110 Easy, Creative, and Fun Preschool Worksheets Kids Will Love

Try These Easy Preschool Activities with Your Kids for Fun, Easy Learning!


From toddler activities and art projects to printable preschool worksheets for kids, this list has it all! Plus, everything is super easy, affordable, and totally kid-approved.


Easy & Fun Printable Preschool Worksheets for Kids | The Dating Divas

Toddler Worksheets and Preschool Activity Sheets

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To make your educational browsing even easier, we’ve divided our list of preschool activities into the following 5 categories:



Literacy Preschool Activities


Get your little ones ready to read with these fun ideas!


  1. Sand Word Stamp (Pocket of Preschool) – Pick up Kinetic sand and pencil boxes for a learning activity that feels more like play!
    Teach Your Toddler Using Preschool Activities | The Dating Divas

    Sand Stamp Preschool Activities


  2. Magnetic Letter Bin (ABC’s of Literacy) – A few simple supplies are all you need to create a fun sensory learning experience.
    Magnet Ideas for Teaching Kids without Using Preschool Worksheets | The Dating Divas

    Magnet Letter Grab Sensory Learning


  3. Hot Chocolate Alphabet Game (Toddler Approved) – Here is a super simple preschool activity that makes letter recognition more creative. s
    Letter Recognition Preschool Worksheets and Activities That Make Learning Fun| The Dating Divas

    Preschool Letter Recognition Game


  4. Alphabet Pencil Puzzles (Fun Learning for Kids) – Use pencil puzzles as a fun spin on the typical preschool worksheets!
    Letter Recognition Puzzle Worksheets for Preschool Aged Kids | The Dating Divas

    Puzzle Preschool Worksheet


  5. Ice Cream Sight Word Match Up (A Dab of Glue Will Do) – Use this cute ice cream activity for learning sight words.
    Preschool Activities That Make Learning Fun Using Ice Cream Cones | The Dating Divas

    Ice Cream Cone Sight Words


  6. Halloween Writing Trays (Play to Learn Preschool) – When it’s time for spooks and spirits, you’ll definitely want to crack out these Halloween-themed trays.
  7. Snowy Day Alphabet Writing Tray (Modern Preschool) – Turn a lazy snow day into a learning-filled one with this wintery idea.
  8. Alphabet Post-It Wall (Busy Toddler) – If you have post-it notes laying around, this is a great letter recognition activity for toddlers.
  9. Tracing Letters With Loose Parts (Fun Learning for Kids) – This idea will help kids with forming the shapes of letters while also providing a wonderful tactile experience.
  10. Ice Cream Bar Sight Words (Planning Playtime) – Spelling out ice cream shaped sight words in a tray of sprinkles? This is a preschooler’s dream!
  11. Easy Alphabet Match (Busy Toddler) – Write out letters on an old cookie sheet and have your littles match up magnetic ones. So easy!
  12. Name Recognition Soup (Munchkins & Moms) – We think this is the perfect literacy activity for a cold day. Make your own letter soup!
  13. Secret Letters (Busy Toddler) – This literacy activity doubles as an art project. Paint and learn letters with your toddler!
  14. Pumpkin Seed Name Activities (Fun-A-Day) – Save those Halloween pumpkin seeds for this clever preschool activity.s
  15. Wavy Name Puzzles (Teachers Pay Teachers) – Print, cut, and piece together these wavy puzzles. Your kiddos will get great practice with letters and problem solving.
  16. Dirt Playdough & Rock Writing (Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls) – Get down and dirty with this super easy writing practice.
  17. Paper Cup Letter Recognition (Planning Playtime) – Quick and easy is the name of the game. That’s why we love that you only need paper cups for this fun toddler learning activity.
  18. Spider Name Activities (Early Learning Ideas) – Another Halloween letter activity your littles are sure to love!
  19. Alphabet Kaboom! (The Many Little Joys) – Beware the Kaboom! We want to play this game as much as our kids do!
  20. Say It, Make It, Write It Mats (You Clever Monkey) – This clever 3-step process ensures that newly learned words will stick. The best type of preschool worksheets are the ones you can use over and over again.
  21. Floating Letters (Busy Toddler) – Easy is being taken to a whole new level with this water idea. Find letters, Here!
  22. Fine Motor ABC Match (Learn-Play-Imagine) – Young learners will love this idea that helps with letter recognition and fine motor skills.
  23. Feed the Shark Alphabet Game (Toddler Approved) – A hungry shark is waiting to be fed in this super fun game.
  24. Letter Hunt (Busy Toddler) – Send your kids on a dig through cornmeal to find the missing letters. A great addition to a dinosaur unit!
  25. Letter Board Name Search (Preschool Inspirations) – So many of us have felt letter boards in our homes and this idea is another great use for it.


