Birthday Balloon Surprise!

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Happy Birthday Surprise!

I LOVE finding any way I can to spoil my hubby. Who doesn’t love finding a reason to pamper the one that they love, right!? However, it can sometimes be kind of daunting every year to continually find new ways to surprise him for his birthday. To be honest, occasionally I have a hard time trying to be original and genuine all at the same time, I want him to know that I really care and also that I put some real thought into his gift. That does NOT mean that I need to spend a lot of money – as a matter of fact, more often than not it means the opposite of that! I am always on the hunt for great, birthday surprise gift ideas so when I saw this amazing gift that Diva Tara did for her handsome hubby I just knew it would be perfect!!

DIY birthday gift idea.

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This fantastic idea was thought up by the one and only Diva Tara and she was kind enough to let me steal it off of her to recreate for my handsome dude + share with all of you!! That’s right, we have all of this in a 100% free, printable pack – ready to go for you so that you too can surprise your special someone with this birthday surprise gift idea!

Birthday Printable Kit

How does the Birthday Balloon Surprise work? You will need to get your thinking cap on for this one {especially if you have been together for lots of years}! The first step is to print out the beautiful printables designed for us by the wonderful Kristin of Cdot Love.  {The longer you have been together the more pages you are going to need to print, you will need one large tag {pages 1-2} and one memory paper {pages 4-5} for each year that you have been together so keep that in mind and print the appropriate amount of copies while doing step one!}

Birthday printable pack.

Once you have those ready to go, you will want a few additional supplies including:

After you have all of your supplies gathered, you will want to cut everything out! The big number blocks {page 2} are to mark the year on the tags and the little number blocks {page 5} are to mark the year on the memory papers.

DIY birthday gift.

You are going to want to gather up those cut out numbers and paste them to the to the tags and memory papers so that you have one set for each year. Once the tags have the year on them, they will also need a hole punched through the top of the tag so that you can tie them to the balloons later.

Fun and memorable birthday gift idea.

Next, start brainstorming your favorite memories from each year. My husband and I started dating in 2007 and have been together ever since, so we technically have dated/been married for 10 different years! {Wow, time flies, right!?!}  For me, it was easiest to go in chronological order so I started at the beginning and worked forward.

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Letters

Once all of my memory papers were filled in, I headed to a local party store {with the tags and memories in hand} to have 10 helium baboons blown up for me. When I got to the store I chose the color of balloons that I wanted (but you could bring your own), rolled up each of the memory papers, and slid one inside of each balloon. You are going to want to keep track of each balloon so that you can tie the correct year tag to the correct memory. I then had the store blow them up for me and I tied the tags to them as they filled up each balloon so that I could make sure I got them all paired correctly.

DIY Birthday Gift

Then I headed back home to wrap up the last few steps!

Once you have your balloons home, you will want to take the birthday letter {page 3} and tie it to the balloon bouquet so that it explains the whole thing to your sweetie! I chose to place mine in an envelope and then tie it, but you could also just hole punch the letter and tie it to the balloons! The last step is to leave the balloon bouquet somewhere for your spouse to find!

Quick and easy birthday gift idea!

They will be THRILLED with this amazingly thoughtful birthday gift idea – and they will adore reading through all of your favorite memories together!

Free Download

Birthday Balloon Surprise Pack

Printables Designed by Kristin @ Cdot Love Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. YAY!!!! Love that you did this idea! I actually did it for our anniversary. 😉 One balloon containing a memory for each year we’d been together. It was the perfect way to reminisce over our marriage. XOXO