“Australia-Themed” Date Night

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I am so excited to introduce you to Makana of PB&J Handprints.  She is the cutest girl with fun ideas.  She has anything from great date ideas, awesome ‘creations‘, to a fabulous ‘laughter‘ section, and so much more!  Her site is fantastic!  Well, let’s not have me continue to blabber on about her, here’s Makana herself with one of her awesome date ideas!

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Hi there lovelies. I am Makana from PB&J Handprints. Come on in! Have a seat! Can I get you some lemonade? How about some TIM TAMS? Or Milo? Or whatever else you drink in the land down undah’ ’cause  I know you want to go there. Or go back. And here is your chance. And you are welcome.

It started with this little invite the night before. Don’t fret my friends. I made it cute with leftover scrap paper. And you can download it too to make it cute or leave it how it is. Just right-click on the picture and print it from your web browser.

In style, you say? How are we traveling in style to Australia? (Well, our TX version…)

In my car. But did you catch that I AM DRIVING.  Its kinda a big deal because the boy generally drives in this relationship.

Our first stop was the zoo.  Since down undah’ there are loads of animals, I thought we would go on a scavenger hunt for all sorts of animals.  I found animals from Australia that would also be at our zoo.  I laminated the paper and each person had a dry erase marker to check off what animals they saw.

(If you wanted this to be really cheap you could find animal books at the library or bookstore instead)

Print out the Aussie Zoo Hunt Below

{Click on the link above to download the fun scavenger hunt.}

Yes, the monkey is in fact mooning me. I know you are jealous.

Mamma giraffe and new baby giraffe.

After our day at the zoo, we headed to a yummy little place you have probably heard of.

And this is what inspired the date…. a high school fundraiser.  I’m sorta a big sucker for kids selling things.  We had never been to Outback before as a couple so it was a FIRST!  I heart firsts. And I heart heart sunglasses.

And since this date was to the zoo it was really kid-friendly so we brought along our favorite kid (yours truly is on the right. The other right. The one WITHOUT heart-shaped glasses).

But we were not quite done, so after stuffing ourselves like true Australians (I have no research to base that on, BTW).  We played a game that I KNOW is played in Australian because it involves Tim Tams and one of my best friends is Australian and she told me about it so it must be true…(that was a really long sentence to say in one breath).

 You have to eat as many as possible without using your hands. I found these lovelies on Amazon.

…for the record… its hard. Bless my little heart…

The loser (the one with the least points=animals found+tim tams shoved in face) has to give the winner a massage. Honest. It is the standard rule of bets.

Mahalo, Makana

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Isn’t this such a fun date?!  Thanks Makana for sharing such a creative idea with us!  I can’t wait to go do this with my hubby!  Wahoo!
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  1. Haha! This is so funny. I’m an Aussie and as Sarah says – you HAVE to try the Tim Tam Slam. Amazeballs. Also, another Aussie dessert which is truly mouth watering? Pavlova.

    Really awesome website by the way, you have some excellent ideas and inspiration! Keep it up! 🙂

    1. @Truan- wow, you Aussie’s really know how to have fun with desserts! I am so glad you enjoy the site. Have fun doing more exploring around the site!

  2. Ahh! As an Aussie I loveeee this!
    There is nothing we love more than an excuse to devour Tim Tams!
    Hubby and I are going to “around the world” dates and do a different
    country each date night 🙂

    1. @Kimberley- So glad you enjoyed Makana’s date. Isn’t she awesome! It sounds like I will definitely have to try out the Tim Tams. Thanks for your comment!

  3. mmmmmm, Tim Tams. *drool* I’m thinking I’ll modify this a bit and do an “at-home” Australian date and make some lamingtons. Yum.

  4. ANYthing Australian makes me think of the movie, Crocodile Dundee! We watched that all the time growing up. Loved it! Cute idea, Makana! 🙂

  5. So. From a Kiwi Girl, (who lives in NZ, not Australia), I need to add one VERY important activity to this date.
    Three words – Tim Tam Slam.
    For those who don’t know what this is – you nibble off two opposing corners of a Tim Tam, then use it as a straw to sip a hot drink. After about 10 seconds, your tim tam will soften (you have to eat it quick at this stage or be prepared for a mess), and taste like heaven. Would love to hear your thoughts!