Financial Relief: Budget-Friendly Tips & Tricks

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Finance Tips

Financial Relief

Not only are you going to get great fabulous financial tips in this post…. but we’ve got a GREAT date night that kills two birds with one stone! Quality time with your sweetheart and planning ahead for your future! Read on for all the details…

Have you ever tried to get someone’s phone number?  Not always an easy task, huh? You have to deal with the butterflies and then build up the courage… yada-yada. Thank heavens for being married and not having to worry about that anymore!

 Without a doubt, we live in a binary world… in fact, when you think about it, you have to know all sorts of numbers… from your Social Security Number, birth date, address, phone number… and to think we used to have all our family and friend’s phone numbers memorized!?! Wow, how did we do it without our smart phone? And then, just when we think we have it all figured out, we add a spouse and/or kids to the mix! {Sssshhhhhhh – don’t tell, but I still haven’t memorized my hubby’s! Yikes!}

Soon after I got married, Nate (the hubby) started to talk about OUR number. And, I had no idea what that was. Come to find out, this number is called your FIN number, not to be confused with your VIN number aka vehicle identification number.  The FIN number is your Financial Independence Number.

Unfortunately, our lives revolve around money.  It is kind of right up there next to oxygen and so one of the ways to strengthen your marriage is to get your finances in order.  The sad part is that most of us spend more time planning our weekly grocery list or next family vacation, than we do on our future.


I don’t mean to get all serious on you, but I am going to for just a sec. So many people in the “baby boomer” generation have not been able to retire with enough money to keep them home, happy and doing the things they love. If you notice there are so many cute older people working today. Whether that be at a local store or…  I happened to be on a flight last week that had a 65+ year old flight attendant. The thought that ran through my head during that flight was, “she should be on vacation in Hawaii with her man!” True story!

When figuring out our FIN number, there are a four critical numbers that we should know at all times…

First– your Retirement Savings Number.  Now I know for some, that might be more than a few years away, but some of you are knocking on retirement’s door. Regardless, the number one reason people don’t hit their FIN number is because they put it off.  The sooner you start, the easier it will be to secure that number.  So what is your number?  How much do you need to save in order to hit that number? Often it’s putting less money away per month than it costs to go out and eat. CRAZY right!

Second– your Life Insurance Number.  One of the most selfless things we can do for those we love is to ensure that we are properly protected in the event that we were to unexpectedly pass away.  If that were to happen to you, what is your life insurance number?

Third– your Emergency Fund Number.  Now it’s not a matter of “if” you need one, it’s only a matter of “when.”  And no, Aunt VISA or Uncle MASTERCARD does NOT count as an emergency fund.  So, what is the right amount that you should have saved if something happened to the bread winner in your household?  That makes it kind of an important number.  You’ll need to know this number or the final number will haunt you the rest of your life.

AND Fourth– your Debt Number. Now this is a different kind of number due to the fact that it is more of a time-based number.  How many years will it take you to get your debt paid off?  It is probably safe to say we’ve all bought things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people that completely matter in the long run… at least once.  Amuse me for a second and think about how much money we would have per month if we didn’t have any debt whatsoever including a mortgage… Wowee!!!  It’s a dreamy thought AND a scary one for most of us.  All of these numbers are equally important and necessary in order to be able to have an amazing fun marriage now and in the future when the kids move away.

Not everyone feels like they are in a position to save money. But even a dollar a day is a start. Skipping out one time this week on ice cream or snow cones! {Guilty!}  Once you get going, you will find it addicting and even feel exhilarated! You will be on your new path before you know it. If you really feel like you are not in a position to save at all, at least find out your number and be educated yourself so you can help your family or friends when they need it AND have the information yourself when you are ready.




Due to trying to eat healthier, my hubby and I rarely go out to eat. Every time we do I think, “with that amount of money I could have fed my family of 5 for a week!”  So tonight plan to make your hubby’s favorite meal or maybe even something new.  Woo-hoo!! You get to cook tonight lady! Maybe you should do it in your apron?!?! ONLY your apron. {wink-wink} Just so you all know… I really dread dinner most days, but I LOVE saving money! It’s a heel clicking moment for me! If you’re in need of a few easy budget-friendly dinner ideas,

stop by our Pinterest Dinner Board! <———–But BEWARE! It’s a drooling zone over there!

Once dinner is planned out, schedule your financial appointment with the professional of your choice. If you don’t know or have one… no pressure or anything (LOL) but you can contact my HOT hubby Nate Jackman (who’s been in the financial industry for more than a decade… wow, that makes him sound old!) at 801-792-4385 or to set up your appointment today. (Good for anyone anywhere!) And the best part is… IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING! Yes that’s right, I said FREE. He will educate you and help you find your number at zero cost to you.

  Looking for more ways to save some money? Here are some tips and tricks to help you!

**Make a budget and stick to it.

**Ask yourself when you go to buy something you don’t need, is this helping me reach my goals?

**Pay cash & get rid of the credit cards (or at least hide them from yourselves.)

Well, what are you waiting for? Get your future mapped out today! Then relax when you know you are taken care of!

** A very special thanks to our diva BECCA! She designed the map for this date invite! Super super talented girl and we love her!!**

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  1. Thanks Wendy:) My husband and I have been really open about finances even before we were married- it is such a huge part of marriage (one of the most stressful parts if you try to ignore it!!). Getting on the same page as far as spending, paying off loans, and saving are really important and (for us) surprisingly fun as you achieve these goals together.

  2. Great post, Wendy!!! I had no clue there was a FIN number!! This is definitely one area I could educate myself on more!

  3. Of course, this is a touchy subject for most marriages because we don’t like to talk about it! I love this post because it puts money into perspective and helps the two of you get on the same “money” track. Great post and definitely on top of our date night list! xox