, which make quite a few of the recipes unusable. It would have been nice to have some blank recipe cards so I could put safe recipes for us to cook together on the cards. Also, not a big deal, but Italy has “Irish themed activities” as the header on the last page.

    1. Amanda!! Glad you liked the pack- and thanks for the feedback! That must be super tough with your husband’s allergies, we’ll keep that in mind when we are creating these designs! And we’ll get that Italy typo fixed asap! xoxo

  8. I’m not very techy. Is this something I could somehow print off at Walmart? We only have smartphones and can’t get anything to print to my printer. Would love to make this for hubby, but need to make sure I’ll be able to print it somewhere. Thanks. ?

    1. Hi Tiffany! I’ve never printed at Walmart, so I’m not sure of their services, but I know an office store like Staples or OfficeMax could definitely do it for you! I usually get my printing done at the UPS or FedEx store! You can order right online or through email. If you go through FedEx, we actually have a coupon code you can use- 15% off of ANY order: CJN715

  9. These are SOOOOOO stinkin’ adorable! I’m seriously in AWE with how creative they are and how well they turned out! Such a FUN year of dates!

  10. Oh, my God!!!! This is amazing! Our 8th anniversary is next month and we always find something different to give to each other! I MUST HAVE this!
    Buying the bundle in 1…2…3…
    Excellent job!
    I’ve become a fan! 🙂