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DIY Valentines for Kids

It’s no secret that we LOVE love around here. Consequently, we love Valentine’s Day! It’s not only a day to celebrate how much you love your spouse, but it helps break up the monotony of deep winter. I think that’s one of the reasons kids like it so much, well, that and the free candy. (Can’t blame ’em!) So this year we wanted to have some kids Valentines cards that would be a quick print and slice + the gift and your kiddo’s signature. And don’t worry – these Valentines cards for kids aren’t ALL about candy. We know that it’s great to give options – we’ve got your back.

I'm so excited for these CUTE kids Valentine's cards! Love the school supply ideas! #KidsValentinesCards #DIYValentinesforKids

Valentine Card Ideas

This beautiful kids valentines cards pack was created by the talented Diva Elizabeth! She did a great job making it fun and kid-friendly = less work for you! The Valentine’s Day cards for kids printable set is split up into a few different categories to make it work for you:

  • Candy Valentines
  • Toy Valentines
  • School Supply Valentines
  • Fruit Valentines

Kids Valentines cards that are easy to prep.

Candy Themed DIY Valentines

The first two pages of this printable are for classic bulk candies that you can buy for the kiddos in your little one’s class. To make it easy, they are all rectangular (easy cuts!). First print off however many of each page, then do a couple of simple cuts. Finally, tape the candy onto the card and have your student sign the card. There are cards for suckers, chewy candy, fruit candies, sour candies, and smarties.

Candy class treats for Valentine's Day

Keep in mind allergens in your kiddo’s school, and especially their classroom. A lot of candy is allergen free and we tried to make the kids Valentines card workable with some of those. (Some top allergen-free candies are Dum-Dums, SourPatch Kids, Smarties, and Skittles). And while I’m not a big fan of DIY Valentines for kids that include gum, one of my personal favorites is one that says, “You BLOW me away!” Use it for bubble gum, a blow pop, or even a cute thing of bubbles (save the hair and the furniture from gum :p)!

Printable Valentine cards for kids.With all of the options, you are sure to find a candy-themed kids valentine card that will work for you. Let your kiddo choose which ones speak to them – that way they will actually help you put them all together instead of leaving you high and dry surrounded in sugar and tape. As far as DIY valentines for kids go… you need them to be as easy as possible. These definitely fit the bill.

Toy Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Toy-themed printable valentines cards for kids are a great option and helps dampen the inevitable post-school sugar rush! The lightbulb one is perfect for a glowstick! How much fun is the Valen-slime’s Day card?! I’ve seen little pots of slime that would attach perfectly with a glue dot. I also think that using toys in your homemade valentines for kids make it look a little less “hand made” and all the more exciting for the kids!

Toys are a great alternative to candy for kids.One of my personal favorite Valentine card ideas for kids is the lovebug card – stick a cute rubber bug in the jar and die of heart-eyes. The last option is made for a bouncy ball! Just toss the balls in a cellophane bag and fold the card over the top and staple!

School Supply Valentine Cards

Midway through the school year, EVERYONE needs a little school supply update, so help them out! With simple supplies like pencils or pens, markers or highlighters, rulers, and scissors, you can help cover those needs! This is a really practical yet fun Valentines idea.

School valentines for kids.

Fruit Themed Printable Valentines

In addition to those fun Valentines cards for kids, we have fruit-themed Valentines! Hole punch and tie the cards on fruit, or tape it! The orange themed one is another foldable bag topper while the raisin one is perfect for those mini raisin boxes.

Kids Valentine cards for healthy snacks.

We hope these quick Valentine’s Day cards for kids make your season of love a little easier! If you are looking for other great ideas, check out Kids Valentines Ideas for a HUGE list of potential kids Valentine cards. In addition to helping other kids smile, make your own littles happy! The Diva store also has the most adorable Kid’s Valentines Countdown that they will LOVE!

Make your kid smile with these fun DIY valentines.

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Kids Valentine's Cards

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