Bling, Bling I got the Ring

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I can’t help breaking into a full blown smile whenever I think about the moment the sweetest man in my life got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  That point in time will always be such a warm memory for me. Every time I look down at the beautiful ring that he placed on my finger, I can remember those feelings of love.  I really hope every one of you has equally good memories of your proposal.

One of the gifts I was given at my bridal shower was a picture frame that says “Bling, Bling I got the Ring!”  along with a giant fake diamond ring paperweight.  I have always thought this was a fun gift, and a reminder of how exciting it was to finally find my forever love!  The important part of being engaged, and then married was not (of course!) a ring, but of the joy of uniting your life with the one you love.  Rings are symbol of the eternal commitment, love, and unity of each couple- all of which are excellent reasons to keep your ring shining.

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Time has passed since the ring was first placed on my finger and it has seen its share of dirty diapers, sticky bread dough, finger paint, mud, and greasy lotions.  Sadly, the gold doesn’t look as bright and the diamond doesn’t have the same sparkle it did the first day it was placed on my finger.  If you have been a little neglectful of your ring too,  you are in luck because I have a few tips that will make it look brand new again!  These are simple things you can do any day of the week but if you have an extra special date night or an anniversary coming up you may want to make this a priority.

The very best way to clean your ring is to take it to almost any jewelry store where they will do an amazing job steaming all of the gunk off, buffing, and shining it back to perfection.  The greatest thing about this is that most jewelry stores do it for F-R-E-E… FREE!  That’s right, you just have to take it in and a few minutes later you will have your amazing sparkler back looking like new.

If you want an easy way to maintain your ring’s beauty at home then pick up a small jar of jewelry cleaner.  I have found that Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner works great, it comes with a basket and little scrubbing brush all for under $7.00.  This bottle will last a long time and is specially formulated so that it won’t ruin your beautiful ring.  I know we all like to find a deal, but this may not be the item to purchase at the dollar store:)  Also, I know there are homemade cleaning recipes floating all over the internet, but you may want to think twice about what you use on your wedding ring.

One of my favorite ways to just quickly clean off your ring is to use a toothbrush to just brush off any build-up on your ring.  I have an extra toothbrush set aside for this purpose in my bathroom drawer.  You would not believe the difference a little bit of scrubbing will do.

We’ve even got a great info-graphic to help you keep these jewels clean, which you’ll want to do especially if it is vintage jewellery from Berganza!

Any of these options are easy, so shine up your sparkler today and let your husband know how much you still appreciate the beautiful ring he put on your finger and the eternal love and commitment that it represents.


If you want to take this one step further then check out these fun ideas Kari has to go with The Proposal Movie or if all this cleaning talk has put you in the mood for a little scrubbing, then check out the post To Do List, Done.



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  1. Thanks for the tips! I’m a hairstylist, so on top of the usual Mom and Wife duties, my rings also get smothered in various hair products regularly. A quick and easy was I’ve found to keep my rings sparkling is to clean them with clarifying shampoo. I generally leave my rings on when I shower anyway, so they were already getting partial benefits, but I started leaving an extra toothbrush in the shower so I could scrub it up really well. Basically I put the clarifying shampoo on the tooth brush and “brush” my ring, making sure to get all of the nooks and crannies in the back too. Make sure you plug your drain for the moment though since the rings do get slippery. Or, if you need a quick clean, a spray and brush with Windex is a great way to bring back the sparkle too!

    1. Those are great tips. Your Windex tip made me laugh because it made me think of the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” who uses Windex to fix everything:) I can see how it would bring out a nice shine. Now I can clean my ring when I’m taking a shower AND cleaning the mirrors…no excuse for a dirty ring now:)

  2. I used to take my ring to the jeweler every month. One day I asked for the price of the cleaning solution, and he told me it was $40! When he saw my sticker shock, he told me that I couild make my own solution. He said theirs consisted of ammonia, water, and few drops of dawn dishsoap. I tried it, and it works wonders! I love how it makes my ring shine!!!!

    1. Wow- that is pricy!! Mine came with my ring when we bought it, but I went online and you can get a jar that is the same brand as mine for only $6.99. It comes with a basket and brush too. I added a link at the bottom of the post if anyone is interested.

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