Number Practice Preschool Worksheets & Games


Your go-to destination for numbers, counting, and math-related preschool worksheets and printable activities for toddlers!


  1. Button Counting Grid Games (Life Over C’s) – Grab some oversized buttons and these free printable preschool worksheets for some fun counting games.
    Counting Preschool Worksheets with Buttons | The Dating Divas

    Learn to Count with a Button Preschool Worksheet


  2. Math Counting Game (Meg O. On the Go) – Math and snacks combine to make the perfect learning activity.
    Printable Preschool Worksheets with Numbers and Cookies | The Dating Divas

    Counting with Cookies Activity Sheets


  3. Number Monsters (Messes to Memories) – Raise your hand if you’ve got little monster lovers in your life! They’ll have so much fun with this number learning activity.
    Monster Counting Activity for Toddlers | The Dating Divas

    Monster Preschool Activity for Counting


  4. Spider Counting Mats (A Dab of Glue Will Do) – This creepy crawly counting idea is perfect for Halloween.
    Toddler Worksheets for Learning to Count | The Dating Divas

    Spider Worksheet for Beginning Counting


  5. Teeth NumbersGames (Totschooling) – For some serious smiles, be sure and check out these tooth-themed number games.
    Preschool Activities Counting with Teeth | The Dating Divas

    PlayDough Teeth Preschool Worksheets


  6. Straw & Pom Poms Counting Game (Nurture Store) – This hands-on idea will help your little ones explore through play! You probably already have all the supplies you need.
  7. Mitten Math (Stir the Wonder) – We can’t wait to use this idea during Winter. Learn counting skills and make cute mittens at the same time.
  8. Crayon Number Packets (In My World) – Preschoolers must match their crayons with the correctly numbered crayon packet.
  9. Kite Themed Math (Teach Beside Me) – Help their math skills fly high with this kite-themed math activity.
  10. Sun Rays Counting (Planning Playtime) – Put the correct number of rays around the sun. All you need to do is print these preschool worksheets!
  11. Counting Snowman (CBC Parents) – Use this counting activity for preschoolers to practice letter recognition. Put the right number of buttons on each snowman!
  12. Ice Cream Math (Fun-A-Day) – Have your kids count out each scoop of ice cream using Pom Pom balls.
  13. Pumpkin Counting Mats (Fun Learning for Kids) – Sweet and simple, these pumpkin mats are an excellent fall resource for little ones.
  14. UNO Card Counting (Planning Playtime) – If you’ve got UNO cards lying around, you’re in luck!
  15. Fall Tree Number Matching (Fun Learning for Kids) – Add this number matching idea to any fall unit or activity!
  16. Ice Cream Counting (Mrs. Plemon’s Kindergarten) – Put the right number of sprinkles on your ice cream cone. Just print these preschool activity sheets and you should have the rest of the items laying around your house.s
  17. Roll & Cross Math Game (Busy Toddler) – Giant dice and markers? For kids there is no counting game better than that.
  18. Touch & Feel Counting Cards (Teach Me Mommy) – These cards are the perfect blend of sensory and counting practice.
  19. Monster Counting (Fun-A-Day) – Give your little monsters some more practice counting with these fun monster preschool activities!
  20. Pipe Cleaner Counting (Planning Playtime) – If your little ones love pipe cleaners, they’ll be all over this idea to aid their counting skills.
  21. Kite Counting (Teach Beside Me) – Another counting kite activity worksheet.
  22. Bug Jar Math (PreKinders) – Bug lovers will adore this math-in-a-jar idea.
  23. Apple Tree Addition (CBC Parents) – Perfect for September, this apple-themed math activity is sweet and simple.
  24. Fish Number Puzzles (Childcareland) – Make a splash with these fish-themed number puzzles.


Art & Sensory Play Preschool Activities


Unleash their inner Picassos with these preschool-friendly art ideas!


