Be Your Spouse’s Own Sexy Secret Santa

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sexy secret santa idea your spouse will love

Secret Santa: you either love it or hate it. Is there a more accurate moment in television than on The Office when Michael buys an iPod with his $20 limit? We’ve all been there (and never on the side of the person getting the iPod). So I understand if you, too, have hesitation around Secret Santa–but Sexy Secret Santa? For your spouse? Hopefully, that got your attention! Toss out those goofy white elephant gifts and give your spouse what they really want- a sexy secret Santa from their favorite gift-giver: You!

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How does secret santa work?

“Secret Santa” is exactly like it sounds: secret deliveries of little surprises to someone you love just like Santa does. But we created a special TWIST on the traditional secret Santa and it’s JUST for couples.

Free printable puzzle cutout containing secret hidden message to hide for your secret santa spouse  | The Dating Divas
Puzzle cutout with a secret hidden message for secret Santa

If you’re ready to commit to doing a sexy secret Santa for your spouse, simply click on the pink download button below and prep these adorable printables! (More on that in just a second.)Then, keep everything a surprise from your spouse so that this can be the most memorable Christmas yet! 😉

how to prep the sexy Secret Santa surprise

This idea is so quick and simple–just print off the two pages linked up below. The printable pages contain:

  1. A puzzle that reveals a sexy message!
  2. Sexy Secret Santa Envelope Labels (basically the cutest things you’ll ever see!)

Additionally, you will need the following supplies to create this sexy experience:

  1. Scissors
  2. Glue or tape
  3. 12 Red Envelopes (numbered 1-12 so they know how many to find!)

The puzzle has a hidden message your spouse will LOVE: “Get ready to unwrap me tonight.” Simply cut out the puzzle pieces, and place each piece in individual numbered envelopes. Then, cut out and paste onto the envelopes the cute “Special Delivery” labels. Lastly, the “Sent From Your Own Secret Santa” tags make perfect envelope seal stickers.

Secret Santa for your spouse envelopes to hide and seal with special free printable seal  | The Dating Divas
Cute red envelopes with a special secret Santa seal

So if you’re still wondering, “How does secret Santa work?” let me further explain. Instead of just handing your sweetheart the envelopes, hide them around the house, car, their work area, etc. so they will find them throughout the day! Be creative and think about their general daily routine and where they might stumble across these surprises.

Arrange all of your envelopes in hiding places the night before your spouse will find them. Try to be sneaky!

Then, the next morning, consider giving your spouse a heads up that they have 12 secret envelopes to find throughout the day to reveal a hidden surprise JUST for them. Wish them luck!

Here are a few places you might consider hiding the sexy secret Santa envelopes:

  1. By their toothbrush
  2. Near their wallet or purse
  3. In their car (on the drivers seat, steering wheel, or glovebox)
  4. At their work (if you can swing it!)
  5. Under their pillow
  6. In the shower
  7. In the refrigerator near their go-to snack or drink choice
  8. In the pocket of something they often wear
  9. In top of their shoes
  10. Near their phone charger

Your spouse will be putting their puzzle together throughout the day until they eventually discover the hidden message. They’ll be so excited to enjoy the best surprise of all… sexy time with YOU!

build the suspense

Consider these additional secret Santa ideas. Take it up a notch by sending them texts or voicemails reminding them to keep searching for the envelopes throughout the day. For example:

  • “Have you found envelope #4 yet?”
  • “Can’t wait for you to finish this puzzle!”
  • “What time are you leaving for lunch? Make sure to check your glove box!”
  • “Any guesses what the puzzle says yet?”
  • Hang some Christmas lights in your bedroom or lay out some Christmas-y lingerie and send your spouse a photo. (If you’re the DIY type, these homemade jingle bell panties would be perfect!)

Trust us; you can’t over-use the winky emoji today. So build the suspense, and you won’t even need the mistletoe!

Secret Santa for spouse kept extra secret while hiding envelopes throughout the day  | The Dating Divas
Girl motioning silence holding secret Santa envelope

The Final Secret Santa Surprise

In terms of sexy secret Santa rules, the only remaining rule is to deliver on the revealed message from the puzzle. Plan a fun night for just the two of you and let that unwrapping go down! (We highly recommend visiting our Sexy Date Ideas section for sexy games you could play together!)

If you want to take this surprise to the next level, hide a gift with each envelope (or just the final envelope). Check out our Romantic Gift Ideas and our Christmas Gift Guide for Him for some awesome secret Santa ideas and gifts.

You could also personalize it even more with a note in each envelope, or go advent-style and let him open one envelope every day. (Pairing this with our 12 Days of Sexy Christmas would be a dream!)

Whatever you do, make it special and unique for YOU and your marriage. Without a doubt, this festive and steamy activity is sure to become a new favorite holiday tradition!

Be Your Spouses Own Sexy Secret Santa this year | The Dating Divas
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