Customizable Game: Couple-opoly

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It’s a customizable board game that will leave you and your spouse anything but bored!

Customizable board game for two.

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If you’re still searching for a thoughtful, yet inexpensive Valentine’s Gift we’ve got you covered! Create your very own Couple-opoly game board and pieces using our FREE printables designed by Cassia Leigh Designs. {Check out Cassia for all your customizable needs!}

A customizable game board
You’ll want to create an engineer print of the game board so that it is large in size and perfect for actual playing. You can do this at big-box printing stores, such as Staples and FedEx. The game board shown is 24″ x 24″.  You can print the rest of your game pieces off on a standard printer using your favorite cardstock!
You’ll want to start by filling in your property cards {you’ll need to print 3 pages of the property cards to ensure you have enough for the entire game} with various locations that have significance to you and/or your spouse. Some ideas may be:

  • Favorite Places He’s Traveled
  • Favorite Places She’s Traveled
  • Favorite Places You’ve Traveled Together
  • Future Travel Destinations
  • Places You’ve Lived
  • Milestone Locations – such as the place you were engaged or married, or places your children where born.

Printable game pieces for a customizable board game!

Then, you’ll want to correspond the cards with the places on the game board. For example, all locations listed on the cards with the red tops should be listed on the game board spaces with the red top!

Valentine's gift idea.

The last part of preparation is to make sure you have enough money to play the game. You will need to print multiple pages of the dollar page printable to ensure you have each of the following dollar amounts:

  • 20 – $500 bills
  • 20 – $100 bills
  • 30 – $50 bills
  • 50 – $20 bills
  • 40 – $10 bills
  • 40 – $5 bills
  • 40 – $1 bills

Printable money for couple-opoly.

Now, you are pretty much set to play! You can either create your very own game pieces using pictures of you and your spouse, use game pieces from a game you already have, OR grab some here.

Board game for couples.

If you haven’t noticed, this game is similar to the style and play of Monopoly – so the same rules apply! And we’ve pretty much set you up with EVERYTHING you need! Unlike the ‘Community Chest’ and ‘Chance’ cards, our game has ‘Family Jewels’ and ‘Get Lucky.’ You’ll run across these on the board and will pull one of the cards from the center of the game board.

Birthday gift ideas.

Also on the game board is the ‘Dog House.’ We only hope you don’t end up there because it’s just like going to Jail!  YIKES!

Board game for two.

But then again, this might be your only opportunity at ever owing a yacht, so ENJOY!

Anniversary gift idea.

As you can see, this game is full of FUN and meaning because it is designed with you and your spouse in mind.  As you play, you can talk and laugh about past trips and future dreams.

If not for Valentine’s Day, present this game to your spouse on your next anniversary, birthday or just because moment for the ULTIMATE, personalized gift! And because you can play it over and over again, it’s a gift that keeps on giving! How amazing is that!?

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Customizable Game: Couple-opoly

Printables Designed By Cassia @ Cassia Leigh Designs Exclusively For The Dating Divas



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