At-Home Spa Ideas

I have to start by telling you about one of Joseph and my favorite dates. We went to a spa to get a couple’s massage, but it turned out to be more than I expected! I had never been to a professional spa before and it was amazing! We first got put in a sauna for 45 min, then to a relaxing love seat where we were served fresh fruit and Martinelli’s while some romantic/relaxing music was playing in the background. Once we were done with that, we were then taken to do our 1 hour couple’s massage in a very romantic room. Needless to say we left feeling refreshed and relaxed and I felt I could face my 2 cute kids again! Aaaahhhh! So… I wanted to recreate that night (to the best of my abilities) but this time we would be giving the massages to each other! I must say I was VERY excited about this since I am 8 ½ months prego!
Spa Night Ideas
I started by leaving this invitation for him on his bag as he left the house (sorry the invite is not very creative – not one of my strong points). For those of you with kids, like me, you have to find a babysitter willing to watch your kiddos at their house, or just wait until they are asleep to start the night. When we did start our night I recreated as much as possible from our first experience. He walked into our bedroom and I gave him his robe while I slipped into mine.

I had a warm bath waiting us (to signify the sauna) with candles around it, and nice aroma therapy salts that made the bathroom smell yummy! I also had Martinelli’s and champagne glasses filled with fresh grapes, pineapple, and strawberries waiting in one of the corners of the tub. We sat in the tub, eating and drinking our food while listening to some relaxing music in the background.

After the bath we toweled off and started with the the pampering. I have some nice foot scrub that we used to give each other mini pedicures and then we went to the hands. I know that there are some cheap hand massage stuff at the store, but I have a sister who is a Mary Kay consultant and gave me their product called Satin Hands (totally recommend it by the way!).  After the pedicures, we went on to the manicures (both are totally amazing!)

 Ok, so next is my VERY favorite part…the massages! I am lucky to have a husband who owns a table used to do adjustments, so I used that for my massage table. I had a nice sheet laid across it with another on top to use as a blanket. We used baby oil for our massage oil, which can get a little messy, so I made sure (and recommend for everyone planning on using any type of oil) that I used a sheet that I didn’t mind getting oil on. We still had the relaxation music playing in the background as we gave each other our massages. I can tell you receiving the massage was great, but giving it was awesome too, just because I knew how relaxed and comfortable Joseph was and how much he needed it. It was really romantic.

Now to end the night you have a couple of options. A: go straight to bed because you both feel so great that going to bed is so inviting, B: cuddle up to a nice romantic movie, C: whatever your heart desires… or D: combine A, B, and C in whatever order you wish! I recommend C first, followed by B, then A.
I hope you all enjoy your in-house spa. It was a very needed and relaxing evening for us. I haven’t felt that great in about 8 ½ months!
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