National Girlfriends Day

Celebrate your “Besties” for National Girlfriends Day!!

Spending some much needed time with your gal-pals can be the perfect way to recharge and return refreshed with more energy for the family. In case you needed more incentive, August 1st is National Girlfriends Day! Seriously – a day completely dedicated to celebrating all the girlfriends that make life so much brighter! We couldn’t let a day like this go unnoticed. To celebrate, we’ve created some fabulous printables for a Girls Night Out!!

National Girlfriends Day Girls Night Out

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It’s time to get all of the ladies outta the house, away from chores/kids/stress, so they can just have FUN with their girlfriends! Our amazing designer Leah of LA-Sync did such a fabulous job creating beautiful printables to celebrate National Girlfriends Day! {Everything Leah touches turns to gold! So, SO talented – check her out!}

National Girlfriend Day - Girls Night Out

And don’t feel like you can only celebrate on National Girlfriends Day – these printables work for ANY day of the year! 

Invitations and Family Reminder Card

Get the word out to all of your girlfriends with these cute gift card invitations! AND, to make sure everyone is on the same page about the ladies taking the night off, we have a little reminder card for the family members left at home. I added a little piece of magnet tape on the back to make sure everyone saw it! {Momma is OUT!}

National Girlfriends Day Invitations

Question Cards

When I plan a Girls Night Out, dinner is always part of the plan. Conversation is never hard to come by when you get enough energetic ladies together, but to take the conversation a little deeper and sillier, we created some adorable National Girlfriends Day Question Cards! It’s a sure fire way to keep the conversation lively and get the ladies dishing on some fun new secrets!

Girlfriends Day Question Cards

Thank You Card

When the night is over, let your gal-pals know how important they are with this beautiful printable card! I’ve spent many an hour on the phone with a great friend getting in some good ‘ol therapy time!

National Girlfriends Day Card

Grab these free printable and start planning your Girls Night Out!

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