Chutes & Ladders Sexy Bedroom Game

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Bed Games to Switch Up Sexy Time

Have you and your spouse ever played bed games together? You know… games ON your bed related to spicing things up in the sex department? Bed games are definitely considered foreplay AND are such a fun way to mix up your sexy time!

We happen to love bed games with great replay value. So today, we bring you that dream game: Sexy Chutes and Ladders! It’s a perfect, easy bed game, and it’s even easy to DIY!

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How to Make A Bed Sheet Game

First things first, we have to make our game board! DIY sex games are pretty easy because everyone is on board with the end goal (wink!) However, this Chutes and Ladders bed game will take a little extra prep.

DIY bed sheet game held by a couple looking forward to playing together | The Dating Divas
A couple enjoys a fun bed game

First, find your bed sheet. There are a couple of options for this: flat or fitted sheet. If you choose a fitted sheet, you will want to fold the fitted edges under when you draw the board on the main surface. You could also draw the board with the sheet already on your bed.

WARNING: If you create the board on your bed, lay some garbage bags or cardboard under the sheet to avoid stains to your mattress if the marker/paint bleeds through.

Intimate bed sheet games helping a couple grow closer. | The Dating Divas
Grow closer with some intimate bed sheet games like this couple!

Once you have your sheet chosen, it’s time to start making the bed game!

STEP 1: Do your measurements. If you are working with a flat sheet, google the size of your specific bed and work your board out with those measurements. I made our squares 9″ x 9″ because I had a box I could trace. This meant my whole board was a 7 square x 7 square board. Feel free to adjust as necessary to your bed and sheet size.

Take time to plan out your sexy bed sheet games. | The Dating Divas
Pencil out your bed game’s board first

STEP 2: Plot out your board squares with a pencil first to get the template set the way you want. Then, trace over the penciled marks with a laundry-safe Sharpie or some paint. I chose to use pink acrylic paint mixed with some fabric medium so that it would stay on in the wash.

TIP: I liked using a foam brush (that you could find at the dollar store) to paint my board. No need to spend big money on your bed games because the most exciting part is going to be the ending! 🙂

Prepare your DIY sex game bed sheet with paint so it is washable. | The Dating Divas
Acrylic paint and fabric medium can make a great DIY sex game

STEP 3: Now it’s time to number each of your squares. The original board game uses a serpentine pattern, but this is YOUR sex game, you can do whatever works for you!

STEP 4: It’s time to add in some chutes and ladders! It is up to you where you place these on your board. They can cross over each other and be as long or short as you want. I used different colors for mine to make it easy to differentiate. Simply hand draw chutes (slides) and ladders wherever you want!

STEP 5: You’re all done painting! Now let your bed game dry and get ready for a fun time! While you wait, prep the printables linked up below.

You will first cut out the spinner on page 2 and the task squares found on pages 3 through 6. Page 6 has some blank task squares that you can fill in with your own ideas! This DIY sex game can really be made to fit your needs!

Customize your bed games spinner with lube, chapstick, or other bedroom toys. | The Dating Divas
Have fun playing your DIY sex game with this spinner game piece
Make your bed sheet game custom with fill-in-the-blank cards. | The Dating Divas
Fill-in-the-blank cards to make your bed game custom and unique

STEP 6: When it’s time to play your new bed sheet game, lay it out and place the printables on random squares across the board. I also took the liberty of adding some extras to spice up the game (panties, feather duster, etc.) Use what you already have and make it fun!

Adding on additional elements makes your bed game extra special. | The Dating Divas
Add extras to your bedroom game board

How to Play Your DIY Bedsheet Sex Game

Bedsheet games are easy to set up (and travel with) and even easier to play because everyone wins! 😉 Invite your spouse to a night of fun by texting them a picture of the bedsheet game all set up on your bed! When you’re finally able to play, come clothed and ready for some seriously steamy fun!

For this game, you are each going to choose a game piece. Anything will work, but if you want to keep it sexy, here are a few suggestions: a vibrator, lube, chapstick, massage oil, or a wrapped condom.

Chutes and Ladders makes a great bedroom game with these additions. | The Dating Divas
Get closer while having fun with a sexy bedroom game

Then, decide who takes the first spin, and get to it! The way the game works is each person takes a spin, but before moving their allotted number, they have to complete the action on the spinner. This allows you to get a little foreplay in while working your way to the climax.

When you move your game piece on the bed game, you could land on a blank square, a chute, a ladder, or one of the printable task cards.

  • Blank squares – end of turn, no action
  • Chute – slide down the chute and lose some of your progress.
  • Ladder – climb up the ladder and make some gains!
  • Printable task cards – up the foreplay ante by completing the task!
Enjoy time together with sexy bed games. | The Dating Divas
Play together for a fun bed sheet game experience

how to Win Your Sexy Bed Game

This Chutes and Ladders bed sheet game can honestly end whenever your connection is too much to bear, but you can set up a rule about who wins and what their prize is. (Might we suggest a back massage? Dishes duty for a week?)

The first person to get to the last square is technically the winner, but I’m pretty sure you will both feel like winners after the game board gets a little rumpled. 😉

Have fun!

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    Song of Solomon 4:4
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