  1. Edible Marshmallow Playdough (One Little Project) – PlayDough that tastes as good as it looks? You can even sneak a bite!
    Edible Marshmallow PlayDough Recipe for Sensory Play | The Dating Divas

    Edible PlayDough for Toddlers


  2. Ice Painting (Powerful Mothering) – Frozen paint is a fun twist on a favorite kid activity.
    How to make ice paints for kids to use in an art activity. | The Dating Divas

    Easy Art Ice Painting Project


  3. Cookie Cutter Painting (Busy Toddler) – Use your cookie cutters like stamps and let the artistry begin!
    Easy Cookie Cutter Painting Preschool Sensory Art Project | The Dating Divas

    Cookie Cutter Painting


  4. Rainbow In a Bag (Powerful Mothering) – We love this art idea because it’s easy, fast, and best of all—no mess!
    No Mess, Easy, Art Project for Kids | The Dating Divas

    Plastic Bag Painting for Little Kids


  5. Baby Wipe Tye Die Art (I Can Teach My Child) – This washable idea is not only cool, but also has a super easy cleanup!
    No Mess Tie-Dye Wipe Activity for Little Kids | The Dating Divas

    Baby Wipe Tie-Dye Art


  6. Cotton Candy Puffy Paint (Crafty Morning) – Mix glue with shaving cream for a DIY puffy paint that’s super fun!
  7. Handprint Q-Tip Cherry Blossom (Glued to My Crafts) – Dipping and dabbing is the name of the game with this easy idea using Q-tips.
  8. Rolling Pin Painting (Teaching 2 & 3-Year-Olds) -We’re obsessed with this new painting method. Check it out!
  9. Snowy Day Tissue Paper Art (Fireflies & Mudpies) – Leave the preschool worksheets behind, all you need is a little snow and tissue paper for this fun winter art project.
  10. Handprint Rainbow Painting (Kids Craft Room) -We adore rainbow crafts and your little ones love getting down and dirty.
  11. Plastic Wrap Process Art (Buggy & Buddy) – This art process will help you create a colorful texture on your paper. So cool!
  12. Toilet Paper Roll Car Craft (A Little Pinch of Perfect) – Vroom-vroom! Little racers will love creating their very own speedsters.
  13. Silky Soft Playdough (This Grandma Is Fun) – If you’ve been looking for a great at-home playdough recipe, you’ve found it!
  14. Rainbow Shaving Cream Art (Hello, Wonderful) – It’s hard to believe that such simple prep creates such stunning results!
  15. Painting With Bubbles (Early Learning Ideas) – Paint and dish soap take center stage with this unique activity idea for toddlers.
  16. Frozen Paint Process Art (Busy Toddler) – Another frozen paint method that we can’t get enough of!
  17. Fall Tree Foil Art (Munchkins & Moms) – Give fall a huge welcome with this foil ball paint method.
  18. Mesh Dabber Painting (Picklebums) – Little ones will adore these squishy and squashy mesh dabbers.
  19. Shaving Cream Painting (Fun With Mama) – Does this shaving cream art activity is so fun for little kids and big kids alike.
  20. Sponge Painting Process Art (Busy Toddler) -If you’re looking for a simple art project that uses items you probably already have on hand, this is it!
  21. Foil Painting (Frogs Snails & Puppy Dog Tails) – Use this foil painting idea the next time you’re looking for a rainy day activity.
  22. Egg Carton Pumpkin Patch (Glued to My Crafts) – The perfect way to celebrate fall (and recycle!) while give your child a chance to be creative.
  23. Fizzy Flour Paint (Playdough to Plato) – Flour, baking soda, food coloring, and water are all that’s needed to create this non-toxic fizzy paint!
  24. Touch & Feel Shapes (Teach Me Mommy) – Pipecleaners, glue, and cardboard combine to make fuzzy shapes that are just too cute.
  25. Guess the Scent Smelling Station (Munchkins & Moms) – Pull out your cooking extracts and these smelling station printables for the perfect ‘scent’-sory activity.
  26. Duplo + Beans Sensory Bin (Toddler At Play) – Little ones will love playing with their Legos in beans and other items.
  27. Hair Gel Sensory Bags (Mostly Under Control) – Simply squirt some hair gel into ziplock baggies, tape them up, and you’ve got yourself a winner.
  28. Bubble Foam (Busy Toddler) – 3 ingredients are all that’s needed for this fabulous homemade foam.
  29. Oil & Water Sensory Bottles (My Baba) – We know oil and water don’t mix but now your kiddos will know it too!
  30. Sugar Sensory Sand (Create. Play. Travel.) – Make your own ‘sand’ out of sugar, cornstarch, and food coloring. It’s a total hit!
  31. Noodle Sensory Table (Pocket of Preschool) – If you’re looking for simple… this is it! Simply display dried, colored pasta and a few kid-friendly tools.
  32. Pom Pom Ice Cubes (The Paige Diaries) – What do you get when you freeze pom poms in ice cubes? A crazy FUN idea for preschoolers.
  33. Sift & Find (Busy Toddler) – It doesn’t get much easier than this. Simply hide plastic letters in sand or cornmeal, and let your little ones sift for them!
  34. Pipe Cleaner Magnetic Water Play (Modern Preschool) – Introduce children to some magnet fun with this clever concept.
  35. Sensory Sticks (New Trick Kids) – Looking for an easy and portable sensory idea? Try these sensory sticks!
  36. Auditory Sensory Play (Fun Learning Ideas) – Introduce your little ones to many new sounds with this auditory sensory idea.


Printable Preschool Worksheets for Kids


Fill in the gaps and keep them busy with these super fun toddler activities sheets, and preschool worksheets!


  1. Beginning Sounds Worksheets (The Measured Mom) – Help your little ones learn their beginning sounds with this set of printable preschool worksheets.
    Toddler Worksheets for 2-Year-Olds & 3-Year-Olds That Can't Read | The Dating Divas

    Beginning Letter Sound Coloring Page


  2. Dot the Rhyme (This Reading Mama) – If you don’t have dot markers, pennies or other manipulative items will work great with this toddler worksheet.
    Toddler Worksheet to Teach Kids How to Read Starting with Rhymes | The Dating Divas

    Beginning Reading Rhyming Worksheet for Toddlers


  3. Weather Wheel (Adventure In a Box) – Keep your eye on the weather outside with this printable weather wheel.
    Weather Wheel for Toddler Leaning |The Dating Divas

    Weather Wheels for Teaching Toddlers


  4. Scissors Cutting Practice (Living Well Mom) – This idea will help them develop their cutting and tactile skills.
    Teaching Kids How to Cut Using Preschool Activity Sheets | The Dating Divas

    Preschool Activity Sheets for Cutting


  5. Hidden Letter & Number (Typically Simple) – Help your little ones with letter recognition and deductive skills.
    How to Teach Letters to Toddlers Using Preschool Worksheets | The Dating Divas

    Toddler Worksheets for Learning Letters


  6. Pumpkin Number Worksheets (Look! We’re Learning) – We’re obsessed with all things fall over here, so this worksheet is definitely going on our list.
  7. Winter Dot Painting (The Resourceful Mama) – The perfect free printable for a wintery day.
  8. Fall Line Tracing (Supply Me) -Trace the line from the falling leaves for a great autumn worksheet.
  9. Disney Alphabet Worksheets (123 Homeschool 4 Me) – Where are our Disney lovers?! Your kiddos will be all over these bad boys.
  10. Human Body Pack (Free Homeschool Deals) – Discover all the amazing parts of the human body with this complete printable pack.
  11. Days of the Week Wheel (Arrows & Applesauce) – Help your little ones learn the days of the week in the most colorful was possible!
  12. Birthday Hat (Primary Playground) – Show your preschooler a little extra love on their birthday with this printable birthday crown.
  13. School Name Cards (Mandy’s Party Printables) – With multiple designs to choose from, we can’t get enough of these darling school name cards.
  14. Alphabet Letter Hunt (Totschooling) – Every letter of the alphabet is included on these free printable letter hunt worksheets. What a steal!
  15. Fall Worksheets Pack (Mess for Less) – Tracing, counting, stringing, letter practice! It’s ALL included in this printable fall pack!
  16. Alphabet Book & Practice Sheets (Easy Peasy Learners) – These printable alphabet sheets are complete from A-Z and allow kids to write and color!
  17. Drive & Trace Activity Pages (Preschool Mom) – How cute are these?! Just pull out some pencils and hot wheels to help little ones learn their shapes.
  18. November Worksheets (Planning Playtime) – Turkeys, apples, and acorns, oh my! SO many fun fall themes are available on these worksheets.
  19. Morning Work (The Super Teacher) – Keep your preschooler busy in the morning with this printable morning work idea.
  20. Ending Sounds Worksheets (This Reading Mama) – This idea is he perfect companion to the beginning sounds worksheet above.
  21. Spring Preschool Pack (123 Homeschool 4 Me) – Give spring a big ol’ welcome with this printable worksheet pack.
  22. Big & Small Worksheets (Planes & Balloons) – These big and small worksheets will help your preschooler get a firm grasp on comparisons.
  23. Honey Bee Life Cycle (Trillium Montessori) – Teach your little bug all about the life cycle of the honeybee with these printable materials.
  24. Halloween Tracing Worksheets (Totschooling) – Preschoolers everywhere will have a very happy Halloween with these tracing worksheets.
  25. A to Z Activity Pages (This Reading Mama) – These activity pages are packed with goodness and are complete from A-Z!


Now that you have looked at all of our preschool worksheets and activity ideas, take a peek at these ideas for even more kid-related fun:


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