Backwards Date Night

A FABULOUS Date from Finish to Start!

The best part usually comes at the end! Dessert after dinner, the happy ending of a movie, the love-making and cuddles after a fantastic date night…but TONIGHT it’s all about starting with the best part first – THE END!

Backwards Date Night

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 So, how do you orchestrate this fun backwards date night!?


  Leave out your filled-in backwards invite {BIG shout out to Courtney at Paperelli for the adorable printables} for your spouse to find.  Note, they will have to hold it up in a mirror in order to read it properly…haha – it IS backwards date night you know!!  BUT be careful, you’ll have to fill in the details writing the letters and numbers BACKWARDS so they, too reflect properly in the mirror.  It’s tricky, but totally fun and in theme with the date.  Maybe practice on a separate piece of paper before you attempt it on the actual invite!

Backwards Date Night Printable Invite

Have the “Meet Me” location be the bedroom and leave this fun intimacy note along with your invite!  It will have him running, not walking to meet you in the bedroom!

Backwards Date Night Intimate Moment Invite

After the bedroom fun and some cuddling, I’m sure you’ll be hungry! Get dressed by putting ALL your clothes on backwards and head to the kitchen for a “regressive” meal for two!  Start with dessert and work up to appetizers!  YUM, dessert FIRST!

Regressive Meal Backwards Date Night

Now that your hearts and bellies are full, enjoy some fun gaming for two! We’ve created a printable quick, yet mind-challenging game!

Backwards Date Night Game Idea

Grab your phone (for it’s timer) or any timing device and your sets of printable game cards.  There are 12 cards in each set. Start with one spouse holding up the other spouse’s set of cards.  The cards have words written backwards and you have 20 seconds to see how many you can read!  The one with the most correct words in 20 seconds WINS!

Backwards Date Night Game

Another fun game idea is the classic card game, Phase 10 .  If you haven’t played this game, it’s simple and FUN!  The kiddos will love it too!  EXCEPT, tonight start with phase 10 and work backwards to phase 1.

Backwards Date Night Idea

As your night dwindles down, present your spouse with this “I Survived Backwards Night” printable note.  This too will need to be held up to a mirror for proper reading…heehee!

Backwards Date Night Printable Note

If you are having TOO much fun with backwards night, take it to bed with you.  Tonight, swap sides.  We all know that we have our typical side that we sleep on.  NOT tonight! Switch sides and see if you can sleep just as well!

Backwards Date Switch Bed Sides